Chapter 2542 Cube

Name:Death… And Me Author:Suiyan
Chapter 2542 Cube

Kijia then explained as fast as possible while Lotar and the Fragment fought in the distance. She let a lot of details out, but the bulk of the situation was mentioned.

"So that's how it is..." Iolanda understood. It was truly unexpected since they all believed Angels would never do such a thing. "So you needed a Queen... or my mother, to be more specific, but ended up killing her on purpose to have me.

Kentucky couldn't help but mention something. "The real Aelrie and Iolnada are very much alike when Iolanda is in her angel form. We also know that the Holamenor Clan has Shadow Ferals Bloodline. Could it be that Aelrie and Iolanda were related somehow?"

Iolanda shrugged her shoulders. "Not that I'm aware of. Perhaps it was nothing but a coincidence. Rean showed me his image of Aelrie, the one he met in the Realm of Gods through his Divine Sense. We are indeed extremely alike. Even I couldn't see the difference. Yet, there are many angels who look similar to each other, so it isn't exactly an impossible thing."


Suddenly, Lotar was sent flying into the distance by a powerful attack. That allowed the Fragment to break free for a moment, which it used to come after Rean's group. The Fragment could tell they were planning something, so he didn't want to leave it up to fate.The initial instance of this chapter being available happened at N0v3l.Bin.

"Shit!" Iolanda immediately turned around, prepared to run away with her guards.

However, Rean stopped her and the others. "No point running. Without being able to use Spatial Powers very well, he will catch up to us in a moment. We need to defend to give Lotar time to return. Just one or two seconds is enough."

"Are you crazy?!" Tugis spoke, ready to pull Iolanda away with him. "There is no way we can resist the power of a Divinity Realm the way we are at the moment."

Rean smiled before a cube appeared in front of him. "Focus all your Divine Energy inside. This will create a barrier that should be able to withstand that guy's power."

As the Fragment faced Lotar, its powerful Soul Power, the same one it was used to control all the Light Beasts on the surface, assaulted Rean's group. The main target, obviously, was Iolanda, who was under its control not long ago, so the Fragment already understood how to dominate her.


However, it was then that it felt its Soul Power hitting a Sky Blue Colored barrier around Iolanda's head. "Fuck, that shit again!" How could the Fragment's sentience not recognize it? The barrier was the same as the one that blocked it in the past."

Rean and Kentucky, who were a little pale, smiled in disdain as they looked at the Beast. "You haven't used your Soul Power until now. Obviously, you were keeping it for the right moment. You saw that we focused completely on the physical defense of the barrier and thought it was your opportunity to take Iolanda, right? Too bad, though. We were also expecting for that."

"You!" The Beast wanted to turn around and kill Rean right there and then. It was also Rean who first allowed Iolanda to flee back into the Chasm, so its hatred for him only increased.

"Hmph! I wonder how much energy you used to force me back a moment ago. However, do you think you can get away from me again? You should pay attention to your own life first," said Lotar as his Dark and Red Flames once again assaulted the Beast.

The weird laws of the Dark and Red Flame Corrosion hit the Beast's body, destroying much of the energy that formed the Beast. The Fragment's sentience saw itself forced to back out, allowing Rean and Iolanda's group to escape in another direction.

Iolanda then shouted to Lotar. "You better not let it come after me again, or I will have you punished."

Lotar felt ashamed and quickly nodded. "Yes, my Queen."

Rean then looked at his Cube, which disintegrated into specs of green light, feeling a little sad. '200 Rank Eight Divine Stones, gone, just like that.'

Suddenly, Iolanda looked in a certain direction, having felt something before smiling. She then touched Rean's arm and sent him a Divine Sense Message. 'Seems like one of my guys found the source you talked about.'