He is always considerate in his work.

Harm people, too.

Sean, I've been in France for so long. Do you think I'm here to chat and drink tea?

I've been with your mother for so many years. Do you think I'm just for your father's company and a few small money?

You forced me to leave the country and lose Xiaojing.

It took me ten years to plan and arrange this revenge.

If you step into France now, you are stepping into the coffin.

Just wait and die alone in prison!

"Fault tolerance!"

Linghu Xiaojing, who has been silent, suddenly opens his mouth.

The light voice was full of anger.

"You said that as long as I stay, I won't pursue anything!"

Linghu Xiaojing is just a little girl. She was going to pretend to be hypnotized so that she could be cruel and not leave with Sean.

Hold on, and fault tolerance.

But unexpectedly, the treacherous fox didn't intend to let Sean go at all.

"Xiaojing, what are you talking about?"

Xiao Dashao's voice suddenly became cold.

Now he was really angry.

What does this little girl mean by what she just said.

As long as she stays, she will let herself go.

This girl stayed with her for ten years. That's how she came to see herself!

He asked Sean when it was a woman's turn to save herself.

He said so much that it was not a threat to him at all.

Don't say, his ability is far beyond the imagination of fault tolerance.

What's more, behind him, there is an emperor Tianshi.

"Come here, now!"

Sean's words just fell. Those men looked at Linghu Xiaojing with some worry.

Sister Xiaojing, I've brushed the boss's scales.

That's terrible.

Linghu Xiaojing took a step back and her eyes were full of worry.

Not that she didn't believe in Sean's ability, but she was more afraid of tolerance.

This man is always cruel and can do anything.

How could she let Sean be bullied by fault-tolerant threats and remain indifferent!

One step back, one more step back.

People have come to the back of tolerance.

Xiao Dashao's face turned white with anger.

Linghu Xiaojing's distrust is a great insult to him.

This little girl, he must have spoiled her too much at ordinary times, so that she was so lawless that he didn't even listen to her own words.

Xiao Da moved less and quickly. When he flashed to the fault-tolerant, he was going to catch Linghu Xiaojing.

This bad girl, he must spank her and punish her.

When he reached out, he blocked it.

Two people, you come and I go, but in a moment, it has been more than a dozen moves.

The movement is clean and neat. The move is important for people's lives. There is no mercy.

When the two sides saw the boss move their hands, they immediately joined the war.

The situation is chaotic.

Linghu Xiaojing was stunned.

She didn't expect that things would go so far.


She yelled loudly, but none of them paid attention to her, and the fight was still in full swing.

Originally, the cause of the fight was because of her.

But now she has become irrelevant.

"Damn it, stop it."

Xiaojing gets angry when she sees that everyone completely ignores him.

With a roar, he joined the war.

Fault tolerance, and Xiao Dashao almost stopped at the same time.

Two people, at the same speed, reached out to pull Linghu Xiaojing.

Linghu Xiaojing is faster than the two of them.

Two dull voices and one was punched.


I don't care about Linghu Xiaojing's fist.

A faint smile, coldly ordered.

Xiao Dashao raised his hand, and his men followed and stopped. They retreated behind him, but they were eyeing.

"Fault tolerance, since you don't keep your promise, I don't have to stay in this damn place anymore. Our agreement is cancelled."

Linghu Xiaojing looks at her first.

The expression is naturally cold.

Xiao Dashao's angry white face made her feel guilty.

It also made her suddenly bright.

"You have to fight Sean, light. But the delusion is to threaten me with Sean again and let me stay with you. Remember, I love Sean. No matter what happens to Sean, I will guard him. Even if he will go to jail, I will try my best to follow him in. Fault tolerance, you say you love me, but in the name of love, you want to tie me to you. Your love is too narrow and selfish. You don't deserve to say the word love. "

Linghu Xiaojing's expression was very cold, but Xiao Dashao was shocked at the same time.

A ecstasy, an unexpected feeling of heartache.

Linghu Xiaojing said that without looking at Sean behind him, he turned and walked out of the villa.

She was wrong just now, but Sean is sorry for her, but there are many!

She doesn't want to talk to this guy for the time being.

Sean was slightly stunned and hurried to catch up.

He suddenly felt a little depressed.

Why did you run away from home once? The whole momentum became so arrogant.

Where is his obedient little Jing!

The man who stayed in the yard clenched his fist.

Sean, I'll never give up.

Linghu Xiaojing is mine. She can only be mine.

A month later.

A private island in a sea area.

Xiao Dashao and Linghu Xiaojing are sitting leisurely at the door fishing.

Everything seems to have been calm.

"Xiao, are you really all right?"

Xiao Jing, who is wearing a lovely T-shirt, is still worried.

It's enough for Xiao Dashao to sit in prison and wear the bottom of the prison. How can he stay here leisurely like no one else!

Sean grabbed a newspaper from behind and threw it to Linghu Xiaojing.

His handsome face stood out in the newspaper.

But this title.

The arms giant fell and was arrested.

Arms giant? Linghu Xiaojing doesn't understand. Doesn't it say that Shaw company is selling arms?

How now it becomes fault tolerance.

"Jin Yan helped me. He owed me one time for laughing."

Seeing Linghu Xiaojing confused, Xiao Dashao kindly explained.

Alexander was in a good mood when the company was lost and he fell into the net.

"It's him!"

Linghu Xiaojing is thoughtful. It seems that he and Xiaoxiao have already recognized each other!

"He called yesterday and said his wife was pregnant again."

Xiao looked at the water, but suddenly a stroke came from God. I guess I'm talking about someone.


Linghu Xiaojing's thinking couldn't keep up, but he just answered.

"He's provoking me!"

Xiao Dashao turned his head and Linghu Xiaojing looked into his eyes. His usually cold eyes didn't feel right.

"Isn't this to report good news? How did it become provocation?"

"Of course it's provocation. He's the third, but I don't have any. Besides, we've known each other longer than them!"

Xiao took it for granted.

Linghu Xiaojing can't cry or laugh.

I've known you long enough, so what!

Haven't you reacted at all in such a long time?

Now I began to complain about this.

"I'll cook!"

Afraid of Xiao Dashao's estrus, Linghu Xiaojing hurried up to leave as soon as she heard that the sign was wrong.

Unfortunately, the action was a beat slower.

Xiao Dashao's long hand grabbed Linghu Xiaojing and pulled her into his arms.

Without saying a word, act first.

The body was tightly hugged, and the soft lips stuck on it.

"Hey, this is the beach. What if someone sees it?"

Linghu Xiaojing screamed, but all her voices were buried in Xiao Dashao's mouth.

"All they can see is the fish in the sea. They can see it if they want."

Xiao Da still has time to speak, but his words are unbearable.

"I must surpass him."

At the moment of the fierce battle, Xiao Dashao said very seriously.

Linghu Xiaojing had been tossed and had no strength. As soon as she said this, she couldn't help but bite the man on her.

Ya, do you think you're a baby machine?

The scenery on the island is just right.

(end of the book)