“Um, you mentioned that you nearly died in the dungeon, so it’s likely true…”

“But we’re still unsure about how you ended up here. Do you have any idea?”

“I’m not sure…” Seong Jarim muttered, her mind reeling from the successive shocks she had experienced.

Alright then. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the sweet and sour pork.

“I always wondered why Kang Sejun paid so much attention to you, even before knowing you were the administrator’s contractee. Now it makes sense…”

“Of course, I never revealed that I was a contractee. He didn’t tell me why he was searching for the administrator or how he found out about them. I can’t expose my secret without knowing his intentions,” Seora sighed and quickly popped a fried dumpling into her mouth. 

Darn it. Seong Jarim, who missed out on the last fried dumpling, looked dejected.

“The issue lies with you.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Kang Sejun said he’ll question you next because Baek Huiwon mentioned that you’re as unique as him.”

“Baek Huiwon!” Seong Jarim’s hand tensed, causing the chopsticks to break.

Exactly. That’s why Seora was so frustrated with Baek Huiwon!

“Sigh. I’ll have to pretend that I don’t know anything either, although I’m not sure if I can act as well as you.”

“Well, at least you don’t have to cross a dangerous bridge, right?”

Jarim tilted her head, seeking clarification on what Seora meant.

“You’re in a different situation than I am. You’ve been on another planet for 100 years, so it wont be surprising that you know the administrator.”

“Are you suggesting that I should reveal that I’m a returnee?”

“I believe you’re special because you’re the only survivor who made it through the dungeon. Besides, Kang Sejun is a regressor. Knowing about a returnee won’t make much of a difference.”

“I see.” Jarim nodded. Since she couldn’t act as convincingly as Seora, it might be better to mix the truth with some lies. Actually, there wasn’t much to lie about if Seora had already concealed the fact that she was the administrator’s contractee.

“We need to extract information from Kang Sejun. Let’s reveal some of our secrets to find out how he knew about us and what his intentions are.”

“Okay, got it. By the way, does the administrator has anything to say?”

Seora stared into space after hearing Jarim’s question. She had asked the same question to Kang Sejun when they first met, but the answer was always the same.

“He didn’t say anything. He probably doesn’t care about what we do.”

The administrator’s silence indicated that he would be a bystander, so they had no reason to hesitate.

‘Perhaps this will help me uncover the identity of the administrator.’

The trigger was his voice. Ever since she heard his voice, Seora had been consumed by the desire to learn more about him. It was her only longing, even after the Cheorwon Dungeon had disappeared.

“Since I won’t pretend to know not about you, you have to accept when I reach out to you.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best.”

Hoping for a positive outcome, Seora devoured the last remaining sweet and sour pork without a hint of guilt. Seong Jarim, unable to stop her due to her broken chopsticks, burst into tears, lamenting that Seora had even taken her fried dumplings before finishing the sweet and sour pork.


After the disappearance of the Cheorwon Dungeon, peace returned to Korea. Although dungeons still appeared occasionally, it was rare to encounter one above Level 3. With the increase in L-class individuals to three, people enjoyed a more comfortable life than ever before.

Among them, the emergence of Seong Jarim, who had previously been as unknown as Headbang, was met with great enthusiasm.

‘I’m sure they’re completely astonished.’

【Title: Is This A Real Saint?】

【Title: Uh… An L-Class, Right?】

【Title: Isn’t This an Extreme Concept Bug???】

【Title: So, Is She a Combatant or a Healer? A Healer Holding a Scythe and Killing Monsters???? Isn’t This Awesome???】

“What a complete mess,” Seora chuckled, lying on her bed and sipping beer as a snack.

Unlike Kang Sejun, Seong Jarim didn’t rely on the association to reveal her information. Instead, she stepped forward directly.

“Nice to meet you all! I am the saint who replenishes strength with holy power and guides everyone toward salvation!”

“S-so your name is…”

“It’s Seong Jarim. Please take care of me!”

It was a polite and enigmatic self-introduction.

Seora, observing the scene from the back of the conference room, had to sit down and stifle her laughter.

The association official responsible for the introduction was visibly embarrassed. Luckily, they were assigned to the support office and not the management office where Seora worked.

“Oh, there’s a new thread on the S-class community as well.”

After clicking on the S-class community window, marked with a “NEW!” sign, Seora accidentally sprayed beer on the screen.

【Title: Bang-nim, Where Are Youuuuuuuu!?】

【Title: Who Is Bang-nim Really?? They Haven’t Revealed It to Us Either??????】

【Title: The Guild Master Won’t Tell Me, Too T.T Who Is Headbang????????】

【Title: I Won’t Tell Anyone Else, so Can You Just Tell Me Here?!】

“…How many of these are there?”

Bang-nim, Headbang, Big Sis Bang, Big Bro Bang. There were all sorts of names. Judging by the way this person spoke, it must be Kang Hanseo, the vice master of Eternal.

Yu Su-eun mentioned that he was searching for me in the community, but I didn’t anticipate that he would be posting multiple articles a day.

“I’m afraid to see what’s inside.”

All she wanted was to fall asleep, oblivious to it all. As Seora cleaned the community window, preparing to lie down on her bed…

【Administrator: | ᐕ)*】

“… Wait. Wait a moment. Why are you showing up? Administrator? It can’t be, right? You wouldn’t do that, right? Right, Liza?”

But the administrator was quicker than her hands.

【Administrator: (°∇^*)b⌒☆】

Clicking on the most uproarious title, he gave a thumbs-up and left.

