Something unusual was happening. Belluna and Benjamin noticed that an indescribable power was pouring out of Claude in a tremendous roar. It was a power very familiar to them.


May opened her eyes at the light so strong that even her eyes could not be easily opened, and she fumbled toward Claude. However, she could not reach out even if she stretched out her hand at the unusual energy she felt from the child.

'What the hell is this......!'

While May swallowed a curse inside, the Knights of Ambrosia, who felt something from afar, were running towards them.

"What happened!"

At that moment, the light from Claude suddenly disappeared.

"......C, Claude-nim."

May fumbled Claude's body, blinking her blurry eyes due to the light. Fortunately, the child was fine with no injuries and was breathing evenly. Unlike when something like this happened in the past, he had come to his senses this time.


Claude blinked his eyes slowly as if he was too surprised. Benjamin's figure slowly entered the child's eyes.

"Wounds from black magic......"

Benjamin's condition, which had been seriously injured, was noticeably improved. His pale face turned red, and his blood-stained body was cleansed. The body exposed as the clothes were torn looked more solid than before.

"Benjamin, how are you?"

"......Very good. I don't know why. It's better than when I’m dealing with that punk Oliven."

In response to Belluna's question, Benjamin lit dark red mana in his hand. More intense and cleaner than ever, the feeling of mana flowing through his body was vivid. It was as if his master had purified his body after occasional magic training. No, it was better than that.

"I can't even see the scars I had before."

Benjamin clicked his tongue slightly and lifted the hem of his robe to reveal his abdomen. As he followed the war mercenaries, his body, which was tattered with scars from all kinds of wounds, was cleansed.

"I wanted to keep it."

Benjamin clicked his tongue in regret. He was going to leave those scars forever so he wouldn't forget those damn bastards. But Benjamin quickly smiled and patted Claude's head, who looked at him anxiously.


Penelois and Elexa were not yet aware of Ambrosia's power. All they knew was that Sarah was a magician. And it was just that her disciple was the culprit behind the Alton crisis. That was all the information Ethan Ambrosia allowed. No more could be disclosed to outsiders without the permission of Ethan, the owner of the house. And it was the people of Ambrosia who had better education about it than anyone else.



Veron and Ronda exchanged glances. The Knights of Ambrosia, nervous about what might happen, fixed the swords in their hands.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear anything. Me and Elexa......"

"It is not up to us to judge that."

Penelois hurriedly opened her mouth but was cut off by Ronda's resolute voice.

The Third Prince's hidden lover and child.

Without Ambrosia's help, he could not even ascend to the throne. Ethan seemed to be inclined towards the Third Prince, but from the moment they learned about Ambrosia's power, she didn't know how to judge him. Even the power of Claude was expressed differently from the power of Ambrosia that had been passed down now.

Healing power that was stronger than that of a priest.

It was powerful enough to completely heal even the wounds of black magic that even magicians could not do. Even though he was the Third Prince, he was in a situation where he did not know what kind of profit he would get if he knew this.

"Please come this way for a moment."


The situation changed in an instant, and Penelois bit her lip and pondered whether she should take out the dagger she had hidden in her arms.

"What, what’s wrong?"

Claude looked around in bewilderment at the sudden change of air. Before he could even figure out what he had done, the mood was somehow creeping towards Elexa and Penelois. The people of Ambrosia, who had a cold, subdued gaze, were unfamiliar.


Claude walked over to Benjamin, crouching, and plunged himself into his arms. Then he tugged at the hem of his robe as if to tell him to stop it.