With a creak, the door opened. When the doorman saw Sun Wukong standing at the entrance, he immediately smiled.

"Holy Buddha, it's you. Are you looking for my master?"

"Where's the God of Fortune? Let him come out and see me." If he doesn't come out, I'll tear up his place. "

"Holy Buddha, don't be angry, I'll go inform my master."

"Hurry up, tell them that I, Sun Wukong, am here to look for him."

Sun Wukong decided to just sit at the door, crossing his legs proudly, waiting for the God of Fortune to welcome him.

Soon, the doorman and the God of Fortune both came out.

"Great Sage, I heard that it was you who came looking for me. I wonder what business does Great Sage have with me?"

Although Sun Wukong had already been dubbed as the Fighting Buddha, these people from Heaven Realm still liked to call him Great Sage, or perhaps Holy Buddha, as it had already become a habit.

Sun Wukong jumped in front of the God of Fortune and sized him up.

"Old man, I heard you were sick. A brother of mine wanted to come and see you, but you didn't even let him in the door. What do you mean? Do you want to be cured of your sickness?"

"Great Sage, even Grand Supreme Elderly Lord is unable to cure my disease, who else can? I just don't want to waste my time."

"God of Fortune, please ask my brother to take a look." "However, if he can cure your illness, you have to do something for him."

"Great Sage, which brother are you talking about? Can he cure me? "

"Whether I can treat you or not, I'll have to give it a try." God of Fortune, this Niu Xiaobao is my brother. "

"Great Sage, you aren't joking with me, right? Can Celestial Doctor Liu cure my illness? Even Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's immortal pills have not cured my disease, so Celestial Doctor Liu probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it. "

"My brother said that he has the confidence to cure you and let you recover quickly. "Hurry up and let us in. Let my brother take a look for you."

"Alright, I will get Celestial Doctor Liu to check it out for me. If Celestial Doctor Liu can really cure my illness, I will pay any price. "

The God of Fortune didn't give Sun Wukong face to drive him away, so he invited them in.

Niu Xiaobao checked on the God of Fortune and found that he had contracted a virus. His body was feverish, he was weak, and his state of mind was in a bad state.

This did not look like a serious illness, but to be cured with Heaven Realm, the effects were indeed not obvious.

The medical techniques of Heaven Realm were all based on traditional Chinese medicine, and the basis of alchemy was also traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine was the best medicine for regulating the body, but it was not as effective as western medicine for treating these acute diseases.

Moreover, the effect was not as obvious as that of western medicine.

After Niu Xiaobao figured out the God of Fortune's illness, he finally had confidence and took out the acupuncture pills from the Time-travel Meter's storage space.

"Third brother, what are you doing?" Seeing Niu Xiaobao taking out something from the syringe, Wu Kong asked curiously.

"Monkey Brother, I am here to give the God of Fortune an injection. After the injection, the God of Fortune's illness will quickly recover."

"With such a small tube, it's even more effective than Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's immortal pills?"

"This is western medicine, the effect is very quick. One needle can cure the God of Fortune's illness."

The God of Fortune had no choice but to let Niu Xiaobao treat him. Niu Xiaobao gave the God of Fortune an injection to treat his illness.

After an injection, Niu Xiaobao gave the God of Fortune a medicinal list, and took a few Chinese medicine pills to eat.

Before long, the God of Fortune could feel the changes in his body, and the effects of the medicine began to take effect.

The God of Fortune's eyes lit up as he looked at Niu Xiaobao curiously.

He could not believe that a mere Niu Xiaobao could be so skilled in medicine.

Just that, how could the God of Fortune have expected that the medicine Niu Xiaobao treated him with just now was all brought from the mortal world.

"Celestial Doctor Liu, what medicine is this? The effects are so good, did you forge it yourself? "

"These are the pills I brought with me. Grandpa God of Fortune, how do you feel now? Are you feeling much better? "

"I feel much better now. Celestial Doctor Liu, I'm sorry for what happened just now. I treated you coldly."

"Grandpa God of Fortune, I am just a nobody at the Heaven Realm realm, I have no contribution whatsoever, and I can understand why everyone does not value me. But I, Niu Xiaobao, still treat others sincerely, and I believe that Grandpa God will treat me as a friend one day. "

"Little Treasure, from now on, I really have to look at you in a new light. If you have time in the future, you can always come over and play around with me."

"Third brother, didn't you say that you wanted to ask for the God of Fortune's old man's help? If you have anything to say, tell the God of Fortune."

"Grandpa God of Fortune, I do have something that I want to ask for your help with. I don't know if I'll make things difficult for you."

"Little Treasure, tell me, what is it?"

"A friend in the mortal world. Her company is in trouble, can you give her some financial aid and help her company escape from this predicament?"

"Humans have their own laws. I can't always go against the heavens, as this will disrupt the order of Heaven Realm."

"Grandpa God of Fortune, it's not that serious, is it? I don't want her to become rich overnight, but I want her to have good fortune and a smooth future."

"This …" Grandpa God of Fortune looked troubled.

What Niu Xiaobao had said was indeed not a difficult thing for the God of Fortune.

But alas, altering a mortal's fortune was tantamount to committing favoritism for the sake of the law. Thus, the God of Fortune was somewhat hesitant.

"Old man of the God of Fortune, my third brother just cured you of your illness, why, why don't you take my brother's kindness to heart?" If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have brought Third Brother here to treat your illness. "

"Great Sage, it's not that I don't want to help you, it's just that doing this is a little against the rules."

"Old man, since you have to help Third Brother, just give Old Sun face. When your illness completely recovers, I will invite you to our Great Sage Bar to have a few drinks. "

"Alright, then I'll help Brother Xiaobao's friend this time out of respect for Great Sage. Brother Xiaobao, I've already agreed to it, shouldn't you treat me to a drink? "

"Grandpa God of Fortune, then let's go to the Great Sage Bar today. Now, not only can we at Great Sage Bar drink wine, we can also enjoy the beautiful dances of the deities. "

"Little Treasure, you're really a straightforward person. How about I treat you as a brother from now on?" The God of Fortune laughed.

Niu Xiaobao was very surprised. He was just a junior, how could he have the qualifications to be brothers with a great deity like the God of Fortune?

If not for the God of Fortune's suggestion, Niu Xiaobao wouldn't even dare to think about it.

"What is it? "Could it be that you are looking down on an old man like me and are not willing to be brothers with me?"

"No, that's not what I mean. God of Fortune is a great deity in the Heavenly Court and a senior. How could a junior like me dare to be sworn brothers with God of Fortune? "

Sun Wukong said: "Little Treasure, don't worry about that. Since the God of Fortune wants to be your brother, agree to let him have it. "Otherwise, if you ask him for help in the future, I'm afraid he won't agree."

The God of Fortune was indeed a strange old man, just as Sun Wukong had said, he was a stingy old man.

Seeing that Niu Xiaobao was unwilling, he turned his head away, looking a little unhappy.