Chapter 206 - 206 Save Justice, save the island

206 Save Justice, save the island

The situation almost becomes uncontrollable. Xavier runs outside and shouts at Vale, who was sleeping soundly in the living room. Not a second to waste, the primary captain of the magi run inside Justice’s room and saw Anne holding Justice’s hand.

“Are you alright?” He asked Anne while looking at her and Justice.

Anne smiles at him. “We are both alright. Someone came inside, but Xavier and I came at the right time.” Looking around the room, Vale tries to clean the broken glass from the window, but Anne holds his hand immediately. “Wait, use gloves and never let your skin touch the glass.”

He frowns at her. “Why?”

“Errr… I don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all.”

Although Vale was still curious as to how Anne asked him something so futile, he gave in and wear gloves. Meanwhile, Xavier helps Henry and Arthur to chase the assassins. Arthur uses his flame sword and burns ten of them, while Henry pierces the other and killed two with a crossbow. Xavier approached them with a great axe but look around into the street. The assassins were already running or killed by Henry and Arthur.

“Oh, it seems I was too late.” Said Xavier scratching his head.

Henry glared at him. “Yes, you’re late. Where were you?!”

“I need to protect Justice and Anne. Someone sneak inside Justice’s room.” He informed the other two while they clean themselves.


Arthur looked around and felt something was wrong. “This attack feels wrong. Something doesn’t add up.”

“What’s inside your mind?” Asked Henry to Arthur.

“I mean, they lured us away from the house, and then someone sneak inside the room where the crown prince was recuperating?” Said Arthur to the other two.

Henry shook his head. “The target is Justice.”

“D*mn, let’s go back right now. We need to speak with king Edward.” Xavier asked them to go back and worry about the other, although he believes in Vale’s skill.

Inside the house, king Edward was already awakened and looked so angry at the situation. Xavier tried to inform him, but he gave him the hand.

“I know, they are targeting my son! It has become so obvious by now. But why? Because of one girl obsession?!” He gritted his teeth and hit the table.

Xavier sighed and called for one of his familiars. “Ageha, where are they?”

‘Almost here, master. They were on the ship and will be arriving at the designated rendezvous tomorrow.’

King Edward, who heard the information, nodded his head. “Good, the reinforcement will be coming in. Now, I just need to find my other son.”

“Wait, his majesty, it would be a rash decision to go away now? We need to wait for the reinforcement army.” Said Arthur to him.

“No! I am going, I almost lose Justice, I don’t want to risk it, I need to find Javier.” Said king Edward, stubbornly.

Xavier stared into the back window, and took a long sigh, “That’s his decision, Arthur, we need to respect it.”

Arthur was shouting at Xavier, “Well, someone needs to accompany him.”

“of course, I’ll go with him.” Henry offered himself and look into Arthur, “You also came with us. We never know how much of them that they need to fight.”

A bit flustered, Arthur tried to argue, “Wait, but this place…”

“Will have enough people, don’t worry.” Said Henry before Arthur could finish his sentence. He looks at king Edward and asked him another question, “Where should we go?”

“I think I know where Javier is right now. He probably got kidnapped before we came here, and if I wasn’t wrong, he will be inside the guard station at the heart of this town.” He pointed at the small area on the glassmap. “Let me mark it so it would be easy for us.”

Vale look into the window for a while and then informed king Edward, “His majesty, how about if you took the forest behind the town, it would be a good shortcut.”

“That’s a good idea, Vale, thank you.” King Edward gave them a smile and asked them to prepare everything for the mission.

Anne came and gave them tonic and healing salve. “This could come in handy. Please be careful.”

While Arthur and Henry smile at her, king Edward holds her hand and said, “Please, take care of my son, while I’m gone.”

“I will, his majesty, don’t worry and take care of yourself,” She nodded her head and goes to Henry, “You as well, be safe, alright.”

They embrace each other. Henry even gave her a light kiss on her lips. Arthur pretended not to see the affectionate gesture and walk outside, he wait for king Edward and Henry without even going back inside the house anymore. Anne saw them walk away from the forest through the window. Xavier came and embrace her from behind.

“Don’t worry, he will be fine.” Said Xavier to her.

“I know, but…”

“God! I left you for a month and finally some improvement in your relationship.”

The stranger’s voice from the door made Xavier and Anne turn around. Xander came inside the house wearing only trousers and nothing else.

With a sigh of relief, Xavier approached his brother and gave him a warm hug. “Took you long enough! You know how worried I was!”

“Well, from the looks of it, I don’t think you’re worried that much, though.” Teased Xander to his older brother, “I am sorry brother, your girl’s here gave me another task.”

Frowning, Xavier look into Xander and Anne, “Wait, you two already met? When?”

Anne and Xander look at each other, Xander pointing his finger to our heroine, “Two hours ago, I came inside from her window, and she looks at me, and then I tell her about the intruder who came from the forest behind the house, I tried to warn all of you but she told me not to and even asked me to clear the way to the town by the forest.”

“So, that’s why you asked king Edward to go into the forest because it would be the safest way.” Said Xavier to Anne. He was impressed by her wit. Although he was curious for another detail, “But, how come you never told us about the intruder?”

“It was for another setup, actually.” Said Anne with a smile on her face, “A setup for the real culprit who tried to kill Justice.”