Wang Lu was silent for a long time. "So all your ex boyfriends are coming to the wedding banquet, aren't they?"

Isn't this the death list?

Tang Qingge didn't know what to say at the other end. Wang Lu was really one of the first two. "OK, OK, OK, I'll put them all in place. Don't worry about the farthest tables! Don't let president Bo see them."

After hanging up, Qian Mei called again.

"What? Five more tables?"

Wang Lu was about to faint. When she heard Qian Mei's words, she was numb. "That means emperor moyao and your ten sect leaders will come to drink your wedding wine, right?"

Hung up.

Wang Lu glances at Tian Meng, who is crying on the ground.

"Tian Meng, something big is going to happen!"

And now in the villa

Study on the second floor

Bo Qichen, as the groom, was very handsome at the moment, but he let it go first. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Bo Qin, "I don't want to see them at my wedding. Do you know what to do?"

Bo Qin's expression was serious. "The three routes, sea, land and air, absolutely make them unable to drill a fly!"

Suddenly, Wang Lu shouted out, "ouch, it's ten minutes before the auspicious hour. The bridegroom and bride should come down quickly!"

Bedroom on the third floor

Wearing wedding dress, Tang Qingge and Qian Mei looked at each other. Qian Mei raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman who amazed all sentient beings. "Chick, it's a good day!"

Tang Qingge red lips flame, hook lips, "you too."


Although the whole arrangement was very chaotic, the process continued. With the wedding march, five little flower children scattered flowers.

Originally, little black robe didn't want to be a flower girl, but when he saw Tang Tang Tang looking so good in his little wedding dress, he put on his suit, took her hand, and looked at his future mother-in-law.

Wangyuzhe and Songting also came today. Wangyuzhe was wearing a small sapphire blue suit. Looking at Tang Tang Tang, who was held by qianniao, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He jumped off the stool and even came to Tang Tang, holding qianniao's hand.

Tang Tang has a thousand birds in his left hand and a wangyuzhe in his right. His expression is a little confused.

And Wang Lu, a part-time master of ceremonies, suddenly shouted, "here comes the bridegroom!"

Tang Qingge and Qian Mei turned their heads at the same time.

See only

Under the sun, in the sea breeze.

The man who was about to enter into marriage with her and they were going to spend their lives together was dressed in a black suit, not the same as usual. They only looked at the woman who wanted to spend their lives together.

Some people say that the most beautiful moment in a woman's life is when she gets married. In fact, men are also the most beautiful moment in a man's life.

Tang Qingge wears a wedding dress and smiles.

With the sea breeze blowing and the fragrance of flowers overflowing, Bo Qichen stepped on his leather shoes and walked on the red carpet. His eyes fell on her, gentle and loving.

The scene was picturesque.

When the word "I will" sounded, the fireworks bloomed in the clear sky. Tang Qingge closed her eyes, threw a bouquet behind her, and shouted, "three, two, one!"

Songting receives the bouquet.

She was stunned for a moment.

No, not just her.

The bouquet is also held by another hand. The owner of the hand is mu Nan. Mu Nan looks at Songting and suddenly feels a feeling of lying in the groove.

He likes his sister.

Mu Nan, speaking a northeast dialect, opened his mouth and said, "Yo, beauty, I really want to tell you that this fate is coming!"

Songting, "..."

Several people burst into laughter.

Tian Meng subconsciously smiles at Bo Qin.

After all this time, he is still a single dog.

But forget it

It belongs to her to come back sooner or later. It doesn't belong to her to ask for it.

Everything is beautiful.


A plane flew in the air. Qian Pang on the plane shouted to them below, "Hey, we're here to steal the wedding!"

On the sea, Ji xiuye drove the boat and shouted, "how can this kind of thing be without me!"

On the way, Lu Jingxi came in an SUV and smiled politely, "just in time, they are coming. Since they are all here to steal the wedding, it's better to add me!"

Tang Qingge, "..."

People, "..."


The big boss gave a bleak 'ha', and suddenly whispered, "Bo Qin."

Bo Qin immediately called out the cannon of the villa and aimed it at the sea, land and air.

"If you want to steal a marriage, first ask my cannon if he agrees!"


And then one day

Tangqingge, who was pregnant with a second child, was eating an apple, holding a mobile phone, looking at Dou Yin, passing by in front of Bo Qin and poking the mobile phone screen, "reward, how can such a lovely girl not reward."

Bo Qin asked curiously, "second aunt, did you give a reward to the female anchor who bought clothes?"

"Oh, so cute. Who can bear not to reward?"

Tang Qingge showed him his recent female anchor.

In the live studio, Zeng Rou tried her best to sell her designed clothes. Her eyes were smiling and warm. People couldn't help but want to buy her designed clothes.

Bo Qin took a look.


A little familiar!

Isn't this... His little goddess?

"Second aunt, I have something to go out first!"

Bo Qin ran out without saying a word, bringing a gust of wind. The tempestuous Tang Qingge was a little confused, while Bo Qichen came down from the upstairs and surrounded her gradually round waist.

She suddenly asked, "boss, everyone has their own story. Our story is about to begin and will never end, right?"

He touched her stomach, eyes gentle, "yes."

Their story has just begun.

As for Bo Qin, the new year came. Later, he learned that his little goddess was Zeng rou. He regretted that his intestines were green. He knew that Zeng Rou was a potential stock and said that he would go on a blind date with her at the beginning.

But now Zeng Rou is no longer going to fall in love. She has a good career. Now she just wants to be busy with her career.

So in the new year, he is still a single dog.

As for whether Bo Qin can catch up with Zeng Rou, that is what will be said later.

Because their story is going on, not over.