"You have obviously become fat, okay, what about losing weight and getting married?" McGonagall smiled while standing behind Harrison.

Harrison, who was gnawing on the pie and muttering, was taken aback, and turned around at the same time as Georgina, looking at McGonagall in surprise, "Boss Mai, you are finally back! I want you to die!!!"

McGonagall avoided the impact of Harrison’s meat bombs. After a few days, he was obviously fatter again.

Harrison turned around and came back, a little embarrassed, put down the pie in his hand, but quickly took it for granted: "I can't really blame this, isn't Georgina being pregnant, I have a good appetite, I can't let her Do you eat it alone?"

"Pregnant?" McGonagall glanced at Georgina's slightly raised belly.

Georgina blushed and hid behind Harrison a little embarrassedly, covering her face and saying: "It's only been two months, don't get me wrong, it's just meat..."

"He seems to be full-term." McGonagall stretched out his hand and patted Harrison's round belly, duangduang's, which made people want to ask, "Boss, are you familiar with me?"

Georgina trembled with a quavering smile, her face was somewhat rounded, she could no longer see the haze of anorexic entanglement, she had the delicate charm that a girl of this age should have.

Harrison also smiled, his eyes full of doting.

Mag has always been sprinkling dog food, and he can’t eat this greasy dog ​​food. He takes out the key to open the door and prepare to enter.

"Boss Mai, is it open today?" Harrison posted it, looking expectant.

"It’s not open today. Come tomorrow morning. Make sure you can eat hot soup dumplings." McGonagall smiled and shook his head.

"Okay, let's come tomorrow." Although Harrison was a little disappointed, he nodded neatly.

"Goodbye, boss Mai." Georgina was carefully driven into the carriage by Harrison and waved at McGonagall.

"Goodbye." McGonagall smiled and nodded.

"Huh? I seem to hear my father's voice!"

In the second-floor window of the magic potion shop next door, a small head with two soaring braids stuck out, and then he tried to stick most of his body out of the window, tilting his head towards the direction of the restaurant, Amy's eyes It lit up suddenly, waving his little hand, and shouting in surprise: "My father! My father!"

Then, because of the unstable center of gravity, he planted one head outward.


Before letting go of the scream, Amy has fallen into a warm and strong embrace.

"You can't climb the window, you can fall." McGonagall hugged Amy, smiled and squeezed the little guy with a little fat face.

"It's okay, I can fly." Amy slapped her little hand like a bee.

How can my daughter be so cute! Old McGonagall's father's smile was completely uncontrollable, and the corners of his mouth were almost grinning.

"School is over?" McGonagall glanced at the magic potion shop. Today should be Julian's magic lesson.

"It's still fifteen minutes away." Amy glanced at her little genius electronic watch, shook her head a little frustrated, then made a small mouth, and touched her belly a little aggrievedly, "But Xiaomi is so hungry. I want to eat the barbecue meat made by my father, the barbecue meat with a lot of peppers."

Do it for her right away!

McGonagall tried to restrain his emotions, and asked, "Didn’t Sister Xixi cook you lunch today?"

"Done, it is super invincible green and healthy traditional druid food, boiled leaves." Amy stretched out three fingers and said with a serious face: "I ate three slices, and I really can't eat it... …"

McGonagall’s smile can’t be controlled at all. She knows about Xixi’s cooking skills. It’s okay when cooking normally, but as long as it involves traditional druid food, it’s completely dark cooking. .

Look at those who wronged the child, and even those with pouting mouths can hang their bags.

"That... make an exception today. Father will take you to skip class. Let's go home and make some food." McGonagall scraped Amy's little nose, hugged her, turned and walked towards the restaurant.

"Amy skipped class! Amy skipped class!" Hei Tan stretched out a head from the birdcage and yelled.

"Stupid crow, be careful I burn your fur again!" Amy turned her head and glared at Hei Tan, and a ball of flame leaped at its fingertips.

"No! The real fur coat that this king has just grown! Keep it for the winter!" Hei Tan shrank into the corner, shivering, and bowed to the evil forces.

"Counsel." Mung Bean screamed contemptuously.

As if awakened by the voice of mung bean, a round orange figure rushed out of the magic potion shop, and eagerly circled McGonagall a few times, and then looked pleased and rubbed the big round face. McGonagall's calf.

"Ugly Duckling, you have dinner at Xixi's sister's house in the evening. The traditional druid meal is very suitable for you. You can go home after eating." Amy looked down at Ugly Duckling and ordered seriously.

"Are you serious?" The ugly duckling lay on the ground with rounded eyes, looking at Amy with an unacceptable expression.

"Boss Mai, are you back?" Xixi grabbed a pot of magic potion and walked to the door of the store, looking at McGonagall unexpectedly.

"Yeah, I just got home and missed the kids. Can I leave school 15 minutes earlier today?" McGonagall said with a smile.

Little Amy was a little nervous, and looked at Hee Hee a little expectantly.

"No problem, anyway, today's courses have been all finished, as long as Amy goes back and practice hard." Xixi smiled and nodded.

"Sister Hee Hee, I love you!" Amy pointed at Hee Hee Mo, her little face suddenly glowing.

"Pay more attention to rest, it seems that another little guy is about to come to this world." McGonagall glanced at Xixi's already very obvious pregnancy. The druid's pregnancy cycle is six months, counting the time. The little guy should be born soon.

"Sister Xixi, you take the ugly duckling away and let him put it back after the weight loss meal." Amy was taken away by McGonagall and said to Xixi without turning back.

"Okay." Xixi responded with a smile, picked up the ugly duckling with a bewildered look, and carried it into the shop in its desperate gaze. The door slammed shut and locked.

