Jun Wu You was stunned for a moment, and then smiled as he held her hand, and with one hand holding her slender waist, he turned his body slightly, and jumped onto the roof.

"This sovereign can go wherever I want to go. Do I need you to take care of me?" As he looked down at the scenery on the streets below, the black-clothed Jun Wu You spoke coldly while hugging Ruo Lan.

Seeing that his expression was still indifferent, he sighed lightly, as if he was feeling regretful, "If it's just me, then I can't do anything about it. However, Lord Wu Xiang has made too many enemies. I do not care, but others do. "

As the sound of his voice faded, countless silhouettes flashed past.

In a short while, three long howls could be heard from the east, south, and west.

Three figures flew up into the air, and along with the scene in the north, the four of them firmly surrounded Jun Wu Yi and Ruo Lan.

Jun Wu Yi's handsome face was filled with disdain as he looked at the four of them.

"It's really you two."

He looked over to see that other than the three people in front of him, they were Jun Wu Yao, Xie Feng and Kun Kun.

Ruo Lan looked down at Imperial Advisor Rong with a bewitching smile. "Tsk, Imperial Advisor Rong, you actually joined forces with the demons to deal with me …"

Upon hearing these words, Rong Guan's heart sank. This crime wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. If the Eastern Flower King believed this, then he …

At that moment, Murong Guan silently took a step back. Speaking of which, he had made a miscalculation. He had never expected that Ruo Lan would actually follow him.

Jun Wu Yao sneered and said to Jun Wu Yi: "What, you think you alone can deal with all four of us?"

Jun Wu Zhi said indifferently: "Although this noble one is arrogant, I am not brainless to this extent. "However …"

"But what?"

Jun Wu You narrowed his eyes as he sized up Jun Wu Yao. After a while, he said lightly: "However, if this noble one were to risk his life to take one of you away, it would also be possible for him to do so."

Jun Wu Yao's expression changed drastically when he heard this.

On the contrary, Yue Yang maintained his calm expression and chuckled lightly, "Innocent Demon General, if you really want to fight to the death with your life, you have to do it for me. "I have no enmity with him. I've only come to take away my esteemed empress."

Jun Wu Yao cursed in his heart, these words clearly meant that they were cutting off all connections!

If Jun Wu Yi were to really go all out, there was no need to think about it, he would definitely come looking for him!

Jun Wu Yao's face was unsettled. After a while, he laughed coldly: "You want to fight with your life on the line? Don't you care about Hua Ruo Lan and Jun Wu's lives?! "

Jun Wu Yi laughed softly: "Jun Wu Yao, all these years you've been trying to get your hands on power, your brain is getting more and more out of control. If you dare to touch Ruo Lan, I'm afraid that he will be the first one to refuse. "

Hua Rulan immediately followed up with Jun Wu Yi's sweet smile: "Ah, yes! State Grandmaster, if someone dares to hurt my family's Wu You later on, I'm afraid I'll put my life on the line to protect him. What should I do?"

If Ruo Lan protected Jun Wu You, wouldn't he be Jun Wu Yi's bodyguard?

Jun Wu Yao was not stupid, hearing these words, he knew what was going on in his heart, clenched his teeth, and said to Jun Wu Yi: "Then what about Jun Wu Yi, do you not want his life anymore?!"

Jun Wu You's face froze as he spoke with a sinister tone: "Jun Wu Yi is a disciple of my devil race, and protecting the Lord is his duty. If I were to die for him, then I would look down on him!"

"King, do not talk about the monarch. Just leave!" As long as we annihilate the traitors in the future and take revenge for the monarch, then this subordinate's death will be worth it! " Jun Wu's wild roar came from inside the house.

Jun Wu Yao's complexion turned pale as he heard these words.

"Do you understand? Jun Wu Yao! Is there anything else you want to say? " Jun Wu You sneered, and the devil blade slowly appeared in his hand.

Jun Wu Yao nodded his head repeatedly, and said with hatred: "Very good, very good! If that's the case, then don't blame me! "

Jun Wu Yi frowned slightly. Even though today's situation was dangerous, but it wasn't impossible.

Jun Wu Yao wanted nothing more than to kill him and seize the position of Demon Lord. But now, if they were to fight to the death together, even if the Demon Lord lost, he wouldn't be able to obtain it.

If that was the case, then what was there to fight for?

Just as he was thinking, he suddenly saw a flash of golden light in the sky.

Jun Wu You's expression finally changed drastically when he saw this scene.

"Jun Wu Yao, you took out the divine furnace from the underground palace?!" Jun Wu You shouted.

Indeed, in the endless night, a huge golden cauldron descended from the skies.

In order to allow the devil race to gain more power, Jun Wu You left this divine furnace in the underground palace.

How could it be so easy to undo the Thousand Buddha Seal?

This was an absolute seal formed by 999 dhutas using their lives. If it wasn't so, how could they have suppressed the demon race for a thousand years?

In order to resist the seal, Jun Wu You had left the divine furnace in the underground palace, using the divine furnace's powerful strength as a basis to fight back.

But who would have thought that Jun Wu Yao would actually take out the divine furnace for his own selfish sake!

It was easy to take it out, but if he wanted to put it back, it would be difficult!

Moreover, since he wanted to protect the divine furnace, it would be difficult for him to split his attention to take care of Ruo Lan. Was he really waiting for her to protect him?

What a joke! He was the Demon Lord. How could he need the protection of his own woman?

He bowed his head as he thought of this. He whispered to Ruo Lan: "Be good and go down first!"

Ruo Lan frowned: "I don't! I want to fight alongside you, and even if I die, I die together with you! "

She gripped his fingers tightly as they interlocked, causing Jun Wu Yi's heart to feel warm.

