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Name:In Love Author:Jué Jué
Su Moxiu’s eyes were clean, as if he didn’t know much about the world.

Yan Jingze asked, “Can’t we kiss without the physical examination?”

Su Moxiu thought for a moment, then nodded.

“If I have a physical examination and it was found that there is something wrong, you won’t marry me?” Yan Jingze asked.

Su Moxiu was stunned for a moment, then finally said: “No.”

“Does the physical examination mean anything?”

It seems meaningless…Su Moxiu said, “Then you come and kiss me.”

Yan Jingze laughed loudly. He kissed Su Moxiu, and said, “I’m just joking with you. I just came out, so I still have things to do.”

Although he has never met Su Moxiu’s family, since his brother-in-law wants him to have a physical examination…Let’s wait for the medical examination report to reassure his brother-in-law, and then do something.

Otherwise, if Su Moxiu tell his family about them…he might be beaten.

Yan Jingze has a lot of things to do.

He actually told the police a lot of thing In the police station before.

After the original owner had an accident in his previous life, he kept observing Zhou Liming, looking for any problem with Zhou Liming, and then he found out that he was not the only one who was framed by Zhou Liming.

Zhou Liming used to use various methods to make the people in his company ‘obedient’.

He is a person who does not take the law seriously by nature, so he can do anything.

Therefore, after Yan Jingze entered the police station, he told the police that he had seen Zhou Liming in contact with drug addicts before. He vaguely heard a few conversations, it seemed that Zhou Liming was using drugs to harm people.

He also told the police that his assistant had put drugs in his food. Because of what he had heard vaguely before alerted him, he hadn’t eaten it.

If he’d eaten it…he’d probably be addicted to it by now.

The police attached great importance to his confession. After finding the surveillance video of the original owner’s assistant sneaking into his house, they did not immediately arrest the original owner’s assistant, but only asked people to follow him secretly.

The police wanted to find the person who provided the drugs behind the original owner’s assistant through the original owner’s assistant, and the one the police suspect now is Zhou Liming.

He stimulated Zhou Liming, provoked the relationship between Zhao Yangui and Zhou Liming, and he also didn’t answer Zhou Liming’s phone call, Zhou Liming must be very angry now.

Yan Jingze took a shower, arranged Su Moxiu’s room, then went to bed early.

The next day, he took Su Moxiu out early in the morning to the hospital for a physical examination, and then hired four bodyguards.

After doing this, he stays at home and works on the movie’s special effects every day.

As for work such as grocery shopping and cooking…they can buy food online directly, then Liu Leyan will do the cooking.

Liu Leyan: Isn’t she a manager? Why did she suddenly become a cook?

Bodyguards: The employer stays in a high-end residential area every day and doesn’t go out…Such an easy job is really rare!

The bodyguards felt that their job was too simple, but soon, they didn’t think so.

Yan Jingze was seen by them when he took time out to exercise. Seeing the man go hunting, they were excited by the memories of the thrilling hunt1Seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, so they proposed to spar with Yan Jingze, and then…Yan Jingze defeated them.

Gold medal bodyguards like them can’t beat their employers! This is too embarrassing.

The four bodyguards cheered up and took turns training every day, working harder than usual.

But even so, they still couldn’t beat Yan Jingze.

Liu Leyan: “…” When they met for the first time, she actually felt that Su Moxiu could suppress Director Gu…Who gave her such an illusion?!

Director Gu is really a real man! too strong!

How come no such man likes her!

As for Su Moxiu…He silently took pictures and sent them to his brother.

Andrew didn’t want to see such photos, but his younger brother wanted to show off, and he always wanted to compliment him too: “Darling, you have a good eye!”

Satisfied, Su Moxiu continued to workout.

He has good physical strength and is very strong because his parents want him to do workouts.

He was slow and uncoordinated since he was a child. His parents were afraid that he would be bullied, so they kept urging him to exercise. The more he worked out, the more coordinated his movements became, and his strength became stronger.

However, for Yan Jingze and Su Moxiu, the training is just an adjustment to their lives. Most of their time every day is actually spent on working on special effects.

When Yan Jingze was working on the special effects, he realized more clearly that Su Moxiu was very good at digging out beauty.

He can draw all kinds of realistic renderings, but the pictures he draws are not very beautiful.

However, if some changes were made under Su Moxiu’s suggestion, the impression of those paintings would immediately become different.

Therefore, he was in charge of the general design, Su Moxiu was in charge of polishing, and the people in the studio helped him to make the effect.

The final product is perfect.

While Yan Jingze was working on special effects, he also started to deal with some follow-up matters of the movie. Among those things is the movie released, publicity review, and so on.

Time passed quickly, ten days later, their medical report was sent to their home.

It was a very thick book. All the medical examination items they had done were recorded in detail.

Su Moxiu’s health is very good, no problems were found, but there were a few minor problems found in Yan Jingze — his wisdom teeth are impacted teeth, he also has four carious teeth. In addition, he has a nodule on his thyroid.

They are all minor problems…If he had gone for the physical examination a few months earlier, there might be more minor problems.

Yan Jingze showed his physical examination report to Su Moxiu, and said, “Hurry up and take a picture and show it to your brother.”

