Chapter 491

Feng Xueqing can't help but come forward to see her two children. From the moment she is held out, her heart is beating wildly.

her little grandson is looking forward to.

in fact, she naturally pays attention to Han Zhiyu's situation, only to see that her son has gone, Then he focused on the two babies he held out.


it had been more than an hour since he was pushed out of the delivery room, and the sunlight came in through the window. On the bed, Han Zhiyu was very tired and fell asleep.

Lu Zhