After the morning class with Mr. Iannis, lunch is also over and it is already afternoon. There are no art classes today, so Diana has free time until tea time.

Before Sasha became Diana’s butler, Diana used to swing with the holy sword Ariado in her free time. Whenever she and Cain had free time, they would play with Nina, who was holding a ruler, to learn bodywork and other skills.

Right now, I am working hard on writing a world-changing story for Sasha to read.

I tried with Il Valeno to make the story that Cain told me verbally work as a proper story. We wrote the story on the backs of study prints and on the backs of designs that we had submitted at the embroidery workshop, and showed them to each other to correct each other’s work.

Finally, we had the story we were looking for. We were finally able to create a story that we were sure was the one, and we were in the process of transcribing it into a white book for the manuscript.

“We can’t afford to make mistakes, so we have to write carefully.”

I have asked Sasha to go and buy a dictionary for the Syllyoum language. He should be back by tea time at the latest, so we have about two hours to spend.

At first, Diana wanted to make all three of them into a book for Sasha to read, but she reconsidered when Il Valeno told her that Sasha would not be able to read all three at the same time and that it would be better to let him read the finished book as it came out.

Now, Diana and Il Vareno are dividing their work and writing one by one.

To make sure that Diana’s handwriting is not recognizable as her own and that it does not appear childish, she is writing carefully and slowly, using as models the invitation to a tea party that her mother Elyse received from the queen and the notes on the embroidery patterns.

Therefore, the text was only about half written, and it would be a long time before it was completed.

After writing a double-page spread, Diana let out a puff of air and stretched out on her chair.

Just then there was a knock at the door, and without moving from her chair, she simply said, “Come in.”

It was Il Vareno who entered.

“Sasha would be furious if I said “Come in” without checking who was knocking.”

“The way you knocked was just like Il.”

Il Vareno came into the room with a small complaint and closed the door with his back hand. He came to the side of the desk with something in his arms and placed the package he was carrying on the desk on the slatted desk that was lined up on the study table.

It was a book.

“What is this?”

Spinning around in her chair, Diana pushed her hands into her lap and leaned forward to look in. There was a book on the floor.

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“Mr. Waynes said it was for Lady Diana.”


Parepantol, the butler, has never given Diana a book. 

She picked up a book from her desk and flipped through the contents. It was a tightly packed book with fine writing.

Diana squinted at the book, moving it closer and further away from her, before closing it and looking at the cover.

“The Evening of an Elegant Lady.”

She read the title on the cover. Diana frowned, thinking that it was not really her kind of book. Diana, who is only nine years old, reads books with large print and without difficult phrases.

She has learned proverbs and idioms from Mr. Iannis in literature class, but the books that often used such words were not her favorites, as they were either political books or books about adult romance.

Diana likes adventure stories, stories with energetic girls, and stories with animals, so she naturally reads books for children.

“The title may seem a bit adult-oriented, but I hear it’s a story most often read by young women in the upper grades of school or just out of school.”

Il Valeno introduces the story as he was told by Parepantol. He reads with a slight accent. Il Valeno does not hide his lack of interest in the book.


“Huh? I don’t like it?”

Diana looks up at Il Valeno, who stands aside at a special angle. With Sasha not around, Il Vareno unreservedly raises his eyebrows and does his best to look disgusted.

Diana turns her head the other way, cocking her head back and staring at him even more.


“No…I don’t want to.”

It doesn’t work for Il Vareno. If it had been Cain, he would have twisted his upper body around three times and shouted, “Of course, of course!” But it didn’t work on Il Valeno. She must not grow up to be a child who thinks she can push through anything with her cuteness. Il Valeno is sometimes cold to Diana, trying to do what Cain can’t.

“Il, you’ve made more progress writing your book than I have.”

“Yes, but that’s not the same thing as this.”

“It’s not different.”

The actuality is that Il Vareno has more time than Diana to work separately from Sasha, but it is true that Il Valeno’s book is more advanced than Sasha’s.

“Please, Il, please. Please for the rest of my life. I’ll do my best in my studies. I’ll study hard and try my best to eat carrots with a smile on my face, okay?”

Diana holds Il Valeno’s hand and looks into his face as she shakes it plastically.

Diana, who had asked him to do her a favor for the rest of her life, would not let go of his hand until he agreed to do so. She could forcefully remove her hand from Diana’s because it was not in a tight grip, and she would give up, but then she would make a very sad face.

“How many times have you asked me for a favor in your life? I’ll read the book and tell you what it says.”

Il Vareno thinks he has to be strict because Cain is soft, but in the end, he is soft too. He is even more lenient in the absence of Cain, but Il Valeno thinks he is strict.