Chapter 402 - 402 Teaching Vile People A Lesson!

402 Teaching Vile People A Lesson!

After Shen Ruojing practiced Taichi today, she took a longer shower than she usually did. So, after she changed her clothes and came down, she saw that Chu Cichen had finished his breakfast.

He had been a little out of it since she told him that his impersonator had appeared. Even when he was having his run today, he was looking at her.

But now, it looked like his expression had regained normalcy.

Shen Ruojing smiled and sat down next to him. “What’s for breakfast today?”

Chu Cichen pursed his lips. “There’s a spread today. You can have whatever you want.”

Shen Ruojing nodded and the nanny immediately served both Chinese and Western dishes for her to choose from.

Shen Ruojing casually picked buns and soy milk. When she was eating, she saw that Matriarch Chu was also looking at her.

Shen Ruojing finally realized that something wasn’t right and she asked, “What’s the matter?”

Matriarch Chu coughed. “Erm, Jingjing, would you mind if people were to scold you on the Internet?”

From the moment Shen Ruojing came to look for Chu Cichen with the children, she already had to face many problems. She had also been scolded in the entertainment circle and even when she was performing at Ford City Music Academy.

Even before that, Shen Ruojing’s reputation in Sea City had never been good. People were all talking about her and scolding her in private. However, Shen Ruojing never cared about these things.

It was because people would always be jealous of the strong.

She didn’t care for all the scolding. Would being scolded a little delay her retirement or something?

Shen Ruojing took a bite of the bun. “I don’t mind.”

Matriarch Chu immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “I knew it. Jingjing doesn’t care about these things at all. That’s why you don’t have to be so careful around her. Moreover, those people are just spouting gibberish and don’t have any actual evidence.”

Shen Ruojing nodded, not interested in even asking about what happened.

However, she took a glance and saw Chu Cichen’s expression looking very solemn.

Shen Ruojing then paused and slowly put down the bun in her hand. She finally tried to look at what the problem was. “What is it?”

Chu Cichen had always been composed and steady in handling things. He rarely showed such a worried look.

Chu Cichen then pursed his lips and handed his phone to Shen Ruojing.

Shen Ruojing took the phone and had a look. When she saw the content on it, her pupils contracted abruptly.

The news was really very absurd, but the two photos that came with it were too misleading. This was especially when people didn’t know of her identity as a doctor. Her actions of patting Shen Yuansong’s back and taking his pulse would thus look especially intimate.

The news article was written in a very sharp manner, and the comments on it were hard to look at.

——Is the age gap between old men and younger women when they try to hook up so large these days? That old man looks like he is in his eighties. What does the young lady like about him? That he is old? That he doesn’t take showers?

——This woman seems to be a celebrity, right? Which one is she? She looks very beautiful. Given how beautiful she is, being born with great looks, why doesn’t she just work steadily on acting? Why choose to rely on an old man?

——Ahhhhhh, isn’t this my Anonymous?! Please tell me that this is a lie!

——You guys are focusing on the wrong things. The problem now isn’t what the female celebrity has done! If all scientists are like this, then I am really sorry for the future of our country! Does anyone know who this scientist is? Is there anyone who can shed light on this?

——I’m an internal party, sharing with everyone. This old master has the surname Shen and his name is Yuansong. He is an agricultural scientist who has made exceptional contributions to society. The science circle initially planned on applying for a special contribution award for him, but it’s a pity that there’s a problem with his ethics. No one knows if the application will go through.

——Previous poster, do the children of such an amazing scientist not feel embarrassed when something like this has taken place?

——This is the most amazing thing about this scientist. He has spent his life devoted to scientific research and has neither children nor a wife.

——Tsk tsk, so this is what being devoted to scientific research is like? He clearly doesn’t want to settle down and have his freedom restricted!

——That’s such a pity. Since he is so smart, he should give birth to more intelligent children. Intelligence can be inherited! Why is he doing such ridiculous things?

——Previous poster, could it be that he can’t have kids? Otherwise, which normal person wouldn’t want to have children?

——This is too much information to process. The old master can’t have kids? Then there must be a problem with a certain part of his body. No wonder he’s looking for such a young woman. The more I look at him, the more I think he is a p*revert!

Most people on the Internet didn’t know about the four great families.

Even if they did, they wouldn’t know the names of the important figures. This was classified information.

Therefore, everyone didn’t know that Shen Yuansong was the head of the Shen Family. They only thought that he was an ordinary scientific researcher.

The scolding got worse and even elevated to humiliating his character.

At this moment, Shen Ruojing’s hand that was holding the phone clenched tightly. Fury was seething within her.

Matriarch Chu also sighed. “Old Master Shen is a senior I respect a lot. I remember my parents said that among the people from their generation, the old master was the one they admired the most. He had been very smart since young and was selected with other youths to study overseas for a few years. When he came back, he turned to agriculture, and the research he had done back then continued to be used until now. Thereafter, he changed his trade to become the head of the Shen Family. He has a keen eye for business as well, leading the Shen Family to become the top family amongst the four great families… I wonder who is so bored to be creating rumors about an old man like Old Master Shen?”

Matriarch Chu was indignant. When she was talking, Shen Ruojing shot up to her feet.

Before she turned to head out, she heard Chu Cichen say, “I helped you to maintain your bike yesterday. It isn’t at the spot you parked it but on the west side of the garage.”

Shen Ruojing nodded and strode out quickly.

Chu Cichen said again, “Jingjing…”

Shen Ruojing turned her head abruptly, her peach blossom eyes flickering with killing intent and fury. This caused Chu Cichen to swallow his words of wanting his phone back. He only quietly glanced at his phone that was held in Shen Ruojing’s hand, and he reminded her gently, “Drive slower on the road.”

Shen Ruojing then turned and left.

Vroom! Her bike was almost flying.

20 minutes later, Shen Ruojing arrived at the Shen Manor.

She knocked on the door, and the guard was stunned for a moment after seeing her. Shen Ruojing lowered her gaze. “I’m looking for the old master. Help me inform him of my arrival.”


As the guard called the butler, Shen Jiayi happened to drive out. When she saw Shen Ruojing outside on her bike, Shen Jiayi stopped her pink sports car, rolled down her window, and surveyed Shen Ruojing. She then let out a cold snort. “Shen Ruojing, did you see the post? Even if I don’t say anything, everyone has eyes! Since you have done something so shameless with my granduncle, then don’t blame others for exposing the two of you!

“But this is really unexpected of my granduncle. He has never gotten close to women for so many years, so I thought he was really someone without any desires. Turns out that he plays even wilder than anyone else! Isn’t the age gap between the two of you too big? If I were him, I’d have no face to stay in the capital anymore. He preached to me every day, but it turns out that he is so shameless himself!…”


Shen Jiayi had just said this when she saw Shen Ruojing’s gaze sinking.

At the next moment, a buzzing sound rang out and Shen Ruojing’s bike charged rapidly toward Shen Jiayi!