When Woon-seong heard the voice, he tightly gripped the White Night Spear.

“Inverted Sky Lord.”

The white-haired man chuckled. “Yes, that’s me.”

It was a creepy smile. Even though it was just a smile, it seemed to contain all of the sins of the world. 

Woon-seong lifted his energy and took away the smile’s effects. “You are a bit different from what I’ve heard—”

It was then.

“Come out and die!”

The Inverted Sky Lord frowned at the cry coming from behind him. 

Peng Ga-hyuk continued to shout at Woon-seong without realizing the frown: “What have you done to my son?!”

Woon-seong looked at the man. He glanced at the uniform and the unusual size of the man. “So it’s the Peng Clan. By your son, are you referring to Peng Hak?”

“Yes, my son, whom you have taken captive!”

Woon-seong laughed. “You don’t seem to be familiar with the situation. I don’t know what happened to your son.”

At Woon-seong’s words, tension seemed to rise from Peng Ga-hyuk. “Hey, you!”

“He’s probably lost his head by now.”

“Aaah! Heavenly Demonnnnn!”

As he screamed, Peng Ga-hyuk flew forward, swinging his blade. Woon-seong swung the White Night Spear in response. 

There was a huge collision. After that enormous noise,


There was a clear view of who had suffered the loss. 

Whereas Woon-seong stood on the ashen building, Peng Ga-hyuk’s body had been bounced back as fast as he came. 

The man flew back towards the rest of the Peng Clan. 


With that, he dug a long furrow into the ground. 

Was that all his strength amounted to? The man stretched his arms, trying to rush back towards Woon-seong. 

Someone stopped him. 

“Stop it.”

As soon as the Inverted Sky Lord put a hand on him, Peng Ga-hyuk froze. The sensation of a sword pointing at his corpse filled him with cold sweat. 

“If you’d given me a chance to speak, you’d understand. You can’t win against him.”

The Inverted SKy Lord smiled, making eye contact with Peng Ga-hyuk. Even as an ally, Peng Ga-hyuk trembled under that eerie gaze. 

“So I told you from the beginning. You deal with the rest of them.”

As soon as he said that, eunuchs from the Eastern Depot appeared behind King Jinseong. 

“You guys…”

“Your Majesty!”

“Chief Jo sent us!”

Looking at the new arrivals, the Inverted Sky Lord said, “See? You’ve got things to deal with.”

The Inverted Sky Lord’s face was calm and arrogant. 

However, Peng Ga-hyuk, who was still frozen by the man’s eyes, couldn’t harden his expression. Rather, he was getting more pale. He was just that afraid of the Inverted Sky Lord. 

“Oh, I understand.” 

Peng Ga-hyuk nodded his head with difficulty and the Inverted Sky Lord smiled brightly. 

“As you should.”

Then, he lifted his hand and patted Peng Ga-hyuk on the head. 

Some of the warriors of the Peng Clan reached for their swords as they saw their clan head being humiliated. Rather, it seemed like they were about to attack the emperor. 

Their qi slammed into the Inverted Sky Lord. 

However, the Inverted Sky Lord turned around without any response. He scattered the qi with a light motion, like swatting a fly. 

“Quiet now.”

The Tyrant King Troops rushed towards their clan head with grim expressions. One of the elders of the Peng Clan amongst them, whispered to Peng Ga-hyuk: “Though we are members of the Cult of the Inverted Sky, we are not his servants but his trading partners. This is outrageous!”

Peng Ga-hyuk shook his head. He then raised his hand and touched his eyes, “No, no.”

In his mind, he could still see the grisly face of the Inverted Sky Lord. 

In his mind, he could still feel death. 

Death that could not be escaped. 

The existence of the grim reaper, who would come at the moment of defiance. 

“Did I tell you that a Semi-Divine Being is a man who has shaken off his mortal husk and stepped into the threshold of the divine?”

Then that should hold true for this white-haired monster. 

But was it?

The energy from the white-haired man seemed to kill all the light in the world. His surroundings turned colorless.

Nevertheless, the man himself was shining white. A white light colder than an ice sheet. 

Looking at the light, Peng Ga-hyuk chewed on his lips. 

Suddenly, there was a word that popped into his head.

“A Divine Being?”

Peng Ga-hyuk said these words subconsciously. 

This was a level so unreachable that there were no more than five of them throughout the entire history of Murim. 

It was not simply shaking off the mortal husk and stepping into the divine threshold, but to be born a human and raised into a deity. 

Maybe the Inverted Sky Lord was walking towards that wall. Of course, he would not be a perfect Divine Being. 

But what if he was halfway there?

At that level, no matter how strong the Cult of the Heavenly Demon and the World Ending Heavenly Demon were, they would be no match. 

“We, we should not think about the lord.”

At the words of Peng Ga-hyuk, the others titled their heads. He turned away, ignoring their gazes. 

“Like the lord said, we’d better deal with the others.”