"Hmm, let it steal my snacks every day." Amy breathed out of her nostrils, happy to succeed in revenge.

McGonagall opened the door and entered the restaurant. Although it hadn't opened for business for six days, the restaurant was still spotless, but a little quiet.

McGonagall put Amy down and looked around, "Where's Annie?"

"Sister Annie is going to class. She is now the painting teacher of Hope Academy, and it should be over soon." Amy ran upstairs with her short legs, and gave McGonagall a pair of slippers. "Here, Father, put on comfortable slippers."

Meg's heart warmed, this is the intimate little padded jacket.

"Xiaomi wants to eat roast lamb or roast beef? Or roast pork belly?" McGonagall asked as he walked towards the kitchen.

"I want it all!" Amy trots to follow, I want to eat all of them.

McGonagall lowered his head, looked at the expectant little guy, nodded and said: "Okay, then I'll bake it all for you."

There are a variety of freshly supplied dishes in the refrigerator, put on an apron, and pre-process and marinate beef, lamb, and pork belly.

After making preparations, McGonagall first went upstairs to take a shower, changed into simple and refreshing clothes and went downstairs.

The meat is almost marinated, and the charcoal stove is up.

It was less than four o'clock, and there were father and daughter in the restaurant, so McGonagall took a small oven and put it on the table, and ate while grilling.

The thin and even pork belly is sliced ​​very thinly, and it starts to sizzle as soon as it is on the grill, and soon the fat becomes transparent. Quickly brush with a thin layer of sauce, and then sprinkle with a little cumin and pepper Powder, immediately out of the pan and into the pan.

Amy has prepared the lettuce, wraps it, draws a bamboo skew, stacks three pieces of pork belly, and sends it to her mouth like this one bite.

Sweet lettuce, wrapped with charred and fatty roasted pork belly, it not only enjoys the chewing feast of a big bite of meat, but also relieves the greasiness, which is a perfect match.

Of course, laymen like McGonagall don’t like to wrap lettuce. He likes the greasy pork belly to be delivered directly to his mouth. He loves the oily and fragrant taste, which is fat but not greasy. This is his roasted pork belly. The basic skills.

Kids, of course the taste will be lighter.

I have eaten a few skewers of pork belly, and the roast beef cubes are good, brushed with three layers of spicy sauce, and then rolled in the chili powder, which basically meets Amy's requirements for spicy barbecue meat.

Amy held the bamboo skewers in both hands like a little squirrel, blowing in small mouths quickly, and then biting a beef cube in one bite, the cheeks suddenly became bulging, and then chewed happily.

"My father, you eat too." Amy passed the skewers in her hand to McGonagall.

"Father is not hungry, millet eats slowly, and there are many more, all of you." McGonagall looked at Amy indulgingly, and said that during this period of time, he was tired of dealing with Amy. Care and concern are greatly lacking.

Now that he has become a god, when the remaining few things are over, it is time to spend more time with the children.

In this way, one person barbecues, one person eats, and the father and the daughter are both happy.

Then, the restaurant door was pushed open.

Irina, with a takeout roast goose in one hand and a motherly smile on her face, stood at the entrance of the restaurant, watching the father and daughter eating barbecue, and the bamboo skewers piled up into a hill on the side, with delicate eyebrows like two The sword stood up, and said angrily: "You... even eat barbecue secretly behind my back!"

"Oh, wife, listen to my sophistry." McGonagall quickly put down the meat skewers in his hand.

Before he could quibble, Irina closed the door, dropped the roast goose in her hand, sat down at the table, took the roast beef skewers handed by Amy in one hand, and said, "Add another fifty beef skewers. And fifty skewers of lamb, and pork belly? Then another hundred skewers of pork belly."

"Ah this..."

Mag hesitated to say something, but obediently went into the kitchen to prepare meat skewers.

Meg was grilling the meat, and Irina, who was watching Zhengxiang eating, asked, "Where is Yayi?"

"At the ice cream shop, Phyllis and the others are watching." Irina ate five skewers of roast beef and mutton skewers, and then took a sip of cold beer that McGonagall poured her, and then she looked at Mai. grid.

Suddenly, a bit of incredible color appeared in her eyes, and her voice trembled slightly: "You...have become a god?!"

"Yes, I got some opportunities over there." McGonagall smiled and nodded, but didn't expand in front of Amy.

Tears flickered in Irina’s eyes, but she quickly returned to normal, took the meat skewers in McGonagall’s hand, and fed it to his mouth, "You also have some."

"Yeah, you have the strength to barbecue meat when you are full." Amy chewed on the mutton, and agreed.

After eating this barbecue for an hour, the mother and daughter were full.

McGonagall asked Amy to visit the ice cream shop and told the girls that he was back and had dinner in the restaurant tonight.

Amy wiped her mouth and was about to go out. Anne happened to push the door with her easel on her back. She was taken aback when she saw McGonagall who was clearing the table, her eyes glowing with joy.

"Mr. Anne is back, I have left you a few skewers of barbecue, please wash your hands and eat." McGonagall looked at Annie and said with a smile.

Anne stepped in the door, touched Amy's head, then put the easel against the wall, and greeted Irina with sign language, and then quickly walked into the kitchen to wash her hands.

After    came out, she did not rush to eat, but looked at McGonagall and asked in sign language: "When did you come back?"

"It's just been back. Amy said that you went to class today, and she was in a hurry to eat barbecue, so she didn't wait for you, but we will have dinner with other sisters later." McGonagall put the meat on the grill While roasting, he said.

