After Merle became a Magic Rock King, she joined Dogora's group hunting Iron Golems.

The rest of her Skill Levels were still low though, so there was nothing else raising her stats.

But Merle had something else of value to provide.

This meant a new Magic Rock King had been born in Baukis, the same Talent as Admiral Galara.

Only one in ten million dwarves in Baukis was ever born with that Talent.

Meanwhile, since the Demon King's Army attack started, there were many 3 Star warriors and saints that had perished in battle.

But the Magic Rock General dwarves had their powerful golems to protect themselves, so many had survived.

There were at least twenty prominent ones.

They all could become Magic Rock Kings if they underwent a Talent Change too.

At the same time, everyone in the room realized that Admiral Galara could obtain an even more powerful Talent if he went to the Talent Change Dungeon as well.

That made one wonder just how more powerful Baukis could get with its army of golems.

"Hohoh, I see you've completed your Talent Change, Merle. Congratulations."

"Thank you very much."

Merle lowered her head and thanked him politely.

One of the five members sitting at the roundtable was Pupun 3rd Von Baukis.

He had a plump and stocky body, sitting in a chair that was too tall for him.

The only reason why he did not look displeased by that was because the representatives from other countries looked at him with envy for his position regardless.

The chattering calmed down a bit so the appraisals continued, with impressive results.

Kurena, Kiel, and Ciel were the next ones, all with at least 4 Star Talents.

"They're all blessed with immense Talents. Kurena's numbers are comparable to Helmios' even."

"A Venerable, ahhh, he must be the Holy Land's savior and New Pope."

"So these are the people who conquered the S Rank Dungeon!!"

"Pope Apprentice!"

After Kurena's appraisal was complete, and everyone saw her 5 Star Talent, the room became quite noisy with everyone discussing the results, while Giamut's emperor's began to frown.

Having undergone two Talent Changes, Kurena's stats rivaled that of Helmios.

He seemed displeased that he could no longer use Helmios to boast.

Meanwhile Kiel was referred to as the new pope, no one recognizing his true title of pope apprentice.

Kiel tried to protest with a loud shout, but Allen wanted him to act a bit more politely since many of them were royalty.

Then Dogora muttered "Finally my turn" as he stepped forward and touched the crystal.

The difference in strength of Allen's party compared to Helmios' became clear to the emperor.

At first he remembered hearing Dogora was quite weak compared to the Sword Emperor Kurena, but then looked at the black board.

Name Dogora

Age 15

[Blessings] Goddess of Fire

Talent Barbarian King

[Strength] 6329 + 4800

[Mana] 2927 + 2400

[Attack] 6588 + 4800

[Endurance] 5835 + 4800

[Agility] 4473 + 4800

[Intelligence] 2765 + 2400

[Luck] 4288 + 4800

[Skills] Barbarian King, True Full-Body, True Bombing Defeat, True Peerless Slash, True Wicked Blow, Body and Soul, Axemanship, Double Axemanship, Shield Technique

There was a bright flash that blinded the entire room.

Then silver letters listed overwhelming numbers on the black board.

"Hm? What's the meaning of this? Those numbers…his Attack is ridiculously high!!"

"The Goddess of Fire's blessing? He has the power of Freya?!"

"How? Doesn't this mean he's even stronger than Kurena?!"

(Dogora is still barely past Level 80 and can get even stronger. I wonder how powerful he'll be by the end? I feel like he could make anyone tremble the moment he levels Barbarian King to Level 3 and learns True Fighting Spirit.)

After killing 8000 Iron Golems, Dogora had reached Level 84.

Barbarian King's Skill Level had reached Level 3.

That gave him access to the True Fighting Spirit Skill, which increased his stats dramatically even at Skill Level 1.

It gave him +2400 Mana, and +4800 to all other stats.

The Fighting Spirit Skill he gained in Normal Mode did not increase his Mana or Intelligence.

Back then it only gave him +2400 to the remaining stats too.

This really put into perspective how much of a difference Extra Mode had compared to Normal Mode.

But on the other hand, the moment he reached Extra Mode all his Skills gained the prefix True, making them more powerful, but also increased their mana costs five times over.

"Huh? Dogora looks like a really capable boy, actually. Now leader, step up."

The Beast King sounded impressed seeing Dogora's stats.

Now only one member remained to be appraised, Allen.

(The appraisal is incomplete again… Either way, it's showtime.)

The appraisal with the crystal evaluated Talent and Skills with letters.

During the entrance test for the Academy, Allen's had all been rated as E.

Allen was afraid the appraisal would rate him unfairly, so he had little expectations from it.

[Strength]: 3815 + 2000

[Mana]: 6060 + 14000

[Attack]: 2124 + 2000

[Endurance]: 2124 + 3800

[Agility]: 3951 + 5000

[Intelligence]: 6070 + 16800

[Luck]: 3951 + 2000

[Skills]: Summoner, Create, Synthesis, Strengthening, Awakening, Expansion, Inventory, Sharing, Fast Summon, Equivalent Exchange, Command, Kingship, Delete, Swordsmanship, Throwing

"Ohhh, look at his Mana and Intelligence!"

