Chapter 931: All four countries sent troops

Chapter 931 All four countries sent troops

Si Po heard the sound and tightened her hands, feeling reluctant to give up.

Ye Qianning noticed something and held her without moving, her eyes red.

The fourth wife hugged her for a while before letting go: "Go, don't let your father and the others wait too long."

“Fourth Wife.” Ye Qianning reached out to wipe the corners of her eyes.

The fourth wife grabbed her sleeves and wiped them twice: "Go quickly, the fourth wife won't go to see you off."

 “Sir, I will come to pick you up soon.”

Ye Qianning knew that the old man couldn't bear to see her go, so he took a deep breath, turned around and walked out of the room.

 The fourth wife could not stop crying when she heard the footsteps disappearing.

At the gate of Wangzhai, Xiang Minghou and his party waited for a long time before Ye Qianning came out of the gate with red eyes.

 Get the reins from Du Yi's hand and mount the horse.



With a few loud roars, the horses neighed and headed towards the city gate.

It was still dark, there was no one on the street, and the road was smooth.

Hurrying to the city gate, just as the city gate opened, Gu Shuo and Ye Qianning parted ways.

Gu Shuo went to greet Qian Fanji and Mr. Chen, Ye Qianning, Xiang Minghou and Shui Xingqi went to Baimuxun from the official road.

Ye Qianning and his party had just left the city gate about half a stick of incense, when two groups of fast horses also left the city one after another, heading in the same direction as them.

Bermuxun is quite a distance from Nanyuan, and it takes a long time to get on a fast horse. Ye Qianning is pressed for time, and the sleepless journey makes Marquis Xiang Ming heartbroken.

Ye Qianning is not unprepared. She will give a few people some spiritual elixirs every day. The market will open in fifteen days. If she delays, she is afraid that she will miss it.

The Bermuda Black Market does not belong to Shikoku. It is also located on a mountain peak. It is not clear who the owner is. I only know that the market is only open three days a year. The things auctioned there are all rare and rare treasures, and ordinary things cannot be put on the auction floor at all.

This time the news of Liangyi Xiangsheng had spread more than a month ago.

The closer we get to Bermuda, the more people there are, and the roads are actually crowded.

 There will inevitably be no accidents when the carriages and horses are flowing. Just ahead, two carriages collided, causing the road to be congested and unable to move forward.

 Ye Qianning and his party were also stuck in the crowd.

"There are so many people." This was the first time that Xiang Minghou saw such a huge team of nobles outside the Four Kingdoms.

Those who can go to Bermuxun are either rich or noble. You can’t see the head in front of the road, and you can’t see the end behind you. The flow of people is blocked and everyone is dressed in carriages and horses. No one is ordinary.

The sun was shining brightly above our heads, and there was no shade place around. This made some noble people suffer, and the sounds of dissatisfaction and curses continued to be heard.

“Master, Miss, the tent is ready, you can come down and take a rest.” Rowan came over.

Ye Qianning nodded: "Dad, it looks like I won't be able to leave for a while, so come down and take a rest."

  Turn over and dismount towards Marquis Ming.

 Ye Qianning also got off his horse and walked towards the simple tent next to him.

There is a folding simple table and chairs in the tent. The surface of the table and chairs are made of cloth and supported by several wooden sticks.

Shui Xingqi got off his horse and sat down with a few others.

But what made him curious was that it was obviously a hot day, and everyone on the road was so hot that it was almost unbearable.

 They were the only ones who didn't feel the heat. He hadn't noticed it before, but he gradually noticed the strangeness when there were more people. After observing for half a day today, he didn't seem to find anything strange.

Ye Qianning sat down and raised his neck, raised his hands and rubbed them. After nine days of driving, he saw that he would arrive in one day, but he didn't expect to be stuck in a traffic jam!

“I told you to rest more, but you won’t listen.” Xiang Minghou’s words were filled with distress.

 (End of this chapter)