Anne didn’t ask anything, she just smiled and looked at Meg’s barbecue, with her chin in one hand, her smile bright and pure.

Speaking of the teacher, McGonagall remembered that he had been pigeoning the children for a week, and he had to go to the class next Monday, otherwise the children would have been born, and he would have to take time to pick them up again.

Not long after, the girls came together.

The restaurant door opened, Xiao Guai was the first to rush in, his steps were a little swaying, and his mouth was yelling: "My father... My father..."

Seeing McGonagall standing in front of the dining table, he rushed over and hugged his thigh, like a koala crawling up.

Some helpless, McGonagall lifted her up like a kitten and hugged her in his arms.

The little milk baby is soft and has a fragrant smell on her body.

Wooden ah.

Xiao Guai lay down on McGonagall’s face and took a big kiss. He held McGonagall’s face in his two little hands, looked at it carefully for a while, nodded and authenticated: "It’s the real father."

"There are still fakes." McGonagall wanted to laugh, this little guy had a lot of drama.

"Boss, you are finally back, I want to kill you!" Yabeimia followed in the door, and said excitedly.

"Boss." Jina looked at Mag, her eyes full of joy, but she still resisted the urge to come up and give Mag a cross-legged hug.

"Wow! You guys secretly eat barbecue with my back, this is too much!" As soon as Barbara entered the door, her eyes were immediately attracted by the barbecue on the table, and she complained a little bit.

Anne picked up a skewer of roast beef, smiled and handed it to her.

Barbara immediately smiled and took the beef skewers and sat down beside Annie, “It’s the best baby Annie. Sister loves you.”

Felise walked in with the last one in her arms. The little guy's bright eyes looked around, and his gaze fell on McGonagall. She immediately yelled, and stretched out her little hand to hug.

"We are not very familiar, why are you so enthusiastic?" McGonagall reluctantly took Xiao Mei from Felice's arms. The little guy sniffed his body like a puppy, and then closed his eyes. , Sleep in seconds.

Meg: "..."

Am I a hypnotic bed?

"The boss looks very sleepy." Yabeimia whispered.

Elizabeth's mouth moved, and she still held back her smile, but when she looked at McGonagall, she always felt that McGonagall seemed a little different now, but she couldn't tell the difference.

"What are you eating tonight? Grilled meat? Hot pot? Or stir-fry?" McGonagall put the budding clothes on the stroller aside to sleep, watching the people inquire.

"In fact, we have eaten hot pot and barbecue in the past few days. Rena and Phyllis have successfully mastered these two skills. I want to eat braised pork." Yabeimiya expressed her opinion.

"I want to eat chicken." Ji Na said.

"I want to eat grilled fish."

"Then let's eat stir-fry, I'll prepare it, you guys take a break." McGonagall nodded, and said: "By the way, this time I'm going out, I will bring you some small gifts. Let's take it apart and take a look."

He took out a bunch of gifts from the magic ring and distributed them to the girls.

The girls happily opened the presents, but Phyllis followed McGonagall into the kitchen, "I'll help you."

McGonagall did not refuse. Felice is a very good helper. With her help, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

The girls’ surprise or doubting voices came from outside. These are the gifts McGonagall brought back to them from the dungeon. He did not deliberately choose too high-tech things, which are more practical.

"It's so cool and comfortable." Yabeimia wears a delicate bracelet on her hand. This is a thermostatic bracelet that can ensure that the body temperature is maintained in a very comfortable range.

Mia is afraid of cold and heat. With this, no matter how busy she is at work, she doesn’t have to worry about sweating.

Other gifts also have their own characteristics, and they are all carefully selected by McGonagall. what

For example, Amy’s is a super snack package, which includes 100 popular snacks in the dungeon, and all of them are super large.

What Annie gets is a drawing board, which is not an ordinary drawing board. It can be changed into a bracelet when it is contracted. After unfolding, it becomes a large drawing board and can draw directly on the drawing board. The painted pictures are directly stored in the drawing board, which is simply going out. An artifact of painting.

After dinner, the girls cleaned the table and said goodbye to leave.

McGonagall continued from the last Journey to the West and said it three times before putting the three children to sleep.

Close the door gently, McGonagall returned to the bedroom. The light in the room was a bit dim and ambiguous. A graceful figure was lying on the bed sideways, with long jade legs looming among the tulle.

Mag’s mouth raised, untied his bathrobe, climbed onto the bed, and embraced the beauty in his arms.

This night, the bed is swaying, and I don’t know when to stop.

Outside the window, the sky is already bright.

Meg subconsciously touched the head of the bed, and felt a little bit funny. Even after a year, he still used to want a smoke after the incident.

The person next to the pillow, whose breathing has not yet subsided, tears flooded in the watery eyes, contented and slightly resentful.

"Over there, what's the situation now?" Irina's voice was still a little lazy and panting.

"I asked them to sign a contract to ensure that they will not invade Nolan." McGonagall revealed the twin tower contract.

Irina sat up and read the content of the contract carefully. She was a little surprised: "They are willing to sign it? Don't you say that they have hundreds of gods?"

"After I became a god, I killed ten and destroyed the most mysterious and powerful organization in the dungeon, the Undead, and they had no opinion." McGonagall took it for granted.

Irina opened her mouth slightly, looking at McGonagall in disbelief.

That is a god, the **** who has not been born in Nolan Continent for ten thousand years, was actually killed ten by McGonagall in one breath?

She didn't doubt McGonagall's words, just thought it was a bit fantasy.

"The guy who invaded the elves last time was sent by the undead. They had a hunting plan and wanted to capture the gods of Nolan mainland, so I wiped them all out." McGonagall continued.

