CH 148

Name:Invincible Mumu Author:齐成琨
“There is no chance of survival, maybe you can try your best to run or beg.”



Young Jeon, the member of the Wicked Spear Clan gulped with a nervous face.

A strong sense of intimidation made him feel chills run down his body. Of course, this was the case for the other masked people as well. In an instant, three of their comrades had been killed.

‘To think that even master level warriors cannot do anything.’

The dead people were all those who had great experience and skills. But they all died, unable to even respond at all.

And this said a lot.

‘… Impossible.’

The monster ahead could kill all of them if it wanted to, and Young Jeon couldn’t see their side winning at all.


The masked people called for him, and in response, he raised his hand to send a signal to calm down.


Kang Mui’s eyes shone.

Normally in this situation the confusion would make it difficult to come to a rational decision. But this man was calming his subordinates, maybe he wasn’t so incompetent.

‘So how will you deal with this? You made that monster quite angry.’

Killing the officials was alright, but that guy there, royal inspector Yu Jin-sung—

It wasn’t some random person but the family of that monster, so he would be angry.


And Young Jeon knelt down on the ground with his head lowered and placed his hands together.

‘I see.’

Seeing this, Kang Mui let out a light breath. It was the right decision.

He chose the only way to survive here. If he chose to run, he would have still died.

Young Jeon opened his mouth.

“Young Jeon, successor of the Wicked Spear Clan, recognizes the master of the jade plaque!”

He tried his best to raise his voice, but his body wouldn’t stop shaking as this was different from everything he knew.

The opponent was a monster who defeated two of the Four Great Warriors. The good news was that there was some useful information from Kang Mui

If this monster was one of the jade plaque holders, and they could do nothing against him, then, then they had to make the best of this.


And Mumu lifted his hand and curled his finger, aiming for another masked man.


The masked man tried to avoid it.

“Stay still!”

Young Jeon shouted.

Surprised by the shout, the masked man stopped. Despite wanting to run, he couldn’t disobey the words of his captain.

Young Jeon told Mumu,

“Lord of the jade plaque. We are the followers of your father. Please put your anger aside and listen to us.”

At that time, Mumu, still expressionless, opened his mouth.

“Put my anger aside?”


Young Jeon’s eyes flinched at the voice which came from the middle-aged man’s face

It was a young voice which surely didn’t match the face, but that wasn’t important!

“I-I know that you are enraged with what we did, but it was a mistake in the information.”


“Yes. We learned from young lord Mui that there is another owner to the jade plaque, and that young lord is you.”

‘Are you playing this? Ha!’

Kang Mui snorted.

Anyone who saw this would know that this was all their own doing. Fortunately, he was being tied up. If they treated him with respect and gave him a rightful luxury then he would have been killed by Mumu.

‘My judgment was right.’

Even in this situation Kang Mui never tried to escape. It was possible to do it, but he didn’t try it. Despite the humiliation of being carried on the back of the horse with his limbs tied, he knew that the monster would come for him.

‘You people dug your grave.’

No, strictly speaking, this was a mistake of the one they followed.

If they didn’t know about the true identity of Mumu, then all of them would have died. In a way, they were lucky but out of luck at the same time.

“… If we knew about the identity of the young lord, this would have never happened. It is natural for you to be angry at us, but please show mercy for him.”


“The Wicked Spear Clan and many other clans that have sworn allegiance to your father, are you going to throw away the vassals of the family which endured the harshest times because of one mistake?”

This was his place.

As Kang Mui said, what was going within Mumu’s mind couldn’t be known, but he knew that no matter how angry he was, he wouldn’t destroy them if he referred to them as the followers to his father…



Young Jeon went speechless at Mumu’s question.


Obviously he did reveal his identity and about following his father too, so what was this reaction? Could it be that his adopted family was more important than real one?

“How can young lord…”

To him, Mumu said,

“Accidentally killing someone feels right to you?”

“Young lord… that…”

“Are you saying that there is nothing that can be done because it was an accidental killing?”

“No. Like the Imperial Palace, the Forces of Justice and Murim are enemies to us! And with his blood in…”


Before he could end his words, the head of one of the masked people on the far left was blown off.

The eyes of the masked people trembled, just a snap of the finger and the head went flying off.

