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Just like this, using a white rose that Mo Li disliked in place of the red rose that she liked, I really admire Guan Sheng's courage. If I had really given Mo Li a white rose before, I wouldn't have made this choice.

Maybe it's because I went to see Mo Li, but my heart also became a little heavy. If it's even like this for me, then wouldn't it be even more difficult for the Guan Sheng beside me?

Guan Sheng has always been the strongest in front of me, but he was an exception to this girl. After meeting this boy who had collapsed because of Mo Li, I decided to stay by his side. At this moment, the only strength he had was in front of me, as if encouraging each other.

Rose was placed in front of Mo Li's grave, looking at her smiling face, I was still somewhat pleased, and finally came to see her.

"Look at you smiling so prettily, I've brought someone back for you." I said to her, and although I knew no one would answer me, I could guess that if she was still there, she would be happy.

"I didn't praise her, so don't use my mouth to say anything useless." Guan Sheng still stood in front of Mo Li, not allowing herself to lower her head. I was surprised, this man was truly strange.

All this time, my understanding of Guan Sheng had started from Mo Li. I knew that he had a stern expression on his face when he looked at her, or perhaps had some sort of inexplicable sense of gentleman's feeling towards me, but I couldn't get close to him.

Now that he's looking at Mo Li like this, but he's still not willing to admit anything in front of Mo Li, what should I say?

The two of them are the most awkward 'family' I've ever met.

I was a little tired from standing, but I still sat in front of Mo Li's grave, and then I quietly stood there and looked at Guan Sheng.

"Why are you looking at me?"

I also smiled. This guy must have said that to get revenge. Even his tone was imitating mine. He seemed to be holding a grudge.

"He's too handsome. Look, he's pleasing to the eyes."

Guan Sheng didn't take it seriously either, but he still lowered his head and smiled at me. I praised him, but the meaning behind his words should be understood by him.

Guan Sheng also sat down with me. The two of us weren't in a hurry to leave, or perhaps we had a tacit understanding to stay with this lonely child.

"Don't you want to talk to me?" I asked softly.

Guan Sheng also shot a glance at me, seeing the sincerity in my eyes, he asked, "What did you say?"

I turned around and smiled at Mo Li. "She is really pretty, why has she never been praised before?"

Guan Sheng also followed me and turned back, but there was a hint of sadness in his eyes. I understood that he was recalling his own memories.

"Is she beautiful? "I don't think so."

Such harsh words, only he would make me feel that he's familiar, because this is the time when I see such a Guan Sheng in front of Mo Li.

"Are you alright? You don't have a good look in your eyes."

"Look, you're clearly more mean than me, or else this pug wouldn't have stuck to you."

Even the one who described Mo Li had to use the word "pug." "You're going too far, don't think that Mo Li can't retort now, I'm on her side right now."

"Didn't the two of you always come together while I came alone?"

"I thought we were on the same side. She was alone."

Guan Sheng also looked at me and smiled, but that smile was still able to see his calmness. After all, Mo Li's departure should have dealt the same blow to both of us.

After being able to indifferently accept this fact, Guan Sheng held my hand and said, "She is my younger sister, but she is not in my family tree, my aunt's child."

It's actually true. This sort of taboo thing is something that I instinctively loathe. However, from what I see, the person with the most helplessness would be him, right?

"Mo Li would not be liked by her family just because she is my aunt's child. It's because of this that she is living in my house, and later on, her family treated her very well.

I didn't say anything. I didn't want to interrupt his memory.

"She has a sister, but she is my aunt's disgrace. Thus, this little girl was thrown out of the country. It is simply like being exiled, but every year, she would come back, just like a pug. She would stick to the side of the house, regardless of others' expressions."

"Looks like she really is a kapi." I also smiled, but within my smile, I felt even more sorry for the Mo Li who liked to laugh. No wonder I rejected her from thousands of miles away, she still stuck herself onto my lonely body.

"It can be said that she has a tendency to self-abuse. I have never seen her lose her temper at home, so I only know how to take it. I can understand that the reason why she has such a temper is because I'm used to it."

"Is it about going to ruin everything?"

"That's a small matter. Who knows how wild that girl is outside the country. She just owes someone to manage her."

It seemed that Guan Sheng was not only going to be an elder brother, he was going to control her like her father. But how could the grudges in their wealthy family affect an innocent child?

I can't judge anything. After all, I'm not going to be a saint myself.

Living in a place like "The World" since I was young, I have seen much more worldly matters than here. I can even choose to forget about them, so how could the sensible Mo Li possibly continue to be conflicted?

It has to be said that the current me hopes for her to rest in peace even more, and the aunt that Guan Sheng spoke of would be the best choice to let go of this matter.

I was afraid that I would cry, but in the end, my heart was still conquered by this strongest girl.

Or else, I would say she's such an outstanding girl, how could Guan Sheng not see that. After saying all this, I still feel that the heavens are right in front of me!

There had always been kind-hearted people, but they had just bullied the two of them.

Guan Sheng held onto my hand, and clearly felt the warmth, "The person who will be accompanying you in the future, is me."

I opened my mouth, but I couldn't say anything. I really snatched away a man who should have belonged to Mo Li, and took over her brother.

I keep thinking that perhaps half of my previous life's suffering would be enough to bring back the sincerity Guan Sheng had towards me, but in the end …

"Take me back, I'll follow you home."


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