Chapter 711: Heading to the Shaman King’s Home

Name:I Hate Systems Author:Overlord_Venus
Chapter 711: Heading to the Shaman King’s Home

“Kyak!” Gehera grunted in pain, feeling something on the verge of bursting out from within her.

“What’s happening to her?” Takar frowned in response, noticing waves of mana burst out of Gehera’s body beyond what she was capable of. “It…doesn’t make sense.”

“She’s one of those…” Aronaut said, watching Takar’s eyes widen in surprise as he continued, “A Slayer that’s related to this.”

“You mean…she’s related to the current state of Goblins?” Takar was shocked.

“Yes,” Aronaut nodded, “Moreover, she’s Tehela’s daughter.”

“What?” Takar was flabbergasted, taking a second glance at Gehera to shout, “What nonsense! She’s a mere human!”

“Is what you said the truth?” A feminine voice resounded as another Titan arrived at the scene, riding a tornado as she landed before Aronaut, asking while releasing a suffocating presence, “Is it?”

Her presence was overwhelming even among Saints. Even Takar felt mildly intimidated by her. Having been alive for pretty much forever, Titans were the strongest among their level. So, a regular Saint might have even fainted under the presence she exuded.

Though, Aronaut didn’t even bat an eye. Of course, that was nothing before him. After all, he was a level 99 System Slayer, wielding multiple Core Skills that reached the peak of Grade 1.

Even an Apostle might find it difficult to win against him, not to mention a mere Saint. And the powers of an Apostle were in no way as versatile as Aronaut who could use the Skills from multiple power systems.

Whereas, the only powers the Apostle could use originated from the magic power system, and that too the profession they represented.

‘S-Strong!’ Tehela’s mother, Gala, queen of the Trotak Kingdom was shocked to see Aronaut not even bat an eye at her show of power, ‘If he’s unfazed at my power, he should be beyond a Saint…’

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“No, you’re not the Titan Apostle.” She frowned, asking while tensing up, ready for a battle, “Who the heck are you?”

In response, Aronaut casually gazed at Takar, “Didn’t I tell you before?”

“I’m a Slayer.”

‘You only said that child is a Slayer…’ It was at the tip of his tongue that Takar controlled himself from uttering. He remained silent for the time being, hoping for Gala to take charge, for it was better for her to represent the Trotak Kingdom, for she was its queen.

Gala calmed down in an instant, staring at Gehera to ask, “Is she…Tehela’s daughter? Is that the truth?”

“Yeah,” Aronaut nodded in response, “Her father sealed her powers and turned her into a Human to prevent her from being discovered by a powerful enemy. We came here to awaken her titan powers.”

“Who’s…her father?” Gala asked, staring at Gehera to see that she indeed had Tehela’s facial traits.

“The Shaman King,” Aronaut said, watching the expressions of the two Titan Saints collapse at the ridiculousness of the notion.

‘Wow, it seems Aronaut loves to see the expression of others morph.’ Stencil nodded, gaining a better understanding of Aronaut’s character.

“Isn’t that why you allowed Tehela to venture into the Goblin Kingdom?” Aronaut smiled in response.

“But, the children of Goblins always end up being a Goblin. So, it wouldn’t even faze her. it would just be an experience for her.” Gala responded. “I…never expected this to happen.”

Titans weren’t even concerned about such things in the first place.

As long-lived beings, they paid little heed to such attachments. If Tehela’s child was a Goblin, even she herself wouldn’t bat an eye at that, casually tossing it into the hands of a Goblin before she would have made her way back home.

It was what Gala had meant to happen back then, for, in that way, she could ensure the Shaman King would stop targeting their kingdom and focus on other kingdoms instead, which also meant weakening their enemies.

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Moreover, this experience would also make Tehela less rash. Titans operated with an entirely different mentality, so Gala didn’t even give a second thought to the plan. Even Tehela didn’t. Frustrated yes, but that was only because her Kingdom didn’t do anything when her fellow Titans were being slaughtered while her parents thought a political marriage was the only solution.

She looked down on Goblins, another reason for her frustration. But birthing a Goblin child wasn’t much to her. The entire process would be over before her nap concluded, so she indeed didn’t pay it any heed.

“Wait, is she a…Goblin?” Gala asked, “Did a Principal Conjurer change her into a titan? I can’t feel any aura of the Titan on her, so it’s not using the powers of a Merman Polymorph.”

“She’s a Titan.” Aronaut didn’t comment much, turning around upon seeing Gehera stabilise, thinking as he observed the Personal Fragment in her already churning mana through her body, ‘Alright, she only needs one more push.’

“Well, follow me.” Saying so, Aronaut began to head towards the Goblin Kingdom that still existed, created using the land they stole from the Trotak Kingdom.

The reason Aronaut made the Saints follow him was simple: Superior Quality Mental Energy.

Disclosing information regarding Gehera wasn’t a problem, as those that weren’t supposed to know about her were already aware of her. So, it was better to gain Mental Energy from the Titan Saints.

The quantity and quality were shockingly surprising.

‘I’m getting 500 Mental Energy every second.’ Stencil’s eyes widened in shock, hurriedly changing her thoughts the moment Gala stared at her, ‘No, it’s 500 per Saint. Damn!’

When the two Saints stared at her, she was getting more than a whopping thousand Mental Energy every second. And suddenly, the quantity spiked thrice as the Guardian Saint of the Trotak Kingdom made his arrival, “I’m interested to see what’s happening.”

“Sure, feel free to invite other Saints too.” Aronaut said, suppressing his feeling of content, “This is something the Shaman King paid his life for to create, the first of its kind.”

Gala and Takar stared at each other, thinking for a moment as they stared at the Guardian Saint who sighed in response, already feeling the stares on his back.

He looked at Aronaut, “Can you please keep this a secret? We don’t wish to reveal the true strength of our Kingdom.”

“I don’t mind…” Aronaut said before his face convulsed, out of words to see more than ten Saints pop out, expressing their curiosity, ‘This isn’t on the level of a Kingdom. They’ve already surpassed most Empires.’

‘Why are there so many Titan Saints here?’

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