620 Chapter 620

Name:Golden Fox with System Author:Lruska
He continued to assess. Round and firm, her cheeks swell enough to almost inviting him to spank them.

"Whenever I see my handprint on your ass it turns me on so much," Theo told her as he teasingly tapped her firm globes. He finished pinching her ass's inner curve and passed it to Shina.

Theo knelt behind her as he placed a hand on each of her delicate cheeks. With his fingers outstretched and his thumbs between her legs, he gently massaged her fleshy ass while letting his thumbs brush lightly against the thin material covering her pussy. "You've got an ass made for squeezing, Shina," he added before she had a chance to respond.

'Is she already wet?' He noticed the wet spot on her white panties.

Well, he's been rock hard since the beginning of this little game. There is no reason to believe that girls are less affected.

"You all have nice asses," Theo announced as he walked back down the line, stroking each one as he passed.

"But there can only be one winner and I choose this one!" He ended up grabbing Ariana's buttocks and digging his fingers into her flesh. "Ariana you have the sexiest ass!"

"Yay!" She screams, jumping up and down as she turns around. "Thanks, Theo!"

To show her appreciation, he is rewarded with the erotic sight of her breasts bouncing seductively in his direction. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kisses me hard on the lips, crushing those impressive breasts against his bare chest.

"What is next?" Mizuki asks with a smirk, "Legs or pussy?"

"Legs," Theo responds as he takes Ariana's arms from around his neck. It wasn't because he wasn't enjoying the kiss or the feel of her taut nipples pushing into his chest, it was the glowing looks he was getting from the other girls that got him moving forward with the festivities.

"For this one, I won't just be looking at the tone and shape of your legs, but feeling the softness. You will lose points for any stubble." Theo said with a small smile.

"Only on our legs?" Mizuki asks cryptically, catching Theo off guard and putting him in the rare position of being speechless.

"Face me and I'll start the leg inspection," Theo announced. Then he picked up one of the wine glasses and drank it.

The girls also continued to drink wine, which could be contributing to the blatant comments…or not.

Theo starts over with Ariana who is still glowing with the thrill of having the sexiest ass.

As he looked down the line, he realized that Mizuki with her long, shapely legs is the perfect candidate to win this one.

Kneeling in front of Ariana, he placed both his hands around one ankle and slid it over her knees. "Very soft," Theo says as she smiles at him.

From this point of view, her breasts are even more striking. 'Damn it!' She surprised him when she spread her legs farther apart so his hands reached her upper thighs. He can smell her arousal and see the wet spot forming in front of her panties.

Theo let his fingers just brush the thin fabric covering the lips of Ariana's pussy, invoking a short sigh from her as he moved his hands to her other thigh and slid them back to her other ankle. "You have great legs, Ariana."

That was all he said before passing it to Yuki.

I repeat his actions on Yuki's legs, noticing that she is no less excited than her friends. Though he can smell her arousal, it's far less powerful than Ariana's strong scent.

"I love your legs," Theo told her as he brought his hands closer to her pussy and saw her blush from her chest to her face. "Very soft and delicate, just like the rest of you."

By the time he has reached Mizuki, the scent of a female is permeating the room. When he knelt in front of her, his face was almost level with her half-naked pussy. Her scent is just as strong, but a much sweeter fragrance than the pungent 'Ready to fuck' smell of Ariana's pussy. His cock is stretching against his shorts as his fingers reach the tops of Mizuki's thighs.

"You have shapely legs, Mizuki," Theo says as his hands slide up her thighs.

"Thank you, Theo," Mizuki says, smiling seductively. Not to be outdone by Ariana, she not only spreads her legs but bends her knees just enough to rub her barely covered pussy against his hands.

It's subtle and he didn't think anyone else would notice, but her smile is unmistakably an invitation. Instead of pulling his hands away, Theo pressed the tip of his index finger firmly against her pussy lips pushing the wet material of her panties into the opening.

"Very good, Mizuki," Theo whispered, referring to the outline of her swollen lips with the piece of material stuck between them.

"Mmm hmm," she shakes her head as he slowly slides his hands back down her other leg.

Passing it to Shina, he kneeled in front of her and his nostrils flared at the delicious scent of her aroused pussy.

"My legs, Theo." She asks while Theo just stares at the center of her wet panties. The moisture made the material almost transparent and he was mesmerized by the contours of her pussy behind the small triangle of material.

"Of course, Shina," Theo replied, looking down as he wrapped his hands around her ankle. He enjoyed the smoothness of her skin as he moved his hands over her shapely legs.

Shina reflexively spreads her legs as his hands reach the pinnacle of her thighs. Theo looks her straight in the eye as his hands deliberately remain against the small purple triangle. Shina's eyes widen and she inhales sharply as he lightly moves his finger back and forth across her pussy lips.

"Your legs are very sexy, Shina." Theo says, after clearing his throat so he can speak.



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