Chapter 1243: No hesitation (end)

At this moment, Tian Lei looked at Mu Bei, a player behind him. Mu Bei was a relatively high combat player in the Tongtian Guild, and Mu Bei was also more optimistic about Tian Lei.

Many players were shocked by the damage Mubei dealt every time he cleared the dungeon.

So at this time, Tian Lei planned to let Mu Bei go to fight Bai Yufu, but Mu Bei didn't hesitate at all. After hearing what Tian Lei said, he stood up directly from the team.

I saw that the weapon in Mubei's hand was a purple quality weapon!

The name of this warhammer is Cracking Heaven and Earth Breaking Hammer. The damage of this weapon is also very high, so many players are more afraid to fight against Mubei.

In Tian Lei's mind, Bai Yu Fu Tie was not Mu Bei's opponent at all. He thought that when Xia Mu Bei was playing against Bai Yu Fu Tie, Bai Yu Fu Tie would be killed by Mu Bei directly with a splitting hammer.

But Tianlei still underestimated Bai Yufu's strength!

If Bai Yufuyuan would be killed by Mubei in seconds, then he would not be Bai Yufuyuan. Bai Yufuyuan and Ye Yang saw them. At this moment, Tianlei sent Mubei as the candidate for the battle. For a while, Ye Yang and Bai Yufuyuan still have Bai Wuji looked at each other.

Before Bai Wuji waited for Ye Yang to speak with Bai Yufu, he said in a deep voice, "This Mubei is one of the more powerful players in the Tongtian Guild!"

"Although the combat power ranking did not enter the top ten, at least it was in the top twenty."

"This time Tianlei dispatched Mubei to fight, Bai Yufu, you have to be careful, the warhammer in his hand is very powerful!"

As Bai Yufu's good friend, Bai Wuji is now planning to fight Mubei.

Naturally, Bai Wuji wanted to remind Bai Yufu. After hearing Bai Wuji say this, Bai Wuji nodded quickly.

Ye Yang also looked at Bai Yufu at the moment, and then exhorted: "Bai Wuji said nothing wrong."

"This Mubei's combat power is very high. If it doesn't work, then just retreat directly. Don't try to do it all by yourself!"

Ye Yang knew Bai Yufu's character, he was relatively strong, and Ye Yang was afraid that he was not Mubei's opponent, and he insisted on playing against Mubei. This would only put Bai Yufu into danger.

"I know Ye Yang, I will be careful!"

Seeing Bai Yufuyi's promise, he took out the Phoenix Flame Knife directly from his backpack. When Bai Yufuyi didn't take the Phoenix Flame Knife out, the players from the Heaven-Sweeping Guild on the opposite side were still not doing anything.

But the moment Bai Yufu took out the Phoenix Flame Knife, the eyes of those players changed instantly.

Although their combat power is very high, none of these players have any of them. Their weapons are artifact weapons. Even the vice president of the Tongtian Guild, his current weapons are not artifact weapons.

Before these players and Tianlei, although they already knew that Bai Yufu's and Ye Yang's weapons were very powerful.

But I heard that it is different from seeing it with my own eyes. I saw that the blade of the Phoenix Flame Knife was shining with a faint light at the moment, and there was a lifelike phoenix carved on the Phoenix Flame Knife, and there was red light on the Phoenix's eyes!

After seeing this scene by Tianlei and the players of Tongtian Guild, they are all very eager to get this weapon! I have a 100% burst rate of online games,