"I didn't know I was the young master of the Xiao family and didn't mean to hide it from you."


"Nothing will happen to the Liu Family, I will let the Eighth Master take care of your family!"


"I won't be able to bring you back to the Xiao family tomorrow!"

"I know!"

"I'll come pick you up when the situation there is stable!"

"No, there's no need!"

Liu Ya sat on the side of the bed quietly, she raised her head and looked at Xiao Lang, she shook her head with determination. Suddenly hugging Xiao Lang who was standing in front of her, she opened her small mouth and uttered a few words that made people misunderstand, "Xiao Lang, don't say anything!"

Xiao Lang's body trembled. He had only wanted to come in and explain a few things to Madame Ya, but he did not expect her reaction to be so intense.

"Xiao Lang!"

Whispers came out from Madame Ya's mouth, and in the past few days, Xiao Lang managed to escape death a few times. Adding on the fact that he had killed many people, the evil intent in his heart immediately turned into evil fire. He swallowed and said with difficulty, "You …" "Are you sure?"

Madame Ya stood up, his two hands grabbing onto Xiao Lang's body tightly. Then, he turned his body, and Xiao Lang was placed on the bed.

"Ugh …" Your father's first kiss was actually forceful! "

Xiao Lang's eyes were wide open as he cursed in his heart. In the next second, he was completely confused.


This was the first time Xiao Lang felt this way. Even though he had lived two lifetimes, Xiao Lang was still a pure person. He didn't know what to do at all …

Xiao Lang's heartbeat instantly sped up again.


Suddenly —

"Ugh …" "Sorry, inexperienced. Again …"

A long night, two people who had no mind to sleep. In the past few days, Xiao Lang's mind had been under a lot of pressure. His mind was filled with a vicious air.

The sky was about to brighten, and Madame Ya was fast asleep with a face full of sweetness. However, Xiao Lang was completely awake, he quietly sat up and began to investigate.

The Purple Wild Vetch in the Bottomless Pit had strangely entered his body. He did not tell anyone about this matter, and even Xiao Qingyi did not mention anything.

Maybe it was because this matter was too strange, or maybe it was because Xiao Lang was afraid in his heart, so he chose to hide it in his heart.

Only now did he have time to leave the Bottomless Pit, so Xiao Lang immediately began to investigate.

However —

Xiao Lang checked again and again.

Its body was completely safe, without even the slightest abnormality. That strange Purple Wild Vetch had disappeared without a trace, as if it was just a dream in a bottomless pit.

"What kind of monster is this?"

Xiao Lang was secretly shocked, but he didn't have a solution. He decided to find a way to gather information on this matter after returning to the Xiao family. If it really wasn't possible, they could only ask for help from their aunt and that peerless Ranker whose name shook the entire War Dynasty that they had never met, Grandfather Xiao Busi! After all, his life was his, and he couldn't act rashly.

The sky started to brighten, Xiao Lang no longer bothered with the Purple Wild Vetch, he turned to look, only to see a pair of eyes on her beautiful face looking at him with emotion.

"Why don't you sleep for a while?"

Xiao Lang laid down gently, hugged the body that he was infatuated with, and enjoyed her …

"My man is leaving soon, why am I sleeping?"

Madame Ya reached out a hand, caressing a centipede-like scar on Xiao Lang's chest with a pained heart, and said softly: "Does it hurt?"

"Hur hur, I'm used to it!"

Xiao Lang grinned and stressed again in an embarrassed manner, "Don't worry, I will be able to take you to the Xiao family very soon!"

Madame Ya said stubbornly: "No! I'm not going to the Xiao family. "

"Why?" Xiao Lang frowned.

"Rest assured little man, from now on, only you can enjoy Yaer's body!"

The Madame Ya laughed, then looked at Xiao Lang who was a little jealous and explained: "How can a useless woman like Yaer enter your Xiao Family? I also don't like the big families of the Xiao family. I am going to learn alchemy from the Medicine King. Xiao Lang, Yaer will be your lover in the future. As long as you still remember that there's a woman waiting for you in Medicine King City, you can come back and visit me whenever you have time! "

"Pill forging?"

Xiao Lang raised his eyebrows, thinking about the Xiao family's complicated situation, he couldn't figure it out for now even when he went back. Liu Ya learning alchemy with the Medicine King was also a good choice. With the Pill King's protection of Liu Ya, Liu Ya's safety was guaranteed. When his situation stabilized, or when he and his aunt didn't feel well and left the Xiao family, he could make arrangements.

"Alright, you can stay in Pill King Valley for the time being!"


When the sky brightened, the Misty Mountain Villa became extremely lively.

Young miss, the Young Master Fire Phoenix was secretly sent away, this subordinate has already sent out the order to chase and kill, all the Warrior in the Huo Family and Situ Family have been killed, you can get up anytime!

In a large hall in the backyard, Xiao Futu and Eighth Master were standing respectfully. Xiao Futu had returned in the middle of the night, while the Eighth Master was also finished dealing with the Medicine King City.

"So what if he ran, what can a Young Master Fire Phoenix do?"

Xiao Qingyi did not think so, and did not want to care too much. Xiao Futu had always been experienced in handling these kinds of things, so she waved her hand lightly and gave the order: "Stand up!"

Xiao Lang and Xiao Dao had been waiting outside the room for a whole night. Eighth Master pushed Xiao Qingyi's wheelchair out, his one hundred Blood Guard of Xiao Family ready to go.

Not long after, a hundred Two-winged Evil Dragon soared into the sky, flying towards the imperial city in the east. The people of Eighth Master and Master Ba, as well as the people of Misty Mountain Villa stood there silently, watching them leave.

Master Ba's expression was complex, but Eighth Master held onto his wine jar and gulped it down, then laughed out loud: "This lone wolf is finally going to howl through the nine heavens? I really look forward to this brat's wild and untamed character. What kind of earth-shattering event would he cause when he goes to the capital? "

In a room, a beautiful figure stood before a window, her face full of loneliness. She sighed softly, "Little man, I hope that when you soar into the skies, you will not forget that there's still a woman called Liu Ya, waiting for you forever!"

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