Side Story Part IV

Name:Hellbound With You Author:KazzenlX
Side Story Part IV

"But here you are..." he smiled again in disbelief. "I want to believe that you're going to be my savior. Because if you can really make me king, then I believe I won't need to make myself powerful and eventually lose myself to the darkness just to get that throne. I still don't want it honestly... but I need that throne. Because if I become king, I could stop these demons and monsters from invading my homeland and... give my loved ones a peaceful life without these invading creatures."

It did not escape Zeke's notice the fire in Gavriel's eyes as he said those words. And Zeke was glad that it seemed that he was not the only one who feel this surreal trust that somehow had naturally ignited between them both.

"I will make you king." Zeke declared, causing Gavriel to look at him with slightly widened eyes. "Don't worry, I am not doing this without any reason. Making you king will actually save me too. I also believe that we are each other's saviors. We just need to work together." A

And thus.... this moment marked the beginning of Zeke and Gavriel's joint quest in winning the throne. And of course, Zeke's quest in finding his mother as well.

Throne hall of Reigns Castle, Quesa, Viscarria.

"Your Highness, forgive us! Forgive us! We will not do it again!" three men were on their knees begging and shivering in fear while a lady stood tall before them. This lady was Alicia, the vampires' most respected lady. No, she is basically the most respected and feared vampire, just second to Alexander.

Since Ezekiel's disappearance, many vampires began to rebel, thinking that they could now do whatever they wanted and break the rules. But they were wrong. Because someone else had taken over Ezekiel's place and she was just as merciless and powerful as Ezekiel. Perhaps even more so than her predecessor.

"Forgive you?" the tip of Alicia's lips curved up in a sardonic smile. "The three of you alone had killed a dozen of innocent humans. You didn't even spare the child. And you dare ask for forgiveness? Listen... I will have you three punished to serve as examples for all the other rebellious vampires out there. It seems, they're mocking me. I will show everyone that I, Alicia Reign, am not any less fearful than my husband. I will show everyone that I am not a woman of mercy." She then looked at the men standing behind these three and gave them the signal. "Give them the worse possible death and make sure to spread the word of their deaths in detail." Her voice was cold and crisp, sending wracking shivers through the frames of the three doomed criminals.

The three vampires wailed and pleaded while the guards nodded low to Alicia.

"Let me do the punishment, sister-in-law." A deep voice echoed from her side. It belonged to Sebastian.

Just the sight of him had the men peeing themselves as they screamed 'no' in shrill high pitch voices. They started begging at the top of their lungs. However, they were not begging Alicia to spare them, but instead to just kill them right there and then, and not to hand them over to Sebastian.

Alicia looked at Sebastian who was now fixing his leather gloves in a rather calm and casual fashion, as though he was putting them on for a relaxed activity.

"I am dying with boredom, so please let me do the punishment." Sebastian asked once again at the sight of hesitation in Alicia's eyes. "I promise, this will be the last time I'll ask you of this, Sister-in-law."

Alicia looked over at the men again and then back to Sebastian. She did not want Sebastian to punish them with his dreadful way of killing again. But this was the first time he is making her a promise not to do this again. She realized that this was actually her chance to stop him from killing in that manner. Sebastian does not listen to anyone except for Alexander and her. But even she could not stop him from doing something when she was not around. She cannot be there to watch him 24/7 and that was why she was helpless to stop him sometimes.

"Alright. But this is a deal, Sebastian. This will be the last time." Alicia firmly said, her eyes locked onto his meaningfully.

"I swear." A gentle smile curved over Sebastian's face as his eyes burned with a frightening bloodlust as he followed the guards who had already dragged the prisoners out of the throne hall, still screaming for Alicia to just kill them.

After a long time of just standing there, Alicia left the castle. It was time for her to pick up her son. Azriel.

As she looked out the window, Alicia was seeing not the picturesque view passing by outside, but Ezekiel's face. It has been five years since Ezekiel had left her – left them. 13 Alicia could still feel the sharp and piercing pain in her chest every time she thought about him and misses him. She missed him so much. So very much that she felt like dying every single day that she had to wait for him. But...

"Mommy?" A cute and soft voice, as sweet as sugar broke through the fog in her mind. Little Azriel touched Alicia's hand tenderly. His big sparkly grey eyes were looking up at her. 4 "Hmm?" Alicia smiled down lovingly at him. "Is there something you want to say, Azy?" "I want to hug you, mommy." Was all he said and Alicia nearly teared up knowing that her son was doing it again, comforting her. He knew that she was hurting, and he wanted to soothe her pain.

"Of course. Come here, darling." As she hugged the little guy, she felt him patting her back silently with those little hands of his. A big smile spread across Alicia's face as she lovingly squeezed her son in her arms. This son of hers was truly her lifeline. Missing Ezekiel made her feel like she was dying every day a little, but her Azy breathes life into her every time that happens.

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