"Little Treasure, since you're unhappy in the hospital, come to our company. Big sis hopes that you can come to our company."

"Sister Liu, I can still hold on at the hospital for a while, I can't agree to your request for the time being."

"It's alright, when are you willing to come? Sis will welcome all of you."

Liu Yue made a call, and very quickly, a beauty brought over two sets of makeup for Niu Xiaobao.

"Sister Liu, wait till I come back from that place, I'll also bring you a present. They called the Cosmetic Cultivation Pill over there, I don't know if it will have any effect, I'll bring it back for you to try."

"Cosmetic Cultivation Pill?" What is this? "

"A medicinal pill made from Chinese medicine is very rare, I can only get one or two through special connections."

Niu Xiaobao looked at the time. It was time to find a place to use the Time-travel Meter.

The activation of the Time-travel Meter was not always possible. It had to be done at the fifteenth of the month and it was at the noon of the same day.

Today was the fifteenth. It would be noon in half an hour.

Niu Xiaobao was worried that he would miss the time, hence he reluctantly left.

He could tell that Liu Yue's eyes were hiding special feelings for him, and this made Niu Xiaobao a little afraid to meet his fiery gaze.

After leaving Liu Yue, Niu Xiaobao returned home to rest and went to the roof.

"Sister Chang’e, do you miss me? When I left you, you told me to come back and watch you dance. I'm going back to the Heavenly Court. Remember what you promised me.

"I wonder if we will be able to see Sixth Princess when we go back this time?"

Niu Xiaobao thought about these two women as he opened the Time-travel Meter, waiting for the time to come to an end.

A few minutes later, a golden circle of light shot down from the sky, forming a golden path around Niu Xiaobao.

The halo only stayed around Niu Xiaobao for a moment, and after that, a powerful suction force sucked Niu Xiaobao into the halo.

Very quickly, the light circle followed Niu Xiaobao and disappeared from the ground.

Niu Xiaobao only felt a light flash before his eyes and the sound of the wind beside his ears.

When the sound of the rushing wind disappeared from his ears, Niu Xiaobao opened his eyes and realized that he was facing South Heaven Gate.

Two Heaven Soldiers came over and stopped Niu Xiaobao, sizing him up.

"Who are you? Why haven't I seen you before? "

"Immortal officials, you don't recognize me? My name is Niu Xiaobao, and I was personally summoned by the Jade Emperor. "

"You must be bragging, looking at how you are, you are only a little deity, what qualifications do you have to go to the imperial court, and you can also see Jade Emperor."

"I've even seen the Fairy Chang'e before. Do you believe me?"

"You really know how to boast. Tell me honestly, which Immortal Sovereign disciple are you?"

"Celestial Official, I am the Jade Emperor's personal doctor, this is my order badge." With that, Niu Xiaobao took the plate given to him by the Jade Emperor, and handed it over to the immortal official guarding the South Heaven Gate.

When the immortal official saw that it was the palace order badge, he immediately saluted Niu Xiaobao and handed it over to him.

Celestial Doctor Liu, I often lose sleep, is there any good pill that can cure my insomnia?

"I do have a pill, but I didn't bring it with me today. I'll give you one another one another day."

"Celestial Doctor Liu, thank you. Please come in."

Niu Xiaobao swaggered into the South Heaven Gate, and just as he left, a trusted aide from Heavenly King Li patrolled over and glanced at Niu Xiaobao's back.

"Who was the person who just entered?" "Why does the back look a little familiar?"

"It's Immortal Doctor Niu Xiaobao."

"Niu Xiaobao, didn't this bastard return to the mortal realm? Why would he still dare to come to the Heavenly Court?"

