Chapter 598 Celebrating Birthday

When Rebecca opened her eyes, she saw a small palm-sized cake on the table.

"Happy birthday!"

"Why is it so small?" she asked while squinting her eyes at the cake.

Rudy enlarged the cake and said, "Let me know how big you want the cake to be."

"...!" Rebecca watched as the cake got bigger and bigger. Soon it was as big as her height, and she could no longer see the top.

"That's enough!" she said.


Rudy placed the candles on the top and added a waffle with Rebecca's name written on it.

"There you go," he said while showing off his skills.

"How am I supposed to cut it? I can't even see the top."

"You don't necessarily have to cut the cake from the top. But…" Rudy lifted Rebecca and placed her on his shoulder. "There you go."

Rebecca blew out the candles and cut the cake, but her hands were shaking as she was afraid of falling down.

"You weren't shaking as much when we were flying earlier," Rudy commented.

Rebecca moved her hand down to Rudy's face and said, "Here."

Rudy ate a bite and fed Rebecca the same slice. Then, Rebecca gave the piece to Jessica and Lilim, but their hands got dirty, so Rudy asked them to bring plates from the kitchen.

After giving big slices to Jessica and Lilim, Rebecca turned to Elena and stared at her.

"You are not going to give it to me?" Elena asked with a judging look on her face.

"I don't know if I should." Rebecca smirked and said, "I don't want to share anything that belongs to me."

Elena pulled Rudy close and said, "I can say the same."

'I would usually be happy if girls were fighting over me, but not this time. Rebecca is too young, and I don't want her to get too attached to me.'

Rudy had no idea it was already too late for that. However, he only saw the girls as his sisters in the 1990 timeline.

Rudy gave a slice to Rebecca with her name on it and calmly said, "You should focus more on your study and your life. Once you become mature enough, you will realize sharing is caring."

Rebecca gave her plate to Elena and said, "Here."

"Are you sure? It has a waffle with your name written on it."

Rebecca ate the waffle and said, "Now it's just an ordinary slice."

The girls and Rudy ate the cake together— although, of course, they couldn't even finish the first layer.

Rudy could eat the entire cake if he wanted, but he wanted to enjoy and savor the taste rather than just eat it.

Rebecca and Jessica ate three slices, while Rudy, Lilim, and Elena ate two.

"I expected Lilim to eat as much as Rebecca and Jessica." Rudy pulled Lilim's cheek and asked, "Did you not like it?"

"I did, but I want to eat ice cream."

"Heh." Rudy couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Well, well, I guess someone is addicted to ice cream now."

"Because it's cold," Lilim said with a grin on her face.

"So demons like cold things, huh? I will remember it."

In the end, Rudy gave ice cream to everyone to finish the day.

"Make sure to brush your teeth before you sleep," Elena said to them.

Rudy expected the girls to go to their room and fall asleep as it was a rather long day for everyone, but instead, the girls sat on the couch beside Rudy and Elena.

Rebecca sat next to him and Elena on the other side while Lilim and Jessica fought to sit on Rudy's lap. Fortunately, his lap was big enough for both of them.

However, all three of them fell asleep within a few minutes.

Rudy glanced at Elena to see if she had also fallen asleep, but she wasn't.

"I will get them to the bed," he said and slowly carried the girls to the room.

First, he placed Jessica, then Lilim and Rebecca. He placed a blanket on their legs and left, or he wanted to. But he was stopped by Rebecca.

Rebecca pulled his sleeves with half-open eyes; seemingly, she was half-sleepy.

"Thank you… for today. It was the best birthday of my life."

"Mine too."

"Good night…" Rebecca let go of Rudy and closed her eyes.

Rudy left the room and sat on the couch beside Elena. He moved his hand towards the cake and did something.

"What did you do?" Elena asked curiously as she closed her distance from Rudy.

"I stopped time for cake. It will never age now, so it won't be spoiled. You can eat it even after a week or a month."

Elena rested her head on Rudy's shoulder and muttered, "Your powers are very convenient sometimes."

"They are convenient all the time."

Elena looked at Rudy from the side and whispered, "Is it okay for me to ask you to have sex with me right now?"

"I was thinking the same thing. Let's go to my room."

​ "No, I want to do it here."

"That's dangerous."

"But we already had sex almost everywhere, even Rebecca's room— except this living room. I want to mark this place in my memories before you return to 2008."

"There is one more spot in this house where we haven't had sex yet."

"Which is?"

"The toilet."

Elena squinted her eyes and said, "I don't want to have that place in my memory."

Rudy carried Elena to the toilet and locked the door before unzipping his pants.

Elena didn't waste a second and began sucking him off.

'Only thirty minutes left before midnight and the day would end. I should have been born, and mom should have adopted me by now. What if those 'tings' were referring to this? Did I change the events of my adoption?'

A few minutes later, Rudy released his loud inside Elena's mouth, and she swallowed it like her favorite drink.

Meanwhile, a catastrophic event was occurring outside in space.