Chapter 976: Chapter 239-legendary realm (1)

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After that, he absorbed the righteousness Qi and combined it with the righteousness Qi in his body. When the integration was completed, Xiao ran’s righteousness Qi had already surpassed the palace Masters of the four major Academies.

It had reached an unprecedented height. Once it was used with the righteousness innumerable sword scroll, the explosive power would be able to destroy the world.

He digested the reward this time.

Xiao ran smiled.”This is a good one.”

He activated his soul power again. Compared to before, his Spirit Master cultivation had broken through to the psionic miracle realm. Although it was still blocked by the surface, it was no longer as much of a hindrance as before.

“Spatial power.”

Using the earth escape technique and the power of space, he shuttled through the ground and quickly searched for Princess Qing ning.

On the ground.

As Xiao ran’s strange phenomenon disappeared, the huge strange phenomenon that appeared between heaven and earth also disappeared.

He felt something.

Sword 12 rushed out from the ground and stood in the night, looking at the disappearing spatial power.

He looked at a certain direction underground and guessed in his heart,’could it be him?’

Thinking of the power of time and the power of reincarnation in Xiao ran’s body, he already had two Supreme powers. If he had also comprehended the power of space, everything could be explained.

The corners of his mouth curled up and he laughed.

“He’s getting stronger and stronger. I’m really looking forward to seeing how brutal he’ll be when he grows up. I reckon that even if the old fogeys in the entire fantasy realm continent, including the ten vicious lands and the eternal Forbidden Lands, jump out, they won’t even be able to withstand a single slap from him. ”

He shook his head.

Just as he was about to leave, a figure ran over quickly and rushed towards him.

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As he ran, he shouted,”senior sword 12, please hold on!”

It wasn’t far from here.

The third Prince and his men had just arrived at this place. There were other princes ‘men in his team who were monitoring him, so even if he was a lapper, he didn’t dare to show it.

Just as he was about to leave, he saw a familiar figure rushing toward sword 12. He panicked and had a bad feeling.

He recognized the man. He was none other than uncle Quan, the Butler that li Yalan had brought over.

His thoughts turned and he couldn’t help but think.

“Why is he here at this time? Why was he looking for the 12th sword? Could it be that li Yalan knows something and wants him to come and inform her?”

However, he still didn’t understand. He could treat her well, so what reason did she have to take revenge on him?


An idea flashed through his mind, and he thought of Li Heng!

When he had died, he had even cut off one of his arms and watched helplessly as the 12th sword killed him, but he had not saved him.

“Could it be that you want the 12th sword to take revenge on me because of this?”

When he thought about this, he felt that this possibility was very high.

It was very likely that li Yalan had betrayed him. His anger rose like a raging fire, and he wanted nothing more than to kill this B * tch.

He cursed in his heart, B * tch!

If he could, he would Kill Uncle Quan right now.

However, he had no other choice. If he attacked now, with the viciousness of the 12th sword, he would definitely not let him off. Even if there was no evidence to prove that he had done it, the 12th sword would not let him off.

The result that awaited him was probably being locked up in purgatory and then interrogated by Xiao ran.

Even his ninth brother couldn’t withstand Xiao ran’s torture, so he didn’t have the confidence either.

In a moment, he thought about many things.

No matter what, he couldn’t stay here any longer. Otherwise, what awaited him would only be death.

Looking at the people around him, he immediately ordered,”you guys go ahead and search. I’ll go take a dump!”

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Everyone left. Even if some people were overthinking, they didn’t dare to show it.

After they left.

The third Prince left quickly and rushed back to his residence as fast as he could. He had to prove something, and at the same time, he was racing against time.

Success or failure depended on this one move.

Uncle Quan hurriedly stopped in front of the 12th sword.

“Greetings, senior!”

Looking at him, the 12th sword narrowed his eyes. He recognized the person in front of him. He was the one who had humiliated him near the official road of the capital city on his way back from without embroiling mountain. He had stepped on him and used extremely vile means to make him eat chicken legs and steamed buns.

He almost pressed his face to the ground and stepped on it.

He had been searching for them all this time.

He didn’t expect this.

He was about to give up, but this person actually appeared in front of him again.

“We meet again,” The 12th sword said coldly.

She looked at him coldly, as if she was looking at a dead man.

Uncle Quan was stunned. It was as if he wasn’t facing a human, but a dangerous beast.

When she met his gaze, for some reason, she felt afraid and subconsciously took three steps back. She suppressed her fear and asked,”senior, did you get the wrong person? This … This seems to be the first time we’ve met. ”

“The official roads of the capital. Beggars, chicken legs, and steamed buns!”


Uncle Quan’s head trembled as if he had been struck by lightning. He stood there dumbly.

He had not expected that the person he had bullied at will back then would actually be sword 12. No wonder he felt a sense of familiarity from him.

But, but … With his strength, why was he in such a miserable state? He was even pressed to the ground and stepped on by these weaklings. Why didn’t he resist? Why didn’t you introduce yourself?

He came back to his senses.

Uncle Quan was scared. He had heard more than once about the ruthlessness of the 12th sword. Even Li Heng had died at his hands.

As he thought of this, his first thought was to’ escape ‘. He even forgot about what li Yalan had told him.

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