Irina pursed her lips slightly and plunged into McGonagall’s arms.

McGonagall hugged her lightly, without speaking.

The death of the Elf Queen must have been a big blow to her, but she did not like to show it in front of others.

McGonagall held Irina for a long time, feeling that her mood had gradually calmed down, and whispered in her ear: "I want to marry you. Let's have a wedding. Invite our friends to attend. I want to be formal and solemn. Tell everyone that you are my wife."

"Huh?" Irina was taken aback.

In the room, the lights are on.

McGonagall took out a crystal clear blue diamond ring from nowhere, got up from the bed, knelt on one knee, and looked at Irina affectionately: "Marry me."

Irina’s eye sockets instantly turned red, tears came out of her eyes, but there was an uncontrollable smile on the corners of her mouth.

She stretched out her right hand.

McGonagall put the ring on her hand.

At that moment, McGonagall felt a responsibility and a fulfillment.

McGonagall got up and hugged Irina into his arms tightly. The fit of the soul made him feel joy and happiness.

"In another seven days, we will have a wedding, and I will arrange everything." McGonagall laid Irina gently on the bed, "Go to sleep."

Irina had a smile on her mouth, and went to sleep sweetly. McGonagall got up and took a shower, changed into a new chef's uniform, went downstairs, and started preparing for today's business.

The restaurant was closed for a week, but the guests were spoiled.

I don’t know who has leaked the news. The genius has just been lighted up, and there has been a long queue outside the restaurant, even extending into the park.

McGonagall walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and took a look. He felt a little funny and moved.

The Burning Legion is the most eye-catching, even under the dim shade of the trees, it is still the brightest.

Phyllis also came to help early in the morning. Camilla went back to her hometown on vacation. According to McGonagall’s original plan, today is still a holiday.

But it’s right to think about it. Camilla is now the patriarch of the vampire family. She is in an important position. She runs to the restaurant every day to be a vegetable cutter.

Look, Connie is now the strong woman chief of the orc race, focusing on her career. A visit to the restaurant must be a business trip.

Meg’s food delivery business, because the only delivery staff ran away, ended up without a problem.

The restaurant reopened, and the girls all arrived early to prepare for some preparatory work before the opening.

Considering the retaliatory consumption of customers, McGonagall prepared double breakfast on weekdays, including soup dumplings and fried dough sticks.

The preparations were almost done, everyone had breakfast first.

"Where is the boss? Why didn't you see her for dinner this morning?" Mia asked with some confusion.

"She slept late yesterday, so breakfast should have been skipped." McGonagall replied.

"Why do you sleep late? Didn't we listen to the bedtime story together yesterday?" Ji Na asked with a simple face.

"The boss hasn't been home for so many days. It's weird to be able to go to bed early." Barbara said casually, biting the dough stick.

The atmosphere on the dinner table suddenly became a bit strange.

"Hey, it's you who knows best." McGonagall glanced at Barbara.

"I mean, I can't fall asleep happily." Barbara explained with a flushed face.

"Although I am very happy, I still sleep soundly." Amy murmured, and continued to **** her soup dumplings, her face almost buried in the plate.

What a group of unmanned girls can understand, McGonagall does not want to explain, this kind of thing will only become more and more dark.

After breakfast, McGonagall pushed his bicycle out to send Amy to school.

"Boss Mai, you can count back."

"Boss Mai, I was in line here in the middle of the night last night."

"Boss Mai..."

Familiar faces greeted McGonagall, with a little bit of resentment in their tone.

McGonagall greeted them well, and then ran the road on his bike.

The bicycle stopped at the gate of Chaos Academy. McGonagall greeted the uncle who was the guard, took Amy’s little hand and sent her to the magic classroom.

"You..." Krasu took the breakfast from McGonagall and looked at McGonagall with a little surprise. Today's McGonagall feels completely different to him. He has returned to the basics and can't detect the breath of him.

Krasu had some guesses in his mind, but it was not easy to ask directly.

"I bother you getting old during this time. Next Sunday, I plan to have a wedding with Amy's mother. Please come by then." McGonagall smiled and handed out an invitation.

"Wedding?" Krasu was a little surprised, took the invitation, nodded with a smile, "Okay, I will come by then."

"Wedding? Is it... the kind of wedding where many people eat together?" Amy's eyes lit up, looking at McGonagall in surprise.

"Yes, it was my wedding with your mother." McGonagall nodded with a smile, touched Amy's head and said: "Then I won't delay your class."

Meg left, Krasu took his breakfast to sit down at the table beside him, ate a few mouthfuls of porridge, and opened the invitation with some curiosity.

The exquisite and beautiful invitation card stated the date of the wedding. The place was in Maimi Restaurant, but the signature surprised him:

Groom: McGonagall

Bride: Irina

"Does he know that I already know?" Krasu smiled freely. Also, McGonagall and Irina are so smart people, but everyone sees through them and doesn't tell them.

Mag returned to the restaurant, opened the door on time to welcome guests, and opened the hot pot area in the morning as an exception, which can accommodate more guests.

A cage of soup dumplings floated out of the back kitchen and landed on the guests’ tables.

Youtiao soy milk set meal is also extremely popular.

The warm and delicious preserved egg and lean meat porridge is the favorite of community animals.

Just over half of the business hours in the morning, the back kitchen was in a hurry to stock up on food. McGonagall still underestimated the retaliatory consumption of foodies.

Mag deliberately extended the business hours by half an hour, so that the last guest in the line also had a warm breakfast.

