Chapter 258 - This Is Clearly Arranged!

Chapter 258: This Is Clearly Arranged!

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Qin Lin transported the duckweed to the reservoir. The car did not enter the villa and could enter the reservoir by another way.

When the time came, he had to set up a security booth to prevent outsiders from barging in.

When the car stopped, Chen Dabei immediately brought a few security guards forward. He knew that his boss must have brought something over again.

Therefore, without Qin Lin’s instructions, he said to the security guards very tactfully, “Go up and move the things.”

Qin Lin got out of the car and asked Chen Dabei, “How’s the progress on installing the temporary barbed wire?”

Chen Dabei explained, “It’s almost done. It’ll be done before dinner.”

Qin Lin nodded and asked, “How’s Yang Dong?”

Chen Dabei did not think too much about it and said, “His personality is not bad and he’s not lazy. After investigating the place where the duck feces are fermented, he even helped Master Ma decorate the duck house. He seems to be more professional than Master Ma in some aspects.”

“I see.” Qin Lin nodded.

The security guards removed all 10 sacks from the car.

Chen Dabei opened a bag curiously. “Boss, these are all duckweed. Are we going to put them in that reservoir?”

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“Yes!” Qin Lin instructed, “Spread all of this in. Remember to untie the knots.”

“Understood,” Chen Dabei replied. He led a few security guards to carry the duckweed to the shore and got someone to pull the bamboo raft over.

They had to transport the duckweed to the middle area through the bamboo raft before scattering it.

The willow leaf duckweed was not big. It was in the shape of a thin willow leaf. When it was sprinkled into the water, it would scatter with the water. A few of them would be specially separated after being tied.

Floating duckweed had strong vitality. Not only could it survive all year round, but it could also grow again even if it was torn apart.

Not long after, Chen Dabei threw the last bag of duckweed into the water.

When the duckweed spread out in the water, Chen Dabei realized that these duckweed seemed to be very beautiful.

A security guard at the side said in surprise, “Manager Chen, these duckweeds are much more beautiful than the ones I saw in my hometown river. I was too busy to notice earlier, but now that I see them, I can’t help but want to take a few more glances.”

Chen Dabei naturally had the same feeling, but he did not show it in front of his subordinates. He said as if he understood everything, “This is something Boss bought with money. Is it comparable to something that no one wants even if it’s given in the wilderness?”

“That’s true!” The security guard felt that his supervisor made sense.

Qin Lin looked at the willow leaf duckweed with a happy expression. With the enhancement of the game attribute, the effect was better than he had imagined.

He roughly knew what Du Mu’s ‘Green Brocade Lake of Duckweed’ meant.

When this area of water was embellished with willow leaf duckweed, and even some floating plants like water lilies appeared in the system in the future, the interweaving would definitely be beyond everyone’s expectations.

With another group of beautiful white ducks swimming on it, that beauty would be more vivid.

‘Floating duckweed sending clear water’ and ‘red palm clearing waves’ were clearly a good combination.

After scattering the duckweed, Chen Dabei brought people to the other side to help Master Ma and the others install the temporary barbed wire. When he was done, the sky had already turned dark.

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He immediately went to the shore to report to Qin Lin. “Boss, the temporary barbed wire has been installed.”

“You’ve worked hard. Get everyone to eat in the canteen. I’ll get the kitchen to cook a big item for you to eat.” As Qin Lin spoke, he took out his phone and made arrangements for the kitchen. At the same time, he walked towards the truck and took out a bag containing three Quality 2 duck eggs.

It was indeed very difficult for these people to work on the water in the cold. Cooking a Quality 2 black carp weighing more than 30 catties could make them eat very happily.

When Chen Dabei saw Qin Lin leave, he shouted at the others with a happy expression, “The boss said that there will be an additional meal tonight. He’ll give us a wild big fish to eat.”

When the security guards heard this, they immediately cheered.

“Long live the boss!”

“We’re in for a treat tonight!”

“Manager Chen, ask the boss if we can still work tomorrow. I still want to eat something big.”


The wild goods in the villa were limited. No matter how rich the tourists were, they might not be able to eat them. Previously, the event boss had also killed big goods to reward everyone. Although they did not eat much, the taste was beautiful and they had been thinking about it.

Since their boss had specially killed one for them today, they could eat more.

“Manager Chen, are you talking about that kind of wild fish?” Yang Dong also ran to Chen Dabei’s side with anticipation. He had seen many videos of Qinglin Mountain before coming to apply.

This was the quickest way to find out about the cottage. He’d seen videos of big wild fish, too. The tourists who’d eaten it had praised the thing to the skies.

Besides, he had never eaten such a big item before.

“Yes.” Chen Dabei nodded at Yang Dong and said, “On the first day of coming to the villa, you almost froze on this cold water. Eat more later. Other than big goods, our villa’s employee meals are also very good.”

Yang Dong was naturally looking forward to it. He followed Chen Dabei to the staff canteen, but when he arrived, what attracted his attention were the waitresses and cashier girls.

Only then did he realize that the scenic area was a service industry. There must be many young and beautiful girls in their positions. He had not forgotten the mission his grandfather had given him.

Yang Dong admitted to being envious as he watched the security guard he had a good afternoon with run to a cute waitress.

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