On the way back.

The shadow lit a cigarette and then said faintly, "don't you think Wei ruotang is very problematic? Although I don't know much about Shangguan Chu, I can feel that if someone has to lie, it must be Wei ruotang, not Shangguan Chu."

"Give me a reason."

As far as Xie Linyuan's understanding of Wei ruotang is concerned, it is limited to some contact in childhood. As for the future days, they don't even have too much contact. After all, the two are getting farther and farther away, and there are more and more things about each other. When they grow up, they still don't talk about everything as they did when they were young, and their relationship is becoming increasingly alienated.

The shadow continued: "I feel that I am not familiar with both of them. The only thing I can tell you is my feeling, but out of my unique intuition, I always feel that Wei ruotang may really have a problem, otherwise Shangguan Chu won't have that expression."

Xie Linyuan nodded solemnly, but he didn't say anything.

During this time, Wei ruotang always cared about Xu Xian, as if they were good sisters, but she didn't know what Wei ruotang thought of Xu Xian'an.

If Wei Ting doesn't need to be so deep, even if she doesn't need to be careful, ruotang will hide her shadow.

Who knows what Wei ruotang will do.

Back at the villa, Xu Xian was playing with Xi Xi. When he saw Xie Linyuan, the blood in his body seemed to rise and function. He saw Xi Xi's small hand waving continuously until Xie Linyuan held her in his arms. Xi Xi smiled with satisfaction.

It's said that the girl is my father's little lover. It seems that I'm really right. Xu Xian touched the happy cerebellar bag melon, and complained: "you little devil, I take care of you every day, and I didn't see you so close to me. When your father came back, you threw yourself into his arms in an instant!"

Xi Xi shook his head and laughed happily. I didn't know if he understood Xu Xian's words. Anyway, it's right to be happy.

As it was too late, Xie Linyuan teased him and asked the wet nurse to take him back to his room and have an early rest.

After settling down happily, Xu Xiancai returned to his room and asked, "why, have all the things over there been handled?"

Although he has been discharged from the hospital, he still has lingering palpitations.

The explosion was very dangerous. If there was no shadow, I'm afraid she had died in the explosion at this time.

But even if the tiger escaped, he was still worried to death.

What she cares about is not her own accident, but that her dearest son still lives in the Xie family.

Xie Linyuan stretched lazily and then said, "if we haven't found out who it is related to, but the suspicion of Shangguan Chu can't be cleared. After all, this time it really has a direct relationship with her."

Whether Shangguan Chu has done anything sorry for Xu Xian and whether it has anything to do with the explosion. The only thing we can be sure is that she has contacted Li Qicheng, which can explain a lot of problems.

That's why Xie Linyuan had to kill her.

Xu Xian said to himself, "but I haven't offended Shangguan Chu. She doesn't have to kill me. Maybe there's something in it."

She had little contact with Shangguan Chu. Even if Shangguan Chu wanted to kill her this time, she didn't even know where she offended Shangguan Chu?

Xie Linyuan continued, "maybe the person who wants to kill you is not Shangguan Chu?"

On the way back, he has been thinking about the words of the shadow. I have to say that the words of the shadow do have some truth. Maybe the person who wants their lives is not Shangguan Chu, but

However, the Xie family and the Wei family have always been better. When there is no evidence, they must not say it easily. That will directly affect the relationship between the two families.

"Who will it be? Even if it's not Shangguan Chu, I can't think of who I've offended."

Xu Xian really rarely offends people. Even the previous pile of things are all the fault finding of the other party. If it's not forced, Xu Xian won't even fight back.

Xie Linyuan didn't answer her question, but asked, "what do you think of Wei ruotang?"

"Ruotang." Xu Xian said with a surprised look: "it will definitely not be ruotang. I believe ruotang has no reason to do that. Besides, ruotang also takes care of me in ordinary days."

Xie Linyuan nodded. Wei ruotang's kindness to Xu Xian is also in his eyes. If Wei ruotang wants to deal with Xu Xian, there are many ways. Will he never let Li Qicheng intervene?

Without a word all night, the Xie family's house was very calm, but the other place was not calm at all.

At the moment, Li Qicheng is at home.

Li Qicheng is sitting face to face with Wei ruotang. Since Shangguan Chu was taken away, Wei ruotang has never left Li Qicheng's home.

"When are you going to go? You need to know that Xie Linyuan is not something you can deal with, and Shangguan Chu has been caught. Who will you use next time? You have a scapegoat?"

Li Qicheng tried to persuade him, but Wei ruotang, who was sitting on one side, seemed indifferent. He shook the wine in his glass as if he didn't care about Li Qicheng's words at all.

Over the years, she has never missed anything she wants. This time, she will never miss it. Of course, the main reason is why Xie Linyuan only has Xu Xian in his eyes!

Is she so much worse than Xu Xian?

"Ruotang, go abroad with me. If you leave here, I will take good care of you. Xie Linyuan is not the only excellent man. As long as you look at me, I will always be waiting for you."

"Oh... Are you saying you're excellent?"

Wei ruotang licked her lips coldly. The residual red wine was still sweet. She asked you to sip your mouth, Then he said leisurely, "you're really good to start, but you don't understand my mood. I don't want Xie Linyuan. Can't I see your kindness to me? I hate! I hate Xie Linyuan. Why can't you see me? My eyes are full of Xu Xian! What's good about Xu Xian? Do you think she's more beautiful than me? Talent? What can she compare with me?"

Li Qicheng kept silent and listened quietly to Wei ruotang vent.

Perhaps, if everything is said, Wei ruotang's heart will feel better.

He doesn't want to investigate whether Wei ruotang is true or false. As long as Wei ruotang can be with him, he is willing to do anything for Wei ruotang.

Wei ruotang shook the wine glass and smiled miserably at the cold moonlight. "Sooner or later, I will let Xie Linyuan regret his choice. I will let him know that an excellent girl is not just Xu envy himself!"