The business is over in the morning, and the girls go back to rest. McGonagall cooks a pot of porridge again and brings it upstairs to Irina.

Irina dressed in loose pajamas, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, eating porridge, looking at McGonagall and asking: "The threat of the dungeon is lifted. What do you plan to do with the former dominator?"

"Tomorrow I will go out, and now I can sense their location, I will completely remove them from Nolan Continent." McGonagall smiled.

"Clear it completely? But the gods could only seal them back then." Irina frowned slightly.

"I found a way to restrain them." McGonagall opened his hand, and a silver long sword appeared in his hand.

Irina looked at the two mysterious runes engraved on the hilt, and asked with some confusion: "This is?"

"This is the Heavenly Sword. It is another opportunity I got in the dungeon. It can be said to be the incarnation of the law, specializing in the law." McGonagall explained that this is also the reason why he killed the dungeon so extraordinary as a dog.

"Then I will go with you."

"No, I'll be back soon." McGonagall smiled and shook her head, gently stroked her smooth long hair with his hand, and sat down beside her, "Should we consider the second child?"

Irina's hand paused, and she turned her head to look at him, her eyes slightly sly: "Are you sure you can bring it here?"

"Be a daddy, I am a professional." McGonagall patted his chest, full of confidence.

The reopening of Maimi Restaurant has revitalized the business in this corner of Aden Square.

Give Irina a booster shot, McGonagall sent out a few invitations, and it was time to prepare for business at noon.

For this wedding, McGonagall does not plan to make a big feature, but is going to take a small but beautiful path. He invited friends from both sides, and the number is about thirty or forty.

Invitation cards for old friends, McGonagall's signature is: Alex, invitations to new friends, the signature is: McGonagall.

He wanted to let his old friends know that he married Irina, and he wanted to let the friends he met in the restaurant know that Mr. Mai married the proprietress.

"He is getting married, but unfortunately the bride is not me." Gloria stood in front of the Dailan shop, looking at the exquisite invitation card in her hand, a little lonely.

Behind her, the wooden mannequin is wearing a white gauze dress, which seems to be her size.

"Congratulations, the wedding I...I will go." Luna took the invitation from McGonagall, with a hint of surprise and great blessing in her smile.

Looking at McGonagall’s bike going away, Luna opened the invitation, and the exquisitely hand-painted silhouettes of the two, leaning against each other, looked so beautiful.

"It's great, so that Amy's parent meeting will no longer have to worry about her mother's absence." Luna smiled, put away the invitation and walked towards the school, "But, why do you envy her..."


"Boss Mai is getting married and invited me to the wedding. You said, what gift should I give to make it look more attentive and special?" Sargeras gathered the core members of the Burning Legion together and asked very seriously. road.

"I think I can give a large piece of gold into the shape of a love heart." Mund proposed.

"The vulgarity is dead... You are so impure that you are embarrassing the boss." Keir shook his head and thought about it seriously: "I think the love-shaped gem is better."


The invitation card took the fastest lightning falcon to Dragon Island, to the Forest of Wind, to the Twilight Forest, to Luodu, to the Devil Islands, and sent to the hands of old friends.

In the chaotic city, the news of Mr. Mai’s upcoming wedding spread like wildfire.

Nine hundred million girls had their dreams broken overnight.

"This is simply a romantic heroic epic masterpiece!" Vicky looked at the invitation card in her hand with excitement.

She had learned from Xi what McGonagall did after entering the dungeon, including one person slaughtering the undead and sealing the entrance of the dungeon to the Nolan continent.

Although she has a pen in her hand, she does not dare to make up like this.

The dungeon that gave birth to her became the background board, but this did not affect her worship of McGonagall as a lone hero.

He is already the strongest in the two worlds, and the **** who truly stands on the top of the world. The first thing he did was to marry Irina, the woman who gave birth to Amy and gave everything.

He still runs his small restaurant, welcoming every guest with a smile, just like at the beginning.

Vickey felt that her pen was about to move on her own.

Angela, who has successfully mixed into a role with a line, also received the invitation. After staring at the invitation, she was silent for a long time. She still didn't understand: "Why am I not as good as her? I can be sweet or salty, soft and can Wearing black silk, you can also put on fishnet stockings, he has never looked at me with his straight eyes!"


"It's so romantic, I have to make up the wedding. I am worthy of the boss." Connie took the invitation and read it more than ten times, with a stupid smile on her face.

"Master, I'm going to attend the boss's wedding, the family affairs are left to you, goodbye." Connie put away the invitation, immediately packed up the package and set off.

"Isn't the wedding only seven days later? Why did you leave so early?" Rex walked in from outside the camp, wondering.

"Uh... I'm worried that if something happens on the road, I have to leave some time to adapt..." Connie said a little embarrassed.

Rex sighed silently, she knew her well.

"I'll accompany you a trip." Rex said.

"No, just go to the wedding." Connie had already ran out of the camp, and her voice came from outside, "I'll ride the fastest and smartest Lightning Gryphon."

"That guy, you have been riding too much recently, and he has become less clever." Rex slandered, but didn't say anything.


After the Maimi restaurant was open for one day, the next day, he asked for a day off on the grounds that the boss was preparing for the wedding.

This reason has been understood by the guests for the time being.

McGonagall drove the battleship presented by Xi's representative Ferdinand straight to the far north.

Sealed half of Cthulhu’s northern battlefield ruins. At this time, there were still several tenth-level experts guarding here.

Mag put on a mask and fell from the sky.

The alarm was triggered, and immediately two figures rushed out, and several teams of guards surrounded them.

"I am Alex, come today to kill the devil in the seal." McGonagall identified himself.

