"Maybe I can help you one last time."

Finally, Li Qicheng spoke slowly, but he still couldn't watch Wei ruotang continue like this, "but I have a condition that you remove the black list."

"You're also worried about Xu Xian, aren't you?" Wei ruotang smiled coldly.

Li Qicheng explained: "I have nothing to do with her. Do you think I will worry about her? I just don't want to see you go on like this! Moreover, thanks to Linyuan's ability, you can soon find out that the black list has a direct relationship with you. At that time, you can't wash it even if you jump into the Yellow River."

I have to say that Li Qicheng's words are indeed very reasonable. Xie Linyuan does have this strength, but it's only a matter of time.

But even if Xie Linyuan knows, what can he do?

Wei ruotang smiled coldly. I'm afraid Xu Xian died at that time?

Knowing everything, it's a big deal that the fish die and the net is broken, but Xie Linyuan is the most distressed. She wants Xie Linyuan to pay for his ignorance!

Li Qicheng asked again, "have you considered it well?"

"Let's talk about your plan first."

Li Qicheng frowned slightly and then continued: "as early as a few days ago, Xie Linyuan thought about me and wanted me to be Xu Xian's bodyguard to temporarily protect Xu Xian's safety."

"Do you mean to approach Xu Xian and kill her quietly?" Wei ruotang is close to the edge of madness. At this moment, she not only wants to replace Xu Xian, but also completely destroy Xu Xian.

Li Qicheng frowned and said, "this is the only thing I can do for you, but if you continue to publish the black list, it will not only cause problems in my plan, but also follow the shadow."

Even Li Qicheng can't imagine what means the gang on the black list will use. After all, what he is good at is just stealing. No matter what it is, as long as the price is in place, he will have a way, but if he does, his combat effectiveness will be weak.

Wei ruotang frowned. After a long time, she patted the table heavily and said directly, "well, since you say so, I'll promise you once. But don't lie to me, otherwise it's not good for you and me!"

Once the black list is revoked, it means that Xu Xian is safe.

What Wei ruotang wants is to make Xu Xian always have a sense of crisis.

However, if Li Qicheng makes a move, things may be much simpler. After all, if Li Qicheng is close to Xu Xian, it is equivalent to Xu Xian having a time bomb that can explode at any time!

The two reached an agreement. Soon, Xu Xian's name disappeared from the black list.

Xie Zhai.

Xie Linyuan and Xu Xiangang just got up. Outside the door, a shadow knocked, "Li Qicheng is coming. Do you want to meet?"

Li Qicheng suddenly came, which made Xie Linyuan not know his purpose for a moment. How could this guy suddenly come here?

Although the relationship between him and Li Qicheng is not rigid, it is not good, but since Li Qicheng will come here in the morning, it must be something?

Xu Xian was also full of questions, rubbed his eyes and asked, "why did Li Qicheng suddenly come here? Do you want to go downstairs to have a look? Maybe he really has something to do with you?"

Xie Linyuan has got up. No matter what the purpose of Li's departure is, he still wants to see him.

When the two met, Li Qicheng sat alone on the sofa, while Xie Linyuan followed the shadow behind him.

"Why, why did you come to me suddenly?" Xie Linyuan asked faintly.

Li Qicheng said with a smile, "I came to see you. Naturally, I have something to do. Do you need me to be a bodyguard for Xu Xian?"

Jiangcheng has a lot of things recently. Even if Li Qicheng doesn't come to him, he wants to go to the door to find him again. After all, Xu Xian's safety is indeed a crucial thing.

Xie Linyuan can tolerate major changes in the company and even major events in the family, but he must not let Xu Xian have an accident. The last accident has scared Xie Linyuan to the bone. How creepy. It was almost that Xu Xian had an accident.

The most terrible thing is that not only Xu Xian will be in danger, but also with joy, almost all of them will be affected in the explosion

However, Li Qicheng suddenly came to him to tell him about it, which made him hesitate, and then asked curiously, "how did you suddenly change your mind?"

