CH 17.3

Name:Healer Author:
Yaba decided to work in the store on days when he didn’t go to the villa. He had to collect the price of transplanting the balls, and he had to pay for the designer’s fabric and glasses that he had torn and broken. It was true that the hard work paid by Cha Yiseok was also going to the price of the balls. Of course, that is for when he got out of this place. It was the store opening time soon, so the staff were very busy inside and out. Yaba leaned close to the door and peered into the kitchen. About 20 people wore kitchen robes and were busy preparing food. The kitchen assistant with a face full of acne noticed Yaba and made a face.

“Why are you hanging around here again? Get out.”

Yaba had a history of stealing knives and scissors from the kitchen several times, so they were wary of him even going near the kitchen. No knives or scissors were allowed in the dormitory. This was to prevent suicide. It was impossible to cook, so they had to order instant food or delivery. Yaba played a big role in the creation of that rule. Yaba raised his chin and said.

“Kang Giha wants Sujeonggwa1. Bring a bowl.”

“Who do you think will be fooled by that trick again? Get out quickly!”

“If you’re doubtful, ask Kang Giha. But do you think it’ll be good if you get on his nerves?”

Acne flinched. Then, she said, swinging the towel near Yaba’s face.

“By the way, you young punk, is the boss your friend? How can you call his name like that?”

Yaba walked to the Sujeonggwa barrel without a care. He opened the glass lid and scooped the Sujeonggwa with a ladle. At the same time he glanced at the sharpened knife on the cutting board. The kitchen assistant clung to Yaba, monitoring his every move. At that time, the auntie who peeled onions called Acne, her gaze dropped for a moment. Yaba threw the Sujeonggwa away, took the knife and ran.

“Hey! Stop right there?!”

Yaba ignored the yell and ran out of the kitchen. It was the moment when he turned away from Acne and triumphantly ran down the hallway. Then, someone grabbed Yaba’s hand.

“Let go!”

Yaba recklessly swung the knife. Kang Giha pressed Yaba’s wrist while dodging with agility, causing the knife to drop. He kicked the knife that had been lying on the floor in the distance. Kang Giha came to the store early these days and stayed up late. He looked around and cleaned every nook and cranny of the store, like someone who had built a house after a lot of hard work. Kang Giha stared at Yaba sternly.

“Why the hell do you need a knife?”

“You don’t know? I’m trying to lose weight.”

Kang Giha wiggled his lips.

“Tell me where the fuck is the flesh to cut.”

“If I prove it, will you give me that knife?”

Yaba looked at the knife stuck in the corner, burning with fondness. And as he rubbed his thickly hanging belly, he grabbed his chest and gathered a bunch of flesh.

“Here and here, it’s all a lump of fat. Look at this. Isn’t it the same as a woman’s?”

Yaba took Giha’s hand and touched his belly, and placed it on his bulging chest. Kang Giha’s hand trembled, and his veins bulged out. At some point, his stiff thumb began to move on its own. He pressed on Yaba’s bulging flesh and brushed against his nipples. It was a stomach-churning movement. Yaba shook the hand away.

“Alright? I’ll take that.”

He was going to pick up the knife, but the guy stopped him again. Kang Giha scanned Yaba’s face.

“Did you take any medicine?”

“It was painted.”

“Is that the right one? Follow me.”

He grabbed Yaba’s forearm and dragged him somewhere. Yaba sighed and took his hand away.

“The person who gives me disease and medicine is the most disgusting. It’s better to just have a separate disease giver and a separate drug giver.”

Kang Giha lowered his hand in the air.

“Did you think about the advantages of being an eunuch?”

Kang Giha was silent. Yaba frowned at him.

“What the hell can you do right? Just mind the store. So you don’t lose your seat of puppet boss.”

Kang Giha became as cold as lead. These words were a cruel tool to dig out Kang Giha’s lungs. He wanted to become more cruel, scratch his pride more severely, and bleed him out. He wanted to silence the screams of the empty scrotum for a while by pushing harder, harder, more harshly.

Immediately, a tight grip chewed on Yaba’s arm. He was dragged by the extreme force and collided with the fiery gaze. Kang Giha emphasized the words one by one.

“It’s really the last time. If you leave the dorm one more time, don’t leave alone. Director Cha, you don’t know what kind of bastard he is? If you think he’s going to get you out of here, you’re very much mistaken.”

“I will go if I want to go see him. Even if he tells me not to come, I will go and see him if I want to go. So, whether you press the remote control or not, that’s your business.”

“Why do you keep doing this? Do you know why DIrector Cha is doing this to you? Since you’re Cocaine’s substitute, you’re just sticking with it. You don’t know that people like him use people to the fullest with a kind face and then brutally throw them away when they don’t need them?!”

Yaba moved his eyes as if squeezing raw flesh and looked at him. His chained voice seldom came out.

“I know. Even if you don’t tell me like that, I know it well, I can take care of myself.”

He tried to get out of his grip but Kang Giha grasped more frustratedly. He said with stern eyes.

“Can I tell you one thing? Do you know what kind of room did that bastard Director Cha originally went to?”

Yaba replied indifferently.

“I know.”

“You know?”

“He has a voice fetish. He must have had phone sex or something.”

A clear smirk appeared on the corner of Kang Giha’s mouth.

“Wake up. Director Cha used the bare basement floor until he came upstairs. You know very well that that is where the necrophiliacs come and go.”

And he relentlessly wedged.

“Alright? He even received Marijuana who was removed before as a guest.”