Chapter 1554 Hmm?

"How about a photo of us hugging in our birthday suits?" he continued teasing her.

He rarely teased her because she always put on a poker face, and they were not a couple at that time.

Now that the opportunity to tease her had appeared, he did not let the chance to tease her slip away.

Xi Ran was stunned.

'He wants to take a picture of us hugging without clothes?'

Sure, she told him that she imagined lewd things earlier, but it was because he said something related to lewd things.

'How should I answer his question?'

Of course, she still remembered that she had done many lewd things with him before.

First, they had already had sex once. Second, they had a passionate kiss at Hang River. And last, she had let him suck and lick her breasts a few days ago.

Her mother even caught them when they were doing lewd things. However, all of them had nothing to do with lewd photos.

She kept thinking of ways to answer his question.

'I will do that.'

With that idea in mind, she sat between his legs with her back facing him.

"My mother and Nichang always said you were a pervert." She spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "Now I know that you are indeed a pervert."

Xiao Tian tried his best not to laugh.

'Even though it's challenging to read her mind because of her poker face, but she always entertains me whenever I'm with her.'

He did not defend himself because he was indeed a pervert.

"Xiao Tian, let's do everything step by step." She still did not realize that he was only teasing her.

"Haha." He could not hold back his laughter anymore. "Ran, I was only teasing you. Why did you take my words seriously? Haha."

"Because you are a pervert." She had seen him doing lewd things with her mother a few times.

She even had seen him having sex with her mother before. At that time, she was not his lover, so her actions were bad in her eyes.

"Well, I'm indeed a pervert." After saying that, he wrapped his arms around her slender waist. "Ran, let's take a picture again."

"Alright." She agreed instantly.

They took a picture with his smartphone this time.

They took several photos this time, and two of them were quite romantic; he kissed her cheek and vice versa.

Previously, he wanted to kiss her lips when she was taking a photo of them, but he changed his mind because he believed it was too fast for her.

'It's really good.'

She was currently checking out the photos.

She loved all the pictures, especially a photo when he kissed her cheek while embracing her from behind.

It was really romantic.

It was perfect.

Ten out of ten!

That was why she immediately sent the photo to her smartphone.

'Should I use this photo as wallpaper?'

Due to how amazing the photo was, she suddenly wanted to use it as wallpaper on her phone.

"Ran, we have a lot of photos together now. Do you want to print it?" he inquired.

Xi Ran turned her head to look at him.

It was true that they had a lot of photos together now, but all of them were only on her smartphone.

That was why she agreed with his idea. "Alright."

The duo went to her house to print all the photos.


Xi Ran's House, Family Room.

Xiao Tian and Xi Ran were currently sitting on the couch. He was watching a movie while she was checking all the photos.

Previously, they printed all the pictures and put them in a photo album. She felt a glimmer of happiness when she was checking the photos.

A soft smile spread across his face when he saw her happy face. "It seems like you really like the result."

Xi Ran turned her head to look at him.

'I should not ignore him.'

With that idea in mind, she put the photo album on the table and hugged his right arm.

Xiao Tian smiled softly.

He kissed her hair before finally watching a movie again.

However, he returned his attention to her because she kept looking at him. "What's wrong?"

She gave him a sign to kiss her.

Xiao Tian granted her wish.

He kissed her hair again.

However, Xi Ran gave him a sign to kiss her again.

He thought she wanted him to kiss her again because he only kissed her hair, so he kissed her forehead this time.

He smiled softly when she suddenly pouted her lips, asking him to kiss her tender lips.

Xiao Tian did not have a dirty mind because Xi Ran was not a lewd lady like her mother. He gave her a peck on the lips before finally smiling and watching a movie again.

However, Xi Ran was not satisfied.

For this reason, she kept looking at him and pouting her lips.

Actually, she only wanted him to press his lips against hers for several seconds, but he misunderstood her actions.

Xiao Tian immediately turned his body to face her. Without waiting for another second, he kissed her passionately.

He devoured her tender lips hungrily.

They were alone, so he did what he wanted without thinking twice.

He kissed her hungrily.

He squeezed her breasts and let the flames of lust within him take control of himself.

"Huft...Huft…Huft…" the duo looked into each other in the eyes.

A desire to kiss her hungrily appeared again when he looked at her beautiful emerald eyes.


She was his lover now, so he did not need to hold back.

And like before, Xi Ran welcomed the kiss.

Actually, she had guessed that he would kiss her again because it was written on his face.

'We are alone now. Does he want to go all the way?'

She did not fight back when he pushed her down slowly.

Xi Ran was currently on her back with Xiao Tian on top of her. Like before, he was still kissing her passionately, exploring every inch of her mouth with his tongue.

The flames of lust had appeared in their bodies, so their behavior was getting wilder and wilder.

Xiao Tian stopped the kiss when Xi Ran was out of breath.

"Xiao Tian…" she wrapped her arms around his back.

At this moment, the flames of lust could be seen in her beautiful eyes, and her pretty face had turned lewd.

Any man who saw her would be seduced immediately because her lewd face gave off a seductive aura.

Yes, she was like a succubus queen at that moment!

Xiao Tian was a pervert, so he was seduced by her easily.


Xi Ran was his girlfriend, so he was seduced by her easily.

'It feels great!'

The duo was moving their tongues lewdly.

They had a passionate kiss longer than before, as if they could not live without kissing.

Xiao Tian sat up after stopping the kiss. He did not kiss her again because he wanted to do something more than kissing.

Xi Ran shifted her gaze to his face when he suddenly grabbed the hem of her T-shirt.

'It seems like we will go all the way today.'