This time, Tianlei selected a thousand players with high combat power from the Tongtian Guild.

Although these thousand players with high combat power are quite high, they are not as high as Bai Yufu, and even their equipment and weapons are not as good as Bai Yufu, let alone their strength.

These players are not Bai Yufuyuan's opponents at all, let alone one player, even if Tianlei dispatched ten players at the moment, they may not be Bai Yufuyuan's opponents.

But Bai Yufuhuan did not show his anger, and saw him smiling at Tianlei and said, "Oh, is it?"

"If I am a trash, then the players in the Tongtian Guild are not as good as trash!"

"Don't you think that the players in your Tongtian Guild can kill me in seconds?"

"Then you can send a player to fight with me to see who kills whom in seconds!"

After Bai Yufu finished speaking, he saw Tian Lei staring at Bai Yufu. At first he thought that Bai Yufu would be afraid of what he said. He didn't expect that now Bai Yufu was not afraid, but was very excited.

From Bai Yufu's eyes, it is not difficult to see that he really wants to play against the players of Tongtian Guild.

After Bai Yufu talked about it, he went directly to Ye Yang and Bai Wuji's side. Ye Yang patted Bai Yufu on the shoulder, and then whispered, "Good job."

"Now let’s see if Tianlei will send a player to fight with you. Although these thousand players of Tongtian Guild are quite powerful, don’t worry, no one player can be your opponent. !"

At this moment, Ye Yang said quickly beside Bai Yufu.

In fact, even without Ye Yang's words, Bai Yufuyuan knew this.

These Tongtian Guild players, except for Tianlei's words, are not Bai Yufu's opponents.

But now that Ye Yang said so, Bai Yufu's heart felt more relieved.

Bai Xiaoling was beside Ye Yang at the moment, and then Bai Xiaoling said to Ye Yang, "Brother Ye Yang, when Bai Yufufu is playing against Tongtian Guild players, I can increase Bai Yufufu's defense..."

Although Bai Xiaoling didn't have much combat capability, her combat power was very low, and even her defense power was very low.

But her importance to Ye Yang’s team is very great, especially now that Bai Yufuhua is going to fight against the players of Tongtian Guild. Without Bai Xiaoling’s increased defensive power, I am afraid that Bai Yufu’s defense power will not be so high. .

But with Bai Xiaoling's increased defensive power for him, then Bai Yufu's defensive power will become very high.

Now Bai Xiaoling can increase the defense power for a single player, up to 12,000 points!

This 12,000 point defensive power was enough to shock many players. Of course, Ye Yang, Bai Yufuyu, and Bai Wuji would not tell other players directly about Bai Xiaoling's secret.

Once this news is known to many players, then Bai Xiaoling is in danger.

As the core of Ye Yang's team, Bai Xiaoling's safety is still more important. At this moment, Tian Lei thought for a while and planned to let one of his guild players stand up and fight against Bai Yufu.

Bai Yufuyuan is so arrogant, Tianlei intends to let Bai Yufuyuan know that he is a powerful player in the Sky-Sky Guild!

"Wood North!"

"You go to play against Bai Yufu!" I have a 100% burst rate of online games