Yes, how could he forget that his little woman was not an ordinary woman.

If she had died, he would not have lived alone. Similarly, she was also in danger, so how could she possibly escape?

As she thought about it, she faintly smiled and kissed her forehead, "Alright, this sovereign will not let you die. Then, we will live and laugh proudly to the heavens!"

Her Ruo Lan was a powerful immortal that was at the late Foundation Establishment stage and possessed the power of a demon god. Moreover, she didn't dare to harm Ruo Lan no matter what.

Ruo Lan also smiled, and said sweetly: "En, I'll help you block the view, so I'll leave Jun Wu Yao in your hands!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the two of them slowly descended like a great roc spreading its wings.

While still in midair, Ruo Lan unsheathed the Floating Cloud Ice Sword from her waist and rushed towards Guan Guan.

Murong Guan gave a slight smile. "Empress, this dance of sabers and spears is not suitable for you."

"Bullshit!" Ruo Lan was anxious and angry. She couldn't help but curse, "I'll play whatever I want! Can you control it?! "

As he cursed, his hands did not stop moving.

Originally, she did not need to do anything. However, it was not the first or second day that she had felt displeased. Taking this opportunity to teach him a lesson was also a good thing.

Who told him to actually dare to form an alliance with a devil to deal with Jun Wu You!

Ruo Lan's heart was filled with hatred. The Floating Cloud Ice Sword was covered in a layer of silver frost, and it pounced straight towards her, sharp and strong.

With a light laugh, he raised his hand and a horsetail whisk suddenly appeared within it.

The horsetail whisk lightly swayed, and the tens of thousands of silver strands seemed to have come to life as they swirled towards Ruo Lan from countless directions.

When he came here, he did not think that he would need to put in much effort. It would be even better if he had Ruo Lan there, using her reputation as the shield to make Jun Wu Yao fight Jun Wu Yi to the death.

In this way, he would be able to reap the rewards.

In the early part of the night in the Imperial Palace, this was the reason why Rao Guan did not make a move.

Jun Wu Yi had been injured and Jun Wu Yi had been informed that this matter had been prepared.

As for why he was here, that was none other than … It was because of this divine cauldron in the sky.

The divine cauldron was incomparably powerful, but it also had an obvious weakness.

It would take a great deal of time to form an array formation using a divine furnace.

Furthermore, it was impossible for Jun Wu Yao to place this killing array in the Imperial Palace.

Therefore, the best place was where Jun Wu hid himself.

No matter what Jun Wu Yi and Ruo Lan wanted, this was the place they had to come to.

Seeing her hand dancing on the horsetail whisk, Ruo Lan started to fight with Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan wanted to quickly behead this evil dao.

However, there was no way that she would forcefully fight Murong Guan. She was merely relying on the ever-changing horsetail whisk. With her nimble body, she would be able to freely fight with her.

Ruo Lan's strength was already much weaker than Beautiful Beauty's, so there was no way she could teach this fellow a lesson.

In the sky, Jun Wu Yi was in a precarious situation.

Jun Wu Yao, Kun Ke, and Xie Feng attacked together.

Jun Wu Yi had expended a great deal of his magic in order to cure Jun Wu Yi, not to mention the fact that he had expended a great deal of his own magic a few days ago.

Even if he was at his peak, it would still be difficult for him to stop these three.

Jun Wu You clenched his teeth, the [Crescent Moon Blade] in his hand seemed somewhat dismal.

The four of them were battling in the sky, but they didn't hear a sound.

They were both people with extremely high cultivation bases. Each of their strikes were fatal. Anyone who was careless would lose their life on the spot.

However, Jun Wu You was, after all, blocking the three of them.

And these three people, even on normal days, were not that much weaker than him.

Finally, a wound appeared on his body.

This was an attack from Jun Mo Xie's left leg, and a ball of black mist was sent flying towards Jun Wu You's left leg.

Jun Wu Xiang's left leg seemed to have been stained with something that was extremely corrosive, corroding his left leg to the point where his bones could be seen.

Ruo Lan became anxious and wanted to help Jun Wu You, but how could she? The horsetail whisk in her hand seemed neither light nor heavy, yet it was pestering her, making her unable to help.

"Guan Guan, I hate you!" Ruo Lan turned her head to stare at him, her eyes bloodshot. The hatred and madness within made her stare blankly.

For some inexplicable reason, her heart ached. This woman was clearly the granddaughter of Emperor Donghua, but she was willing to die for a Demon Lord.

Rong Jun raised his head and looked at Jun Wu You. With a shake of his horsetail whisk, he pulled Ruo Lan into his embrace and held her tightly, allowing her to do whatever she wanted.

Jun Wu You was still in the air when he saw this scene, he suddenly roared loudly, and the crescent moon blade in his hand suddenly shone with a dazzling light.

"Jun Wu Yao, give me your life!" Jun Wu You shouted out as his body transformed into a purple lightning, rushing towards Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao's face paled.

The crescent blade in Jun Wu Yi's hand was not an ordinary treasure; it was a treasure passed down through the line of the Demon Lord from generation to generation!

If Jun Wu Yi hadn't displayed his full strength, Jun Wu Yao's life might have been on the line, and he would've died in the blink of an eye.

"No medicine, be careful!" Xie Feng bellowed, his figure transformed into a gust of wind and swept over.

Xie Feng, he was just like his name suggested. This gale carried with it a sinister and evil power.

He didn't try to block Jun Wu Yi's blade attack, but rather swept his legs away.

Jun Wu Yi's face was gloomy, and he did not even spare a glance at Xie Feng, because in his eyes, there was only Jun Wu Yao.

Just as he had said, if they were to fight to the death, at least one of them could be taken away.

Jun Wu Yi had chosen Jun Wu Yao!