Several tenth-level powerhouses confirmed McGonagall’s identity, but they were very puzzled about his purpose of coming here.

"Master Alex, this devil cannot be killed. You sealed it with your own hands. How can you kill it today?" a strong demon asked inexplicably.

The other tenth-level experts were equally puzzled, and even had some doubts about McGonagall.

"Because I am today is different from that day." McGonagall stretched out his hand, and the Tianwen Sword appeared on his palm, exposing his vast aura.


The expressions of the tenth-level powerhouses changed drastically, and they stepped back several hundred meters subconsciously, looking at McGonagall who was standing under the sealed stele with an unbelievable expression.

Such a mighty breath, like a god, actually made them want to worship.

This is no longer the same as that of Alex, who fought with the devil on this battlefield that day.

"He... he has become a god!"

The old strong elf exclaimed.

Meg did not explain much to them, stepped out and stepped into the seal.

Krasu's gelatinous body covered with black scales was still huge, and the huge bat wings contracted, as if he felt the arrival of McGonagall, and made a sharp and piercing laughter, "Little human beings, you will die eventually, and I , Will never die. When this formation decays, it will be when I return to Nolan Continent..."

"Your useless body is indeed not as good as your head. After all, it supplies the octopus whiskers in the whole city. This kind of output and contribution is completely worthy of awarding a gold supplier's small card." McGonagall stared indifferently. That wriggling Cthulhu.

"Arrange now!" the system replied.


Klasu hadn't finished speaking, a white rainbow had been cut out of McGonagall's hand, and it had penetrated Cthulhu's body countless times in an instant.

A beam of light penetrated from Cthulhu’s smashed body.

The flying sword returned to its sheath and fell back into McGonagall's hands.

Krasu's huge body exploded and completely vanished.

"I'm very big, you can't bear it." McGonagall took the sword and left the seal without looking back.

On this day, Cthulhu died, the seal of the Arctic Ice Plain was lifted, and the guards stationed in this bitter cold land were able to return home.

On this day, McGonagall traveled across the mountains and rivers of the Nolan Continent, beheading fifteen old rulers, leaving only the half of Cthulhu outside the city of chaos.


The news that Alex became a **** spread throughout the continent of Nolan.

Shaun entered the palace urgently, but this impregnable palace did not bring him much sense of security.

Night fell, and McGonagall, who had been running for a day, came outside the palace in the center of Luodu.

In the early morning of the second day, the Lose Empire announced to the world:

King Andre, Prince Shaun, suffered a sudden illness and died one after another. The third prince Yuri Edward was crowned as king. Because of his young age, Princess Winesa was assisted in governing.

The world is shaking.


"Are you sure you want this set of wedding dresses? Or try another set?" McGonagall held two sets of wedding dresses in his hands.

Irina looked a little tangled at the wedding dress in McGonagall's hands, a set of fresh tulle style, a set of gorgeous styles of long skirts, I really like it, what should I do?

McGonagall saw Irina's entanglement and smiled and said, "Why don't you keep both sets and change your clothes during the wedding?"

"I think it's good." Irina nodded.

The wedding date is fast approaching, and McGonagall plans to prepare an exquisite and beautiful wedding for Irina, hoping to leave a good memory for her.

And these days, McGonagall has not been idle at all. The most troublesome thing is the man-man feast with 108 dishes in his head.

At first, McGonagall promised Amy that he would serve her as a full banquet in the future. Naturally, he could not break his promise.

is just this one hundred and eight dishes, the amount of engineering is really amazing, fortunately after breaking through the gods, his understanding and control have reached the extreme, a few days, he has already mastered almost the same.

"My father, tomorrow, Xiaoguai and I only need to hold flowers?" Amy ran over and asked curiously.

"Huahua? Where is the flower?" Xiaoguai who was sitting on the ground playing with blocks raised his head, looked left and right, and then lowered his head to continue stacking blocks.

"Yes, tomorrow you just need to walk in front of us with flowers, and then you can go and eat." McGonagall nodded with a smile and touched Amy's head. "Furthermore, father will make it for you tomorrow. Man Han feast."

"Man Han Banquet! That is the Man Han Banquet with 108 dishes that can be eaten for three days in a row?" Amy's eyes lit up, as if there was a light flickering.

"Do you still remember." McGonagall couldn't help but smile. As expected, the most unforgettable thing for foodies is food.

"Of course, this is the first time my father promised to give me good food." Of course, Amy nodded his little head.

"Well, I will have a meal with everyone at noon tomorrow, and then we will eat three days in a row without repetition." McGonagall smiled and nodded. Of course, it is impossible for all the 108 dishes to come to the wedding. The guests are here again, so he plans to select 36 dishes for the feast tomorrow.

"Okay, okay." The little guy nodded, smiling from ear to ear.

On the eve of the wedding, according to the rules of the elves, Irina did not live in the restaurant, but went to the factory in the north of the city.

McGonagall put the three children to sleep early, lying on the bed by himself, turning over and over, but couldn't fall asleep no matter how excited he was.

Two lives, but this marriage is the first time as a groom.

stayed up all night, McGonagall got up early the next morning and went downstairs, but unlike the general groom who was eager to go out to pick up his wife, McGonagall went down to prepare for a lunch.

This wedding, he wanted Irina to leave a good memory, and also wanted to impress all the guests present.

Choose 36 dishes, including: anchovy shark fin, red plum pearl fragrant, roasted pheasant, Luohan prawns, white grilled fish lips, braised fish bones, braised shark skin with green onions... and so on.

The system has prepared all kinds of ingredients for McGonagall in advance, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be completed in advance for the five-table guests.