"I see, he managed to lead such an army because of his wits then?"

"I've never seen anyone with more than 20'000 Intelligence before."

(I guess the third time's the charm with appraisals. Though there was a stronger reaction to Dogora earlier. I guess they see fighting in a war as using a sword or spear.)

Firepower was the most important factor in a battle.

That was why Cecile's Extra Skill [Small Meteor] was so effective, considering its radius of effect. The same went for Merus' Awakened Skill [Judgement Thunder]

Meanwhile many of the rulers present in the meeting had no Talent of their own.

Only a few had actively fought in the war against the Demon King's Army.

Most of them felt like Dogora and Kurena were better suited to fighting against the Demon King's Army.

Dogora looked like the strongest of them, while the Magic Rock King Merle, Sword Emperor Kurena, and Venerable and Pope Apprentice Kiel were all powerful warriors in their own ways.

(Could you all shut up soon, I want to get this meeting over with.)

While the meeting room became louder, Allen hid his hand and popped a Mana Seed in secret to recover his Mana. Even there he was constantly gathering Skill Experience.

Merus was constantly producing more Mana Seeds for him, and his Summoner Skill Level would soon increase.

Allen valued efficiency above anything else, and after taking notice of Kyubel's plans, he was desperate to raise his Skill Levels.

It was impossible to know what Kyubel would try next, so he wanted to be able to summon a S Rank summon as soon as possible.

While all the representatives chattered loudly with each other, Giamut's emperor could no longer tolerate this.

"Inbuel, wh-what's the meaning of this? Wasn't that a bit unnecessary? Why did you keep this secret all this time?"

The emperor could not mask the anger in his voice.

He turned and glared at the rows of seats beyond the roundtable, where Inbuel Von Latash, Latash's king, sat on the front.

The emperor's main objective was to gloat about Helmios' impressive stats, after his Talent Change into a Hero King and reaching his level cap.

He had been convinced that there was no one who could top Helmios.

He could not stand seeing how much more the audience spoke about Allen's friends compared to Helmios.


"What, you deny it?"

"That's not-"

(Somehow he's being accused now.)

Latash was also part of the Five Continents' Alliance.

Inbuel Von Latash, the current king, was also present in the meeting.

Allen had noticed his presence, but refused to make eye contact, he wanted nothing to do with the king.

Many of the members of Allen's party had been born in Latash, but their power had only become apparent to the world in the last year or so.

The hundred most powerful countries were gathered in the Alliance, and they were all turning on Latash's king now.

"You're supposed to be cooperating with the Five Continents' Alliance as a member, if you think it's appropriate to keep everything secret it's best if you leave!!"

Giamut Empire had a strong lust for conquest, and it was said that the only reason why they did not attack neighboring countries was because they were all members of the Five Continents' Alliance, so the emperor no reason to exert more control over them.

"T-that was never my intention. Latash has been doing everything in its power to support the Alliance for decades now."

"You claim that even though it's obvious you only care for your kingdom?!"

The match between Allen and Helmios in the Academy, Allen's participation in the war of Rosenheim, his conquest of the S Rank Dungeon and his title as the first S Rank Adventurer in two decades.

Latash had always been late to inform the Alliance about each event.

And now the appraisal revealed even more facts the Alliance was ignorant about.

All of the annoyance and anger of the emperor was being focused on Latsh's king now.

Latash was a large kingdom next to the Giamut Empire, ruled by the Red Handed Emperor, so Latash knew they would never be forgiven if they tried to oppose the empire in any way.

It was clear that Inbuel was desperately trying to find a way out without angering the emperor further.

The other countries also wanted to properly cooperate with each other in the future, so they waited silently.

The Beast King closed his eyes with his arms crossed, as if simply annoyed by the noise.

He had no interest in the discussion itself.

Meanwhile Rosenheim believed everyone there was getting too emotional.

She was already thinking of interjecting and mediating the discussion.

"My apologies, Your Imperial Highness."

"Hm? Allen? What is it?"

Allen raised his voice, interrupting the emperor.

Latash's king was baffled seeing Allen willingly distract the emperor from him.

"I understand your anger, but assure you that Latash's king also values defeating the Demon King's Army above anything else."

"What do you mean?"

The emperor asked that, but Latash's king was wondering the same.

"You might not be aware of this, but Latash's Princess Leirana has also joined Allen's Army and is actively helping in one of our bases."

(Though it was all her own idea.)

"Pfwha?! A-Allen, why did you say that here of all places?!!"

Latash's king shouted that, feeling like that was the worst thing to say in this situation.

Meanwhile everyone in the room turned to look at Latash's king, wondering exactly what kind of relationship there was between his daughter and Allen's Army.

"Oh, is that true?"

A blood vessel seemed about to pop on the emperor's forehead.

Meanwhile Inbuel looked pale, like his soul had just left his body as he squirmed for words.

The opinions of the other countries varied greatly in the room, and the meeting went on.