“Elizabeth! Ugh!” Why do you find joy in my suffering?! Bad Liza! Bad Liza! “So, you’re saying you’ll keep opening them until I read it, even if I don’t want to…?”

Hic. In the end, Seora read the text that the administrator had opened, tears streaming down her face.

【Can’t anyone at least tell me Bang-nim’s real name, face, or gender?! I’m so curious, I can’t even sleep at night sob The guild master just laughs when I ask sob That makes it even scarier sob

Why didn’t the notification pop up when you first entered the community ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ How did you do that??? According to WDO’s official report, no one should be capable of doing that. Please tell me how you did it. That way I can believe that you’re a ghost.

When I ask the guild master, he keeps looking at me with a deep look and a meaningful smile, so my doubts won’t disappear. Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!】

“You lunatic…”

Not only are you curious about my identity, but you also want to know if I’m a ghost or a human? And even if Joo Eun smiles mysteriously without providing any explanation, what do you mean by giving you a meaningful glance?

“The Eternal Guild is just strange.”

Until now, I held onto my fantasies about the Eternal Guild and clung to them somehow. But now it seems like the time has come to let go. None of the five major guilds were normal.


|Guardian Spirit Guild’s Leader|: Aha, aha, aha! Oh, Kang Hanseo, were you that curious? Sigh. If you were that curious, why didn’t you support as a backup in the Cheorwon Dungeon?!

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: Ah, I didn’t think Headbang would appear there sob

└|Guardian Spirit Guild’s Leader|: Hehehe, I know who it is~~~ Hehehehe. Everyone in Cheorwon knows!

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: Just tell me if they’re ghosts or humans!

└|Guardian Spirit Guild’s Leader|: Sigh. I can’t. They’re an L-class. It’s too scary to say. Huh? They even pass through walls while I sleep and startle me!

└(Deleted comment)

└|Guardian Spirit Guild’s Leader|: Oh my, one shouldn’t say things like that. Oops. Delete, delete.

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: Wha-wha-what?! Passing through walls?! Is it an earthquake or a ghost?!

Yu Su-eun genuinely enjoyed teasing Kang Hanseo. It was the first time Seora had seen her so joyful since the day Song Hanna defeated Han Suwon.

“Just as mischievous as a real Chihuahua…”


|Han Suwon|: Please stop spamming the community.

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: Oh, um… Big Bro, could you please tell me?

└|Han Suwon|: Why would I be your big bro? And I’m scared too, so I can’t speak.

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: …Huh? You’re scared too, bro…?

└|Sunset-ssi|: Hey, stop contacting me too. I’m scared too, so I can’t speak.

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: ?????? You too, big sis?!

└|Sunset-ssi|: Who‘s your big sis, Mr. Park?

It was no surprise that Yu Su-eun wasn’t the only one. However, Seora hadn’t anticipated Eun Injae to back Han Suwon.


|Yeonhui|: Oh, really. I’m curious too ^^ If you’re a ghost, you might get along well with our guild. Do you have any thoughts about joining Emissary Guild?

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: Look at this crazy recruitment strategy;;;;

Amidst the current situation, calmly suggesting guild recruitment? It was quite unsettling…

Jeong Hoyeong prioritized Song Hanna’s request, and it was known that Yeon Hui, the vice master, was the one who oversaw the guild’s operations. Perhaps that’s why, being practically the leader of an assassin’s den, this person also had a cunning side.


|I Hate Cerberus|: They’re scarier than a ghost, so please be careful ^^


I Hate Cerberus. It was another username that Seora had never encountered before.

She hadn’t come across this person in the community. Not only had she not seen Seong Jarim and Kang Sejun, but some of the active S-class guild members from Eternal in Busan had also never made an appearance.

That only left one possibility…

“Huh? So this means…?”


|Eternal Resignation Hope|: ????? Who are you, the person above??

└|Guardian Spirit Guild’s Leader|: Yeah, is it Kang Sejun or Seong Jarim? I Hate Cerberus, who are you? Ah, of course, I understand that feeling too. Ugh. Since coming back from Cheorwon, I really hate Cerberus…

└|Guardian Spirit Guild’s Leader|: Wait a second. Are you Yun Jaeheon, by any chance???

└|Eternal Resignation Hope|: Wh-what? Yun Jaeheon-ssi? Why are you here? Please don’t say strange things.

|I Hate Cerberus|: Hello everyone. This is Yun Jaeheon. Nice to meet you ^^

As soon as Kang Hanseo denied it, the real Yun Jaeheon made an appearance.

Seora slapped her forehead upon seeing her brother’s username, which she had never encountered before. “You wrote something like that just because the boss mob in the Cheorwon Dungeon resembled Cerberus?” She didn’t know whether to find it funny, cute, or sad.

Yun Jaeheon’s appearance caused quite a commotion. Yu Su-eun had already fought alongside him in Cheorwon, so she didn’t seem to think much of it. However, Kang Hanseo had a different reaction.

Continuing to scroll down the comment section, Seora tried to avoid reading others’ praises about her brother. But her finger stopped when she spotted a username she could guess, despite it being her first time seeing it.


|Saint-nim|: If you keep writing posts like this, I’ll… Oh, how furious they will get. How scary Headbang’s ears are, hmm, scary! Delete your post before you get caught. It’s really scary. So scary! It’s scary enough that even I’m scared, no, I’m terrified!


Seong Jarim, what the hell are you doing?