"How dare you damn pervert, who do you think you are?"Milan exclaimed as she looked at Yohan in a furious manner.

Milan was pissed by his condition of serving him in case she lost him in the duel, earlier he kissed him and now he wants her to serve him, all kinds of weird thoughts were popping in Milan's head and apart from that she already knew that Yohan practice dual cultivation and has many partners, he has also taken jasmine as his partner after killing Nicholas Nichole and right now he wants to bed her.

At the same time, Arjun took a deep sigh seeing that look on Milan's face, he can tell that she misinterpreted Yohan's intention, he simply wants her to serve under him just like Arjun afterall earlier yohan and Arjun had the conversation and in that conversation, Arjun told Yohan that they need reliable warriors, currently Lin clan is lacking the manpower and they don't have what it takes to control these big lands.

Arjun understands that Yohan is taking a liking to her and he is impressed by Milan's demeanour, she has all those abilities that are needed on the battlefield to lead a big army, by imposing that condition Yohan intended to take her under his wings.

"Damn pervert...did I say something wrong?"Yohan scratched his chin and looked at her in confused manner, he was not expecting that kind of response from Milan, seeing that clueless look on yohan's handsome face Milan become more annoyed and she bit her lips in frustration, she thought he was mocking her by pretending that he did nothing wrong by saying those humiliating words to her.

"I accept your condition, if I lose to you then I will accept your condition but if you lose to me then you will not only leave this place but you also kneel in front of me and ask for forgiveness for your rude behaviour,"she exclaimed and looked Yohan in furiousness.

'What is wrong with this woman? Why is she calling me rude? Did I say something wrong? well whatever she accepted my condition, that's all matters right now'Yohan thought inwardly and nodded his head with a smile,at the same time Arjun was dumbfounded by Milan's decision, she was clearly misunderstanding yohan's intention, after thinking for a while he exhales deeply.

"Well I don't want to get young master yohan's way, but alas i am feeling bad for her, she clearly don't know what she is doing, not only she is misunderstanding his words but she is also looking down on him, "Arjun muttered slowly as he looked Milan, Milan also noticed his gaze, she pointed a finger in Arjun's direction and looked Yohan.

"If you lose he is also going to kneel with you, I don't want to bully you alone, that bastard have to take responsibility for serving the wrong master," Milan said, hearing her words Yohan was slightly taken aback and he looked Arjun in a confused manner but a moment later he tilted his head and looked Milan.

"Yeah whatever you say, I don't mind kneeling with him and I think he has any problem with kneeling, "Yohan said with a straight face, hearing yohan's words Arjun dropped his jaw on the ground and he cursed Yohan inwardly for not thinking even for a moment before making that decision,as he was in the middle of cursing he heard a familiar voice in his head.

'Don't be stupid, do you think she can defeat me, either way you should be happy that we found a high-level cultivator who is willing to serve Lin clan'Yohan's voice echoed in Arjun's head.

' I was not expecting that I will find a fourth-level True spirit soul realm cultivator inside this place, her Cultivation base is similar to diya's Cultivation base, this is truly amazing and apart from that she is someone who knows these lands and is well respected by these soldiers, I will definitely going to take her 'Yohan then added.

'I understand young master Yohan,she will be a great asset for the Lin clan and I can tell that she is not someone who will go back to her words but...' Arjun responded.

'But what?'Yohan asked.

'ahh it's nothing, you should focus on the duel, i don't want to kneel in front of her'Arjun responded hastily and for some reason he don't feel like telling him that she is misunderstanding yohan's intention.

"Very well then let's not waste each other's time, feel free to choose any weapon of your liking, I am going to use twin blade" Milan exclaimed and with those words she took out a long sword from her spatial ring, yohan's facial expressions slightly changed seeing that weird looking sword in Milan's hand which has blades on both sides of the hilt.

The entire place erupted with loud cheerings the moment those soldiers who were present there saw that weapon in Milan's hand, Arjun's facial expressions also changed seeing that sword in her hand.

'Young masted be careful with that sword, that weapon that she is welding is the treasure of the Xeng clan,it is passed down from generation to generation and now as the heir of the Xeng clan it is passed down to her,' Arjun's voice echoed in yohan's head, a smile appeared on yohan's face hearing Arjun's words but in response, he said nothing to him.

"Soul weapon huh...no wonder you were so confident of duelling with me, "Yohan said with a smile, the moment those words Escaped from his mouth Milan's facial expressions changed drastically but soon those expressions turned normal and a proud smile appeared on her face.

"Everyone knows that my Xeng clan possesses soul weapon, no wonder you also heard about it,this blade is called twin Blade forge by the tears of the dragon, you better watch out yourself," She said and with those words, she pointed that sword in Yohan's direction, she was completely unaware that before meeting her Yohan didn't knew the existence of Xeng clan,let alone he heard anything related to that sword before,yohan frowned seeing that look on her face and deep down he felt bad for tricking her with his Cultivation.

Afterall if she knew about his Cultivation base not even in her wild dream she will accept that condition let alone face him on the battlefield, in her eyes Yohan was just a second-level of core formation soul realm cultivator but still, she was amazed that he reached that level in such young age, she acknowledged his talent but at the same time, she also understands that Arjun is accompanying him and he is the one who helped him to killed those many cultivators and soldiers on their way inside the Xian clan borders.

"I admire your courage, young men,usually no one dares to fight me once they saw this weapon in my hand, you are different from others but at the same time there is no shame if you want to leave, I will give you one more chance, leave this place and I will forget everything that happened today after all I can understand why did you come all the way here, just leave this place and don't come back," Milan said as she looked Yohan.

"Why i am getting a feeling that you are worried about me, don't tell me you like that kiss..."Yohan said in a teasing manner completely ignoring what she said to him after all he knew that she is on the losing side, Milan's face turned flushed red.

"You bastard forget what I said to you, there is no way you are leaving this place, I will fucking kill you...no I am going to make you suffer for insulting me" She exclaimed and with those words she dashed into yohan's direction.