Chapter 690: Divine weapon (1)

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Thousand rain cosmos, teleportation platform.

Fifty heaven Immortals and three hundred true immortals walked out of the teleportation platform. Hong Luan and her men helped them get the pass and brought them to the moon Pavilion.

Of course, this time, it wasn’t just the people from the allheaven immortal sect. Two-thirds of them were su qingluan’s people. The cost of teleportation was astonishingly high.

The Moonview restaurant had been rooted in thousand rain cosmos for more than ten years and had accumulated a lot of wealth and resources. Otherwise, even su qingluan would have felt the pinch.

Hong Luan took the lead in arranging the galaxies that the fifty heaven Immortals were going to. Two heaven Immortals would form a group and head to the other galaxies through the planet’s port.

Of the remaining genuine Immortals, 250 of them left with them, while the rest stayed with Hong Luan and arranged for their subordinates to take them to other planets.

The development of the full moon Tower was like a virus in the thousand rain universe. Every star system covered at least ten planets, and the full moon Tower had more than 500 branches.

With their deep background and resources, the full moon Tower had also become a new power in the thousand rain universe. More importantly, not only did they have resources, but they also had information.

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From golden Immortals to cultivators, everyone was a customer of the moon Pavilion. The moon Pavilion had also set up a bounty list. Any resources that were needed but not available to the moon Pavilion would appear on the bounty list, attracting the attention of many people.

This time, the Moonview restaurant had gained 50 new heaven Immortals and 300 true immortals. This made some people secretly speechless. Among the 50 heaven Immortals, there were 18 great circle heaven Immortals and more than 20 fourth revolution heaven Immortals.

According to the thousand rain Cosmos’s classification, this was clearly a high-tier heaven immortal. Without a gold immortal, this was already a top-notch combat force.

With you Wanli’s constant trading, the Golden Immortals also knew that the moon Pavilion and you Wanli were inextricably linked, so they naturally did not make things difficult for him.

Because of the resources from other universes, the thousand rain immortal sect was also happy to see the full moon Tower. The thousand rain immortal sect even secretly took care of it and allowed more full moon towers to open.

None of the immortals were fools. They knew that the full moon restaurant was not simple, and they did not have any ill intentions. Of course, they would not provoke it. Instead, they would try their best to gain its benefits.

Every time the full moon restaurant opened, it would hold a corresponding event. Immortals would trade at this time, causing a sea of people to appear every time.

On a certain planet in a certain Galaxy.

You Wanli led the group away from the planet. The qingzhai immortal ship transformed into a white yacht, and the group sat on the deck, drinking and chatting.

“There are only two outcomes now. One is that ancestral master tiange has fallen into the hands of some power, and the other is that she’s on a planet controlled by the thousand rain immortal sect.” You Wanli said.

“Why don’t we go directly to the thousand rain immortal sect?” Li Chenzhou said.

“No,” Fu Yunzi shook his head,”it might put master tiange in a dangerous situation. We don’t know what state he is in now, let alone his strength. We can only wait for him to show up and not reveal too much information.”

“You’re right. ” The horned golden immortal looked at him with admiration and said,”the powers in the great Luo universe are mixed. We might not have any trouble, or we might be targeted. However, as long as we leave, there will be no problem. Immortal friend tiange, you can ‘t.”

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You Wanli had done a lot of transactions in the past few years, and he knew that the good stuff here was a piece of fat meat. Once he deliberately looked for tiange, it might be in the hands of some golden Immortals, which would become very troublesome.

On the other hand, if they searched for it openly and leaked information about the allheaven immortal sect, the thousand rain immortal sect would probably use this information to deduce. It would be troublesome if they exposed that the universe was small and attracted the attention of the zenith heaven immortal sect.

“It’s good to be cautious. ” You Wanli nodded.”I was wrong. I thought that the establishment of the allheaven immortal gate would alarm him. Now it seems that we can only find news of him through the full moon Tower. Unfortunately, our clues are broken here.”

“It’s okay, you can slowly search for it. ” Fu Yunzi laughed,”the full moon Pavilion is also a newly rising force. We will eventually come into contact with them. Since we are sure that master tiange is not dead, then we will meet her one day.”

“Not bad!” The other four calamity Immortals nodded.

They were all golden Immortals with endless lifespans, and they could find the source of the tribulations through the power of calamities and tribulations. Tiange, on the other hand, hadn’t died yet, so she was at least a pure yang true immortal, or even a heaven immortal. Her long lifespan could definitely lead to a good development.

You Wanli nodded and the immortal ship headed to the nearest planet.

Since the traces had disappeared once again, it was time to carry out the transaction. This time, they were going to a nearby planet to find a golden immortal who was skilled in plant cultivation. There were many medicinal herbs and spiritual roots in the charging spirit heaven, so they should be of great value.

Eight desolations universe, heavenly court.

Star Lotus remained in the form of a little girl and was floating in the air. Her true body was in the starry sky, receiving an endless stream of demon corpses. Every year, she would incinerate and refine the demon Qi, and according to the number of demons, there would be about a few million of them.

Over the past hundred years, her true form had burned more than a hundred million demons, but the demons on the Star Wars battlefield were still endless and didn’t seem to be disappearing. The world gate of the demon world was connected to the great demon world in the universe.

The demons killed by the immortals of the heavenly court were actually all from the great demon world. Now that the heavenly net had been upgraded and turned into data, every immortal could accurately know their own merits and merits on the Star Wars battlefield.

For example, if an immortal dragged them down and didn’t really kill the demons, but because they were in the same team, they would also work hard. These would become the weights for the merit points, and there would be no need for the immortals to have conflicts because of uneven distribution.

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