Volume 3 - CH 10

Name:Disciple of Immortal Author:Nekoko
Chapter 10: Immortal’s Surveillance(Side: Lunaire)

When Kanata was heading out to 《Mithril’s Cane》 in search for the ingredients for 《Ether》,  a shadow could be seen on the roof of a building observing him.

Naturally, it was Lunaire.

Lunaire stood in the middle of the magic circle that appeared on the roof, observing Kanata’s party from afar.

This was magic of barrier type, 《Colorless Sign》, the kind of barrier that erases one’s presence.

The people outside of the barrier wouldn’t notice anything that happened inside the barrier.

Even if someone had accidentally found Lunaire standing on top of the roof, they would be forced to regard that as a trivial matter.

But in the end, the majority of the effect of this magic was manipulating consciousness.

If something really interesting happened inside the barrier, it was literally impossible to ignore it, as long as the target was looking for Lunaire, the latter couldn’t hide with 《Colorless Sign》 alone.

In the end, the main function of the barrier was to lessen one’s presence.

「UhM, MasTer. YoU SloWlY bEcome MoRe And More LikE a StAlker.」

Noble Mimic appeared quietly behind Lunaire.

Lunaire’s back twitched upon hearing their voice since her body was currently under the effect of 《Colorless Sign》.

「N-Noble! Y-You’re mistaken, I just strolled around just now! I mean, 《Impurity Sealer’s Robe》 is really conspicuous after all. I definitely spying on Kanata.」

Lunaire tried to explain the reason behind her action to Noble Mimic with a flushed red face.

「I SeE. ThEn, LeT’S JuSt SaY thAt YoU ReAllY ArE JuSt StRoLlIng ARoUnd.」

Noble Mimic spoke in an intriguing manner.

「N-Nevertheless, good job in finding me. Looking for me must be really troublesome for you since I’m using 《Colorless Sign》.」

「EveN IF I Don’T KnOw YUr WheReAbOUt, I KnoW ThaT I CaN Find YoU ArOUnd KaNa-」

Lunaire glared at Noble Mimic before they finished their remark.

But, she couldn’t refute it since it was also a fact that they found her whereabouts.

「A-Anyway, it’s good to see you safe and sound, Noble. I can’t contact you after you got kidnapped by Dohal. How did you escape from his place?」


「I’M Acting LikE a NoRmaL TrEaSurE Che*sT sInce I Don’t WaNt To CaUse TroUbLe AnD EsCapE wHeN I GoT A ChAnCe BuT… It’S BlUnDeR.」


「YeAh, I GoT FoUnd OuT BY thAt SmeLLy PriEsT WheN I’m RuMMaGiNG FoOd WaRehOUsE.」

「What… are you doing to him?」

Lunaire asked with a dumbfounded look on her face.

She was dumbfounded since they had the time to rummage for food in food warehouse, logically speaking, they should be able to escape from Dohal’s place.

「I BrOke The WaLL AnD EsCapEd FrOm tHaT PlaCe. ThAt SmELLy OldMaN PiSsINg On His PAnTS WheN He SaW Me BroKe The WALL. I FinALLy acT LiKe ProPer MimiC AfTer A LonG TimE.」

Noble Mimic spoke with a smile on his face.

Lunaire placed her palm on her forehead as she looked at Noble Mimic with a dumbfounded look on her face, and then shook her head.

「Poor g-… No, considering his speech back then, he just reap what he sow I guess.」

Lunaire recalled the scene where Dohal happily carried Noble Mimic out of the church.

At that time, he would never expect that the cursed che*st that he brought back that time would be rummaging his food warehouse and then escape by destroying the wall.

「BuT, ThaNkgooDness We CaN reGrOuP FaSter. I MeAn, WhO KnoW WHaT MasTer MigHt TryIng To Do WheN I’m NoT By YouR Side.」

Noble Mimic’s lid shook as if making a “Good grief” gesture.

「Stop acting like you’re some sort of guardian. I don’t remember ever doing something crazy.」

「MasteR… ArE yOu SeRIous?」

Noble Mimic spoke with a dumbfounded voice.