‘What is…’

‘One flick?’

They didn’t know it before with the dust raging around, but seeing this in front of their eyes was different, this brought in an unknown fear.

Young Jeon lifted his head and shouted,

“Young lord!”

He didn’t expect another death.

He knew that even if there was no subsiding of anger, there would be a common ground where both could agree to, so such merciless actions weren’t expected.

“These are your vassals…”



“Why did you kidnap just my brother and Kang Mui after killing all the others?”

At those words, Young Jeon’s eyes shook. Not caring, Mumu continued,

“You say it was to rescue Kang Mui but he doesn’t look that great over there either.”


At Mumu’s words, Kang Mui let out a sigh of relief. As he thought, this was right, enduring this humiliation was good.

“Then, it means that the purpose was to get my brother.”

“Y-young lord…”

“The fact that you are not members of the imperial palace and you tried to hold my brother hostage doesn’t seem to have anything to do with senior Nayeon or the True King, so it has to be me. Were you trying to take my brother hostage?”


Young Jeon’s expression went stiff.

How could he get out of this situation?

He didn’t expect Mumu to be this aware of the situation with the anger raging from him. This was exactly the opposite of what was expected.

‘Damn it.’

Whether he knew the identity or not, even if he stood higher than Young Jeon, if this monster was the one they were going against, anyone would try to hold someone hostage. Cause he was that huge of an unknown.

Young Jeon’s breath trembled.

‘It cannot be helped.’

There was only one way to live. No, if he was going to die, then he had to struggle.

‘Threaten him with the hostage.’

They still had Yu Jin-sung on their side. And this might make Mumu angrie,r but this was the only way to survive.

“Jiwong! Aim for the neck!”

Young Jeon exclaimed urgently.

The masked man named Jiwong, who was carrying Yu Jin-sung, pulled out a dagger right then from his waist and aimed it at the neck of Jin-sung.


And Mumu snapped his fingers, making Young Jeon throw himself ahead with the spear in hand.


The crossed spears were bent, and his body was pushed back.


Almost a dozen or so flew back, and it took a couple steps for them to stop.


Young Jeon was already coughing up blood. He had raised his internal energy to defend himself and yet this happened.


Young Jeon thought this was absurd.

Having reached a good level to take over the role of successor to the clan, he was now getting internal injuries from snapping of a finger.

His legs were already shaking, making it difficult to get up. But this worked.

“I-if you move I will kill him!”

Jiwong raised the dagger to the throat of Yu Jin-sung and shouted.

Although the pressure of the finger snapping was fast, he could still kill Jin-sung before dying.

As a result, Mumu stopped.


Young Jeon stumbled and walked ahead as he told Mumu,

“I apologize, but we have no other way. If you don’t want him to die then send us away safely.”


“I promise you, as long as you let us go there will be no instance of the royal inspector getting hurt.”

“Was it the Wicked Spear Clan?”

Mumu asked and Young Jeon was puzzled.


Mumu sighed deeply as he said,

“I was thinking of dealing with you all and leaving the issue be, but I changed my mind.”

“… What do you mean?”

“I am going to erase the Wicked Spear Clan from the face of Murim.”


At Mumu’s words, Young Jeon looked at him like it was ridiculous.

The man should have known that this situation was disadvantageous for him, yet he was provoking them?

And even if he defeated the Four Great Warriors, what could he do alone to an entire clan?

“Young lord… I realize you are angry, but this is a situation you brought on yourself…”


At that time, Mumu took a deep breath and—



Jiwong, who was holding the dagger to the throat of Jin-sung, had a hole in his face.


Young Jeon’s face went stiff at what happened in an instant.

What just happened? Did he make a hole in their face by just breathing at it?

‘W-what is…’

Young Jeon ,who was shocked, immediately wanted to make the situation right



At that moment, blue storms raged around the horse holding Jin-sung, and thanks to that, the two masked men around them were shocked.




In the meantime, someone kicked off the dead man on the horse with Jin-sung and climbed on.

It was Kang Mui.


Young Jeon frowned.

He thought that with the blood points sealed, he couldn’t use martial arts, but he was using thunder qi?

And as he was wondering, Kang Mui proudly shouted at Mumu.

“I will protect this one!”