"Immortal officials, what's wrong? Could it be that Celestial Doctor Liu has violated the rules? "

"He has offended Heavenly King Li. If it wasn't for Jade Emperor protecting him last time, Heavenly King Li would have tried to punish him for his crimes. This time, he came to the Heavenly Court again, Heavenly King Li will definitely take care of him. "

When this celestial official found out that Niu Xiaobao had returned to the Heavenly Court, he immediately went to report to Heavenly King Li.

"Niu Xiaobao, a mere mortal like you, what qualifications do you have to become an immortal? That day when you violated the laws of heaven, I will personally cut your immortal records. "

The Heavenly King Li looked down upon a mortal like Niu Xiaobao who had ascended to the Immortal Realm. He had always wanted to find an opportunity to take care of Niu Xiaobao.

He thought that once Niu Xiaobao returned to the mortal realm, he would give up on the idea of returning to the Heavenly Court. However, he didn't expect that after Niu Xiaobao left for a while, this brat returned to the Heavenly Court once again.

"Sky King, Niu Xiaobao is just a mortal who became an immortal, he doesn't even have Immortal Technique. I will find a chance to kill him and send his soul consciousness into hell."

"Niu Xiaobao is not an ordinary mortal. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been summoned by the Jade Emperor to the Heavenly Court to be an immortal doctor. If you want to deal with Niu Xiaobao, you must seize the chance to have Niu Xiaobao break the rule of heaven. "

"The King is right, Niu Xiaobao saved Jade Emperor's life in his previous life. If we don't catch evidence of Niu Xiaobao's crimes, we won't have a reason to take care of him."

"Niu Xiaobao is protected by the Jade Emperor in the Heavenly Court. Only if Niu Xiaobao makes a huge mistake will we have a chance. But it's different in the mortal world. I want you to go to the mortal world and get rid of Niu Xiaobao here in the mortal world. "

"Heavenly King, I'll listen to your arrangements."

Heavenly King Li was a Minister of the Heaven Realm, so logically speaking, there should not be any personal grudges between him and Niu Xiaobao. However, last time in the imperial court, Heavenly King Li had thrown his face in front of the Minister in order to oppose Niu Xiaobao becoming an immortal.

The reason the Heavenly King Li didn't want an ordinary person like Niu Xiaobao to become an immortal was also to protect the dignity of the Heaven Realm.

In the eyes of ministers like Heavenly King Li, mortals like Niu Xiaobao were not qualified to become immortals.

The Heavenly King Li had a new plan. Since it was not convenient to take care of Niu Xiaobao in the Heavenly Court due to the face of the Jade Emperor, then he would wait for Niu Xiaobao to return to the mortal world and take care of him in the mortal world. This would prevent Niu Xiaobao from ever being able to return to the Heavenly Court.

Thus, Heavenly King Li activated Immortal Technique, sending one of his subordinates into the mortal world.

The Heavenly King Li wanted to use this man to make Niu Xiaobao the enemy of the mortal world. He wanted to find trouble with Niu Xiaobao and find an opportunity to deal with him.

Niu Xiaobao was completely unaware, he was in constant danger in the Heavenly Court and the mortal world.

Niu Xiaobao, who came to the Heavenly Court, went to pay his respects to Heavenly Queen first.

Niu Xiaobao knew that there were many immortal that were biased against him and thought that he did not have the qualifications to become a deity.

If he wanted to gain a foothold in the Heaven Realm, he had to have a backer of his own.

This was the first time Niu Xiaobao was in the imperial court, and he could tell that the Heavenly Queen had a good impression of him, and even helped him speak up.

This Heavenly Queen was the best backer.

Niu Xiaobao had originally planned to give Sixth Princess a gift as a gift.

Wang Mu's mother was also a beautiful woman. It was said that he was a beauty product from the mortal world that could make women younger and more beautiful. Heavenly Queen liked his very much.

"Little Treasure, is the effect of the product you gave me really as good as you said?"

"Niangniang, this is the most popular beauty product in the mortal world. All young girls use it. "Empress, after you finish using this set of products, I guarantee that you will be a few hundred years younger and have a fairer complexion."