The reason is Lunaire had been acting out of place for a while now whenever it comes to Kanata, one time she was sulking and suddenly saying that she wanted to go back to Cocytus, and even if she didn’t regard Pomera as her enemy, she went as far as using high-rank spirit to eavesdropping Kanata and co’s conversation, not to mention that she escaped from Philia’s attack after the latter found out her whereabouts when the former was stalking Kanata and co, the number of her eccentricities was simply through the roof ever since she left Cocytus.

Since Lunaire, herself didn’t realize that Noble Mimic felt that they had to act as her brake to stop her from doing something that was even more outrageous.

「It’S OkAy, MasTer. WheN PuSh ComE To ShoVe, I’Ll Do My BeST To PrEvENt YoU FrOM BeComIng tHe EnEmY oF tHe WoRld.」

Currently, Noble Mimic imagining the wanted poster of Lunaire as 《Humanoid Dragon》.

In fact, Lunaire might be tripped somewhere when it comes to the matter of Kanata.

Noble Mimic couldn’t help but always remind themselves of that fact.

「… Can you stop underestimating me, Noble?」

After that, Kanata met Kotone.

Both of them then entered 《Mithril’s Cane》 together despite the tense air around them.

「HoU, AnoThEr OthErwOrlDer.」

「That person looks dangerous. She must be a no-good person.」

「It’S Not Like She AttAckIng KaNata the MomeNt sHe SaW him…」

「We can’t hear their conversation. Yeah, maybe I should just use Megiddoras.」

Megiddoras was a bird-like high-rank spirit whose entire body was covered in white cloth, they could hide their figure in the interstice between dimensions.

Previously, Lunaire used Megiddoras to eavesdropping the conversation between Kanata and Pomera.

「… YoU’rE GoIng To UsE THAt spIriT AgAIn.」

And then, Lunaire was waiting for Kanata and Kotone to leave the building.

One hour had passed and they had yet to leave. Then two hours, three hours and yet, they hadn’t left yet.

「T-This is bad Noble, shall we broke into the building? Kanata might be under attack right now…」

「MunYa MunYA… I Can’T EAt ANyMOre, SmeLLy PriEst…」

Beside panicking Lunaire was Noble Mimic who had been sleeping since they got bored after waiting for too long, sleep talking while blowing bubbles from their snot.

Seeing that, Lunaire pointed her finger toward Noble Mimic with an expressionless look on her face.

「I’ll shot 《Graviburn》 you know.」

Noble Mimic’s body sprung up immediately as soon as she finished her words.

「P-PleAsE StOP ThaT KinD Of ThReaT, iT’s Bad For My HeaRt.」

Four hours after Kanata and Kotone entered 《Mithril’s Cane》.

The figure of the duo had finally seen leaving the entrance of the building.

「At leAsT He’S SaFe And SoUnd, MaStEr.」

Different from when they came, Kanata and Kotone were clearly chatting happily with each other.

It was obvious that something happened in 《Mithril’s Cane》 that made them grow so close like that in just four hours.

Seeing that, Noble Mimic had a bad premonition and slowly glanced toward the figure beside them.


Lunaire was glaring at Kotone with eyes that resembled that of dead fish, and then pointed her finger toward the latter.

「Oh CrAp, MaSteR NoOO! Don’T USe 《Graviburn》!」

Noble Mimic twined their tongue around Lunaire’s arm, and forced it to go down.

「It’s okay, that girl… is the same as Kanata. They might have a lot of things to talk about and recognize each other as comrades in this world. I mean, even though I wanted so much to see Kanata’s birthplace, that’s literally impossible.」

Lunaire said so with a downcast look as she sat down on where she stood.

「N-NaY, ThEy MiGht JuSt GeT A LOnG A LiTTle Bit BEttER ThaN BeForE RighT? Don’T bE So SaD..」

Lunaire raised her face and bit the tip of her finger.

Blood blew out from the wound on the tip of her porcelain white finger.

「… Let’s observe that girl for a while. I’ve to make sure about what she’s trying to do by approaching Kanata.」

「It’S A GoOD THInG THaT I ArrIved RiGhT in TimE To StOP Her RUnaWay…」

Noble Mimic heaved a sigh of relief from the bottom of their heart.

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