He still remembered that Li Qicheng seemed to refuse him decisively last time. He didn't even have room for discussion. Unexpectedly, he changed his mind in just a few days and took the initiative to find him?

Li Qicheng said lightly, "last time there was a lot of risk, but this time it was different. There was no risk, so it was a cost-effective deal. How could a businessman miss such a good deal?"

Xie Linyuan smiled and smiled coldly. "It seems that Xu Xian's name has disappeared from the black list."

At this point, Xie Linyuan must also know what's going on.

But I have to say that this is really good news. When the black list is gone, Xu Xian's safety will be guaranteed. Otherwise, he needs to worry every day.

The shadow immediately began to check the black list. Sure enough, last night, Xu Xian's name had disappeared, that is to say, Xu Xian would not be threatened by the black list.

Although those people are outlaws, it has to be said that these people still have a bottom line and won't break the law again and take action against Xu Xian without permission.

I knew that the organizations on the black list were people who lived in the dark and couldn't see the light, so they wouldn't mind their own business. Money can earn the best. If not, wait for a better opportunity.

After the confirmation of the shadow, Xie Linyuan sighed with relief, "since the problem of black list has been solved, why do you think I should leave you with me?"

Li Qicheng said with a smile, "yes, indeed, I'm worthless. But if you ignore me, I'll probably be hired by others. At that time, you were just an enemy. Therefore, I think it's better for you to hire me and tie me around. It's good for you."

Xie Linyuan narrowed his eyes slightly and then looked at the shadow. It seemed that he was ready to ask the shadow's opinion.

The understanding of Li Qicheng is limited to some materials and data, but shadow and Li Qicheng are one kind of people, so he wants to hear the views of shadow.

But the shadow didn't speak for a long time. It seemed that he didn't want to give Xie Linyuan a choice in this regard. After all, the shadow is not a fool. He is smart to think of it. If recruiting Li Qicheng brings trouble to Xie Linyuan, he will also be responsible.

But if Li Qicheng is allowed to leave, what if something happens to Xu Xian?

In a dilemma, Xie Linyuan has to make his own choice.

Xie Linyuan also fell into deep thought. Whether to accept Li Qicheng or not is really a problem.

Xie Linyuan finally agreed to Li Qicheng's proposal as Xu Xian's bodyguard, but he was still secretly observing Li Qicheng's every move, and Li Qicheng had been dutifully protecting Xu Xian. After the name of the black list was pulled down, Xu Xian and Xie Linyuan's life was much calmer, and Xie Linyuan proposed to Xu Xian at this time.

Xie Linyuan wants to give Xu Xian the biggest wedding. She does everything by herself. Wei ruoting is very angry after she knows it. She can no longer hibernate secretly and decides to get rid of Xu Xian in the most vicious way. She secretly contacted Li Qicheng to get rid of Xu Xian. A month before the wedding, Xie Linyuan suddenly received an invitation from a cooperative company in Europe to negotiate. Xu Xian couldn't leave the wedding process, so the two had to separate temporarily.

But everyone didn't know that this was just a conspiracy of Wei ruotang. After Xie Linyuan left, she contacted Li Qicheng to hack out the call between Xu Xian and Xie Linyuan, and hired someone to pretend to be the wedding planner to invite Xu Xian, ask Xu Xian out and kidnap him. Wei ruotang was rude to Xu Xian. She took a film by the way, just like white Eucalyptus before, and blamed Bai Yueya.

But I didn't expect that at the end, Xie Linyuan appeared and saved Xu Xian. It turned out that Xie Linyuan didn't go abroad. He had long guessed that Wei ruotang was not simple, so he decided this plan with Xu Xianshang to lead the snake out of the cave. Wei ruotang got stolen goods, but she also expected Li Qicheng to take him away at this time, but Li Qicheng left by himself. He had lost patience and love for Wei ruotang in these things. He also knew the plan this time.

Finally, Wei ruoting was sent to the police station, and Xu Xian and Xie Linyuan were finally able to go on in peace.

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