Chapter 534: You treat me as a sow

Chapter 534 You Are My Sow

Huo Li and Lin Xiaoye looked at each other: "You said this was sent by the King of Rui?"

The man nodded, and then said: "The general rest assured that the younger one has received the saving grace of the King of Rui. He must not dare to deceive the slightest bit, and he is even more loyal to the King of Rui."

Lin Xiaoye nodded, and then read the letter with Huo Li.

Suddenly, the two of them were shocked, and they felt like ants on a hot pot. Huo Li immediately bounced off the stool: "Get the horse, I want to return to Beijing immediately."

"Close the city gate!" shouted, inside the imperial city, it was dark night, but at this time it was illuminated like daylight.

King Zhao took a sword and brought dozens of courtiers behind him, step by step to the emperor's palace.

Along the way, all the **** halls that stood in the way, those who dared to come out and clamor, not even a whole body, walked the **** way to the emperor's palace, and looked at the emperor who was coughing up blood on the bed, Zhao Wang smiled triumphantly.

"The emperor, don't force it anymore, it's time for you to let the wise."

"Fuck, bastard..." the emperor said, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. The queen on the side quickly caught the blood with a veil, also full of worry.

"My lord, you can't be angry anymore, my lord." The queen worried.

King Zhao shook the sword in his hand, and then pointed at the emperor: "Why are you? Look at how you are now. Don't talk about the big beam, you can't even protect yourself. How to give the people of the big beam an explanation? "

After finishing talking, King Zhao stepped forward and said, "Oh, yes, are you still waiting for Huo Li to come back to rescue you? I forgot to tell you. This morning, the king sent someone to kill Huo Li. Now, if you can wait, I'm afraid it will be his head." Zhao Wang laughed.

"You, you bastard!" The emperor was so angry that his face blushed, and when he pointed his finger at King Zhao, he couldn't wait to kill him with a sword.

"In the beginning, at the beginning, I shouldn't have believed in your treacherous words and killed my brothers one by one. Now you take these courtiers and want to kill the king and take the throne. Don't think about it, don't think about it!" The emperor sneered. , Lie back on the bed, now he is not so angry.

King Zhao put the sword aside, stepped forward and stepped on the bed, raised his eyebrows and said, "So what? Today, are you still in my hands?"

After that, King Zhao threw the written edict from his sleeve in front of the emperor.

"Sign and draw, maybe after years of brotherhood, I can keep you alive."

The emperor smiled, picked up the edict and looked at it. It was written and passed to King Zhao. It was ridiculous, ridiculous!

I think at the beginning, he just obeyed Zhaowang's words and killed his brother who was sincere to him. Later, when he found out, he knew that Zhaowang had already bought the dignitaries, and not only one or two, but most of them. At that time, he talked about King Zhao’s disclosure, and King Zhao would surely bring those courtiers to force him to abdicate. This is what it is today.

But I didn't think that in the end, it was still at this point. If he could listen to Huo Li more, he might not have fallen to where he is today.

Thinking of this, the emperor smiled and shook his head, and then raised his hand to tear up the edict in his hand. He didn't expect to wait for him to do it, but Zhao Wang's sword was already in his hand.

With a sword down, a beam of blood suddenly cut through the sky and dripped on the edict.

"Ah! The emperor, the emperor!" The queen screamed from the side, looking at the wound on the emperor's hand, she couldn't stop bleeding, and she trembled with fright and quickly backed away.

The emperor hurriedly covered the wound with his hand, raised his eyes and stared at King Zhao fiercely: "Wolf's ambition, you can kill me, even if you kill me, I won't let you succeed!"

"You..." Zhao Wang's patience was still consumed, and he turned around and stabbed the **** next to him with a sword, and the **** died at his feet.

"I'm telling you, do you think I can't do anything? I can kill you, and then use your hand to slay you!" Zhao Wang shouted.

The emperor Yang Tian smiled: "Han Li, Han Li, you also have today? For this throne, even such things that are not as good as pigs and dogs have been done. Now that I have reached your hands, I will kill you if I want to kill you. Soldier charms and jade seals, don’t even want to get them in your life."

"You..." King Zhao was completely irritated. If it weren't for these two things, he would have to wait till now? As soon as he enters, he can kill the emperor directly. I think he has planned for so long and is about to get it. How can he be willing to be threatened by the emperor?

Thinking about it, King Zhao was really angry and lost his reason. He rushed forward and grabbed the emperor by the collar, and one force directly dragged the emperor off the bed.

Then the shining sword drove on the emperor's neck: "Say! Where are the things!?"

Seeing that the emperor's neck was slowly bleeding, Zhao Wang still shouted like a lunatic.

The emperor was lying on the ground, smiling in response to Han Li's cry, laughing wildly, raising his head and laughing.

"It's not good, it's not good, Lord!" A **** ran over in a panic, and fell directly at the feet of King Zhao, tremblingly saying: "Master, no, it's not good, outside, outside General Huo brought people in. ."

Hearing the sound, the courtiers present were all panicked. Huo Li's ability is not nonsense. You can kill them by simply moving your fingers!

Suddenly the whole room was panicked. Everyone wanted to escape, but there was nowhere to escape. They wanted to hide, and there was nowhere to hide, so they could only stand there crying and crying.

And Zhao Wang was panicked at this time, and even more crazy, seeing that the throne was about to be handed over, but at this time he was going to be ruined by Huo Li?

Didn't he send someone to kill Huo Li? Huo Li could come back alive?

At this moment the emperor laughed loudly: "Han Li, you can't run away now!"

Hearing the sound, King Zhao suddenly gritted his teeth and his face showed a cruel expression. He grabbed the emperor and went to the door, shouting at the crowd: "Huo Li, come! If you dare to come, I will kill him... …"

As soon as the last word fell, a gun accurately pierced King Zhao's chest, centered on his heart. King Zhao widened his eyes and looked at Huo Li in front of him, but could no longer say anything.


When dawn came, the sunshine once again gave warmth to the imperial city. All the rebel ministers were sent to the frontiers, and all people were given the punishment they deserved. The emperor was not stingy at all, except Huo Li.

"Feng Tian undertakes transportation, the emperor's edict said, after three years, it is found that the king of wisdom Jinqing, the king of Zhuang Qinjian, the king of Weiyan, the king of Jingjiang, the death of the four kings, and the deaths of the four kings, Han Li and the other party accomplices conspired to frame unjust death. Tell the world that the four kings are innocent, build the imperial mausoleum and erect the royal ancestral temple hall, and the descendants will inherit the knighthood and add rewards to officials!

"Huo Li, you just took me back to the village like this, the emperor is willing to let you go?" Lin Xiaoye sat on the horseback, lying in Huo Li's arms, very satisfied.

Huo Li raised a smile at the corner of his mouth: "A man who can hold a husband can't hold his heart as a husband."

Hearing the sound, Lin Xiaoye suddenly remembered something: "Then you don't want the splendor and wealth of the capital, and the beauties that the princes and ministers gave you?" Lin Xiaoye sat on the horseback, lying in Huo Li's arms , I am extremely satisfied.

"It's not enough to have you a clever ghost?" Huo Li smiled.

Lin Xiaoye was taken aback, and said in a blink of an eye: "Okay, do you think I am troublesome? Well, to make you relax, I won't have children with you from now on."

Hearing the sound, Huo Chengli became anxious, and hurriedly said with a smile: "The same madam is as clever, but as many as the better, ten is not too much."

Lin Xiaoye was anxious: "Do you treat me as a sow..."