Fortunately, McGonagall is no longer who he was before, and now he is charging up.

Ingredients fly out from the refrigerator one by one, and are cleaned according to different requirements, and then the fat head fish is flying in the air, and the various kinds of ingredients that have been cut fall down like rain, and fall into the prepared large plates one by one.

In less than half an hour, all the ingredients that need to be prepared in advance were all prepared, the stew was put on the pot, and the fire was simmered, and then McGonagall went upstairs to take a shower and change clothes.

The straight black suit, the combed back, the two-character Hu was also painfully shaved off by him, and the whole person looked handsome and handsome.

The three little guys also got up and changed their clothes with the help of Jina. The pink dress looks very cocoa and cute.

"Wow, my father is so handsome!" Amy ran downstairs with a little **** expression.

Gina looked at McGonagall, her eyes lit up, her face suddenly blushed, and today's boss looks a bit more handsome.

"Well, we should pick up the bride now." McGonagall smiled and hugged Amy and walked towards the door.

A lot of people have been surrounded outside the restaurant.

The news that McGonagall is going to get married has spread throughout the City of Chaos these days. As the murderer who broke the dreams of 900 million girls, many young girls with broken dreams could not help but come to watch the ceremony.

Today’s wedding, the City Lord’s Mansion specially sent a law enforcement team to maintain order. There is also a ceremonial team to assist in the wedding, and the city owner will come to the wedding in person. This is the first case in the City of Chaos.

McGonagall opened the door and came out, and the crowd suddenly cheered and screamed.

"My God, he is so handsome!"

"What bride is not me? I hate it!"

"Excuse me, are you considering marrying your second wife?"

Mag, who was in a suit, went out, letting the girls on the scene fall.

A red convertible classic car parked in front of the door, the bright red shining especially in the sun.

This is customized by McGonagall from the system.

The City Lord’s Mansion had arranged for a carriage, but McGonagall refused, and that force was not enough.

Of course, his initial plan was to take Azi to pick up his relatives and circle the chaotic city three times, which would definitely force Geraman.

But this plan was too exaggerated, and it was too revealing, and it was eventually rejected.

Convertible sports car, low-key luxury.

The train is already running on the tracks and the preliminary trial operation with passengers has begun.

The four-wheeled car is running on the road. Although it is eye-catching, it is not so exaggerated.

Mag got into the car and sat in the driving position.

Three children sit in the back row, and Annie protects Xiaoguai.

"Boss, let's go, the restaurant will be handed over to us." Yabeimia stood by the car, clenching her fist and encouraging.

The girls in the restaurant are here, Elizabeth, Shiryl, Anna, Jane, Barbara, Rena, Angela are all here.

Oh, Camilla is not here.

McGonagall didn't care so much, and nodded at the girls, started the car, and set off to pick up the bride.

drove straight to the north of the city and stopped outside the gate of the textile factory.

Elf likes to be simple and elegant, so the textile factory did not put on red and hang colors, only a colorful carpet extending to the gate, today married your princess, the whole factory is shut down, and the atmosphere is equally festive.

The citizens only know that Boss Mai’s bride is an elf, so Boss Mai’s visit to the textile factory where the elves gather seems to be reasonable, and he didn’t think much about it.

Meg got off the car, stood still in front of the car, looking expectantly in the direction of the door.

The sound of music is played by the traditional ocarina of the elves.

Irina walked on the colorful red carpet accompanied by Ashley and Felice. The gorgeous white wedding dress made her more holy, wearing a golden crown, noble and elegant.

McGonagall looked at her, looked at her, only felt that there was no second such beautiful and lovely person in this world, and the corners of his mouth could not help but show a smile.

Irina also looked at him. Although her expression was solemn, her eyes were full of smiles. He even shaved her beard. She looked pretty, like a...brother?

The newlyweds are flirting with each other, Phyllis will still be stunned, until this morning she didn’t realize that the princess is the boss’s wife, and Amy is the little lord she has been thinking of, and she... just a clown?

"My mother is good for brewing!" Amy held her small hand, her eyes sparkling.

"Biao Biao brewing, madam..." Xiao Guai also poked his head, trying to look at the bride coming from the colorful blanket.

Anne did not know when she took out the drawing board, zoomed in to only 16k size, than brushing on the screen, the picture of Irina walking on the colorful blanket is already on the paper.

"I'm here to pick you up." McGonagall smiled and opened the passenger door.

Irina just glanced at him affectionately, and sat sideways in the co-pilot.

McGonagall got in the car and nodded slightly at Phyllis and Ashley: "Thanks for your hard work, welcome to our wedding."

Aishuli smiled and nodded, a kind of relief as an elder.

Phyllis nodded blankly, still a little bit unrecovered from the blow.

Meg has a car and three babies come to pick up the family, but the team to send off the family is extraordinarily luxurious.

Five hundred elves, riding a unicorn, carrying all kinds of dowry items, to marry her Royal Highness.

The red convertible sports car opened the way, and five hundred handsome elves rode on beautiful unicorns to give off to their marriage. Such wonders attracted passers-by to stop and watch.

And when people saw the couple in the car, they were both handsome and beautiful, and they all spontaneously sent blessings.

There are people from the City Lord’s Mansion to help maintain order, and the welcoming team successfully reached the Maimi restaurant.

The red carpet has been spread all the way from the entrance of the restaurant to the park. A corner of the park has been carefully decorated with lawns. A flower path leads directly to the small high platform in the center. There are dozens of chairs on both sides. At this time, the guests are already seated.

People are shocked to find that the identities of these guests are actually more than one.