Peng Ga-hyuk firmly gripped his blade. The palms of his hands were already slick with sweat. There was no need to explain why they were damp. 


Peng Ga-hyuk and the Tyrant King Troops stood in front of the Brocade Guard and blades of the Eastern Depot. 

Peng Ga-hyuk raised his blade and settled it over his shoulders. “So it is time for us to deal with the rebels.”

King Jinseong drew his sword. “Bastard. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Although the Tyrant King Troops were said to be the elite of the Peng, the blades of the Eastern Depot had also been groomed into fighting machines.

They were the ones who had been his strength even after the true Jo Woo-sang had hidden away. 

These two forces collided in quick succession. 

Qi danced through the air. 

Peng Ga-hyuk stared at King Jinseong. “Can you handle it?”

“You should worry about yourself.”

Energy rose around Peng Ga-hyuk’s forearms. Tendrils of qi writhed on his forearms, which were thicker than the waist of an average woman. “I am actually very angry right now. I may be a little violent.”

“I have also lost someone I did not want to lose. I need to take out this anger somewhere. I can’t believe the opponent is also losing his mind.”

Clan Head Peng grunted. He then came up to King Jinseong, his gaze on the men behind. “Obviously they’re hard working men, so they don’t lack any imperial affiliations.”

“The Imperial Palace is usually a little prejudiced when it comes to this kind of work.”

Peng Ga-hyuk nodded. He had to admit that. 


“By the way, do you think they can handle me?”

Suddenly, his momentum skyrocketed, growing large as a giant’s.

Peng Ga-hyuk was ranked as the first amongst the elites known as the 72 Supreme Masters.

He was clearly a difficult opponent for King Jinseong, who was about the same level as someone just barely on the edge of the 72 Supreme Masters. 

No, it wasn’t just difficult. 

Even two King Jinseong’s wouldn’t be enough. 

But King Jinseong did not provoke this man without thought. 

“Do you really think so?”

A voice from somewhere; a group of people slowly approached King Jinseong. 

A young man in bloody scholar robes. 

An older man with five plum blossoms embroidered on his sleeves. 

And a eunuch spilling creepy qi from his hands. 

The man recognized who they were. 

“The Venerable Dragon, the Plum Blossom Swordsman, and Chief Jo of the Eastern Depot.”

After killing all the imperial guards who had been manipulated by the fake chancellor, the group came here after beheading the man. 

Of course, they were a little tired in the process. 

But even so, they could not be ignored!

King Jinseong welcomed them, “You’ve come at the right time.”

“Haha, I’m a little tired, but I have to finish the job.”

At the words of these men, Peng Ga-hyuk ground his teeth. Some worried that their clan head would crack a tooth. 

King Jinseong asked, “What about the Twin Stars?”

“They destroyed the tomb made from the Palace of Heavenly Purity. Immediately after that, they rushed off.” Myung Am paused, then added, “No, they said they were going after Hong Bin.”

“Then all that is left is the enemy here.”

King Jinseong turned his head, smiling brightly. He then showed a full smile towards Peng Ga-hyuk. 

“Don’t I have a shot?”

It was self-confident, but he deserved to say it. They were tired, but all of these people were masters in their own right.

Even a tyrant would have to risk his life.

However, Peng Ga-hyuk did not intend to retreat like this. 

Ugh. He grit his teeth and raised his blade. 

“Listen to me!” 

“Fifty members of the Tyrant King Troops, we listen to the Lord’s command!” 

Peng Ga-hyuk pointed his blade at King Jinseong. 

“These men are allied with the demons who have slaughtered our direct descendant. Do not let any of them return alive!”

In response, the fifty members of the Tyrant King Troop raised their voices, raising their own blades: “Yes, sir!”

And, as if in response, King Jinseong raised his own sword high in a cry: “I am here today to wipe out the sinners of the Inverted Sky and set things right!”

At the end of these words, the two forces collided.






Loud noises rang out as the men crashed into each other. 

The white-haired man smiled brightly, as if the noise was pleasant. 

Woon-seong told the Inverted Sky Lord, “Everything you have been preparing so far has been for nothing. I hope you watch carefully.”

The Inverted Sky Lord continued to smile brightly. He responded in a sinister voice:

“Do you really think so?” 

The question of whether or not he really thought so seemed to reverberate in Woon-seong’s mind. This was more of a rhetorical question, but Woon-seong could tell. 


Everything that had happened so far was just in passing for the Inverted Sky Lord. The subordinates who followed him, the Cult of the Inverted Sky itself — everything was like a whim he had acted on as he passed by. 

The Inverted Sky Lord smiled wider and said, as if proving Woon-seong’s thoughts true:

“That is what power is. That is what strength is. That is its purpose. Something that can be consumed by other people if necessary. I am a powerful man, and they are just supplies. That is all.”

It was a creepy, cold, and ruthless bright white smile. 

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