His physical condition is fine, he must let his brother-in-law know.

Su Moxiu obediently took pictures and sent them to Andrew.

His younger brother is very obedient, Andrew is very relieved. He also felt very relieved toward Gu Shihao: “Darling, your boyfriend is in good health, but he needs to see a dentist.”

Su Moxiu saw his brother’s reply, and looked at Yan Jingze: “My brother asked you to go to the dentist.”

Yan Jingze: “…No need? I don’t have a toothache.” The original owner’s family environment was not good since he was a child, so his teeth were not very good, but this shouldn’t be a big problem?

“My brother asked you to go to the dentist.” Su Moxiu said.

Let’s go then…

Yan Jingze didn’t expect that the first time he went out after retreating was to check out his teeth. He didn’t expect that after checking his teeth, the doctor would directly suggest that he pull out his decayed wisdom teeth.

Alright…it’s better to pull it out earlier, so as not to have a sudden toothache in the future.

However, he originally wanted to have some intimacy with his beloved one, but he was so busy and lost a certain part of his body that he became ascetic all of a sudden!

While Yan Jingze was worrying about his tooth decay, Zhou Liming couldn’t hold back the anger in his heart.

Gu Shihao’s assistant swears that Gu Shihao is inseparable from drugs, and even took a video of Gu Shihao taking drugs for him.

In addition, when he met Gu Shihao before, he used the excuse that Gu Shihao had gray hair and asked the people around him to pluck Gu Shihao’s hair for testing. It was also confirmed that Gu Shihao was taking drugs, but now, Gu Shihao is fine!

Why is this happening?

Did Gu Shihao only take it once or twice, and then quit the drug?

If this is the case, then…Gu Shihao’s assistant betrayed him?

Yan Jingze hides tightly. Even if he goes out occasionally, he not only brings bodyguards, but also goes to places like hospitals.

No matter how powerful Zhou Liming is, he has no ability to do anything in such a place!

He had nowhere to vent his anger, so he sent someone to beat up Gu Shihao’s assistant.

Gu Shihao’s assistant was beaten badly, his leg was broken, then there was no news after that…

A policeman came to Yan Jingze.

The police told him that his assistant had been arrested and brought to justice. This person was involved in many crimes and would definitely go to jail in the future, but now the police are following the person who beat him and wanted to find the ‘big fish’ behind him, therefore, he will not be prosecuted for the time being.

After finishing speaking, the policeman asked Yan Jingze again if he had any other clues to provide.

Yan Jingze just mentioned a few victims who were targeted by Zhou Liming, which the original owner knew.

As for the others, he used some special means to find the evidence…A director like him shouldn’t know about these, so let’s not talk about it, let’s send it to the police anonymously!

At this time, 20 days have already passed since Yan Jingze was released from prison, Yan Jingze has started the promotion for his new movie.

He is very famous now, this popularity can’t be wasted!

So, after posting a certificate stating that he did not take drugs, Director Gu, who disappeared, re-emerged and started posting on Weibo non-stop.

“My new film has been filmed and is in post-production. This film is the one I have worked on the most. It’s definitely a masterpiece!”

“It carries my dream, I hope everyone likes it.”

“This is a movie that I have poured my heart and soul into it!”

When Yan Jingze posted on Weibo, he posted some pictures by the way. They were all the renderings that he drew using the computer and Su Moxiu modified it.

Netizens were dumbfounded when they saw these renderings.

These pictures are so beautiful.

Although it is a ruin, although it is foggy, it strangely gives people a feeling of amazing beauty.

It just……

“Wait, Director Gu’s new movie is a sci-fi movie?”

“Director Gu went to shoot a science fiction film?”

“He said he couldn’t make romance movies, so he went to make science fiction movies???”

Although many people think the script written by screenwriter Li is ridiculous when they look at it, to be honest, if they really have to film, such a script is very easy to shoot.

Science fiction is different! It’s really not that good to shoot!

“Did Director Gu drift away?”

“These pictures look good, but don’t let it be the only thing seen!”

“Where are the actors? Who are the actors? Su Moxiu can’t really play the leading role, can he?”

“A sci-fi movie, Su Moxiu plays the leading role, this movie emmmmm”

Yan Jingze actually did not say in public that Su Moxiu would play the leading role.

However, at the beginning when others all said this, he didn’t clarify it, so everyone thought that Su Moxiu is the main lead.

Regarding this, Yan Jingze didn’t mean to clarify. He even posted a solo picture of Su Moxiu on Weibo, which was Su Moxiu’s first appearance in the movie when he was making distilled water, and said: “Su Moxiu act very well in the movie,, I am very satisfied!”

That still photo is amazingly beautiful, but Su Moxiu…No matter how beautiful his picture is, his acting skills is very poor!

Netizens: “…”

“There’s really nothing to say about Su Moxiu’s appearance…He’s very beautiful!”

“What catches your eyes, it’s all P’s!”

“What’s the use of being pretty? His face is paralyzed!”

No matter what the outsiders say, the popularity of this movie is at least there!

Su Moxiu: “…” Why didn’t Yan Jingze do intimate things with him after exchanging the medical examination reports? This is not the same as what his brother said!

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