City Lord Michael is married, Miss Hill from Buffett Bank is here, Headmaster Nuofan from Chaos Academy is here, Lord Roland of the Temple of Grey is here, Krasu, God of Flame is here, Camilla, the Vampire Patriarch, Camilla is here, Lord of Frost Julian is here, Master Roma, the **** of blacksmithing, and Dracula, the ancestor of the vampire!

"More than that! The young and noble elf sitting in the corner, isn't her Majesty the elf queen Sally?!"

"That tall man, is it Lankster, a semi-god master of the Frost Dragon clan?!"

"Boss Mai’s circle of friends is simply shocking!"

"It's more than shocking... it shocked my mom!"

The crowd onlookers were completely shocked by the guest lineup.

The wedding car stopped, and McGonagall took Irina's hand and got out of the car.

The guests looked back, and most of them were smiling.

Michael stood on the high platform, ready to officiate at the wedding.

"Wait a moment!"

At this moment, a cry of exclamation suddenly came from the sky, and a gray-black griffin descended from the sky spirally and smashed down towards the wedding scene.

Nuofan raised his right hand falsely, propped up a space cushion above, caught the griffon falling from the sky, and gently placed it on the ground aside.

A thin figure kicked the Griffin away, afraid to come out, looking at the people looking at her weirdly, and smiled a little embarrassingly: "Sorry, I'm a little late..."

The person here is Connie who left a week ago.

"Isn't this Miss Connie, the new chief of the orcs? She is here too!"

"But... it looks like some trouble happened on the way."

Someone also recognized Connie soon, and they couldn't help but talk.

Connie covered her face, and quickly ran to Barbara and sat down, pretending that nothing happened.

People, now they are all here.

The elves band played traditional music. Amy and Xiaoguai walked in front of them holding flowers. Irina took McGonagall's arms and set foot on the road together.

Michael used the ancient wedding greetings of Nolan mainland to send sincere blessings to the couple.

Meg led Irina onto the high platform, and the two stood opposite each other, watching each other.

"Please, our bridegroom, say a few words to the bride." Michael smiled and stepped back from the high platform to preside over the wedding ceremony for God. This is something that can be bragged for a lifetime.

The scene suddenly became quiet, and everyone looked at the two on stage.

The girls’ eyes are shining with expectations. This kind of wedding is probably what every woman yearns for?

McGonagall looked at Irina and felt his heart beating faster. Even when facing the old ruler, he was not as nervous as it is now. His voice was slightly hoarse because of the tension, but he still said magnetically: "Death and life are boundless. Yu Zicheng said. Hold your hand and grow old with him. I will keep this promise."

Irina smiled, smiled happily, and burst into tears.

She suddenly understood what was the purpose of the three years of persistence, so that their family could meet again, so that they could stand here at this moment and marry him.

McGonagall hugged her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Applause broke out at the scene, thunderous applause, mixed with a little lament.

The wedding ceremony ended in the fragrance of lemon. It is trendy and touching. It will surely lead the wedding trend in the chaotic city.

Meg took Irina’s hand and returned to the dining room. On the second floor was the newly furnished room.

The guests also turned to the restaurant, waiting for the start of the banquet.

As guests, wedding dinner is always the least important part.

But this is McGonagall’s wedding, so it’s a little different because he cooks it himself.

"If he hadn't done the cooking himself, it wouldn't be true if I would come today," said Dracula and Camilla sitting next to him.

"Bring out." Camilla spit out, absentmindedly.

Amy is holding a small bowl and has found herself a good place. Sitting next to them are Annie and Xiaoguai, both of whom have no fighting ability. The ugly duckling squats at her feet, thinking whether she can eat meat today.

Everyone sat down and chatted, and many of them knew each other, but they weren’t boring.

Hill and Gloria sat together, Luna and Sally were also at the table, as well as Vicky and Xi.

"How do I feel that the atmosphere at this table is a bit strange? Is it the Broken Front Alliance?" Vicky quietly sent Xi, "Boss Mai is too bold, right?"

"Yeah." Xi gave a perfunctory hum, fiddling with the bracelet.

"Huh?" Vicky took a close look at Xi, "I feel she is not normal?"

In the anticipation of everyone, a dish is finally served in turn from the back kitchen.

Anchovy shark's fin, red plum bead fragrant, roasted pheasant, Luohan prawns... the color and fragrance are all-inclusive, and the array is dazzling, and the knowledgeable guests can't help but amaze.

"Fortunately, I caught up, otherwise I would miss this wonderful dinner." Connie took the opportunity to change her clothes, wash her face and muttered quietly, chewing on a big prawn.

"Eat for three days! This is too happy! It would be nice if the father and mother got married every day... The Man Han Banquet is so delicious!"

Amy is holding a prawn in one hand, a pheasant drumstick in the other, a shark fin in her mouth, and a happy smile on her little face.

Irina changed the gorgeous wedding dress to a fresh one, and she also sat down for dinner.

"Boss, you are the woman I admire the most. Really, there is no one. This is also the best wedding I have ever attended!" Vivian said sincerely.

Now Boss Mai is really famous, and she has also lost a chance to stay alive forever. It's all because of Luna's failure to live up to her temper.

Mag took Irina and had a drink with the guests. After the wedding banquet, the guests also left.

The girls cleaned up the restaurant, left consciously, and took a few little guys away together, leaving plenty of space for the two newcomers.

On the third floor balcony, Irina is still wearing a wedding dress, sitting on the swing, smiling and looking back at McGonagall who pushed her on the swing, "I like this wedding very much."

McGonagall stared at her with a smile.

"I like you too."

(End of the book.)