"Then I'll try. If the effect is good, then you have to bring it to me next time." "Don't worry, I will pay you."

"If Empress likes it, every time I return to the mortal world, I'll bring you a set." Empress, this Heavenly King Li is also a Minister of Heaven Realm, why does he not like me?

"Little Treasure, actually, Heavenly King Li does not want to target you. He just wants to maintain order in the Heaven Realm. Yet you were an ordinary mortal before, and suddenly became an immortal doctor of the Heaven Realm. This matter has never occurred in the Heaven Realm before, and these old subjects could not accept it for a while. "

"Empress, me coming to the Heaven Realm to be a doctor was also not something I decided. This is a bestowal from the Jade Emperor."

"Little Treasure, it's fine. I'll find a chance to talk to Heavenly King Li about your situation and tell him not to make things difficult for you in the future."

"Thank you for your concern, esteemed wangfei. In the future, I will also respect those old officials of the Heavenly King Li and will properly get along with them."

"You'd better think so. Little Treasure, you are an immortal doctor personally sealed by the Jade Emperor. You must set a good example in Heaven Realm and not embarrass the Jade Emperor. "

"Empress, please be at ease. I, Niu Xiaobao, will definitely be an outstanding immortal doctor."

Heavenly Queen nodded in satisfaction and took out her beauty products.

"Little Treasure, how does this product work?"

"Empress, use this bottle to wash your face, and then use this bottle to apply it to your face. About twenty minutes later, remove this mask, and then wipe this nourishing water on your face."

Niu Xiaobao explained the uses of each product once, while Heavenly Queen listened attentively.

After Niu Xiaobao left, the Heavenly Queen couldn't wait to start testing it out.

"Empress, what is this?"

A maid walked in, and asked curiously when she saw Heavenly Queen busy preparing these new things that she had never seen before.

"This is called a facial mask, it was brought up here by Niu Xiaobao from the mortal realm. He said that this mask can make your skin become even more tender and white."

"Empress, could it be that these medicines have a better effect than the elixir our Heaven Realm uses?"

"I don't know either, but Niu Xiaobao said that if we use these things together, it will have a very good effect."

"Empress, if the effects are good, can you get Niu Xiaobao to bring me one as well?"

"Okay, when I see Niu Xiaobao, I will bring up this matter for him."

"Thank you, Empress!"

Just as Niu Xiaobao left Heavenly Queen's palace, he was followed by Heavenly King Li's subordinates.

The Heavenly King Li wanted to grab hold of Niu Xiaobao's weakness, and find an opportunity to take care of Niu Xiaobao.

However, Niu Xiaobao was also a vigilant person, so he quickly discovered that there was someone following him.

So, with a sudden inspiration, Niu Xiaobao changed his mind and went to the Moon Palace in Fairy Chang'e, where he had originally planned to go.

"Humph, if you want to play with me, I, Niu Xiaobao, am not stupid. I came to Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's side to learn pill refining, you can't possibly keep an eye on me, right? "

Niu Xiaobao walked into the Shuailv Palace and shook off the deity officials who were following him.

After staying in the Shuailv Palace for a while, and reading Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's collection of medical books, he learnt a few medical techniques and pill refining techniques.

Niu Xiaobao reckoned that his pursuers had already left, and only then did they exit from the Shuailv Palace, heading towards the Fairy Chang'e's Moon Palace.

"Fairy, I'm here to see you. I want to have a good dance with you."

Niu Xiaobao really wanted to see how enchanting someone like the Fairy Chang'e, who was the prettiest in Heaven Realm, could be when she danced.

Arriving at the entrance to the Fairy Chang'e's Moon Palace, they heard the Fairy Chang'e's cry for help.

"You little deity, don't you have too much guts! How dare you come to the Moon Palace to flirt with me! Let me go!"

Someone wants to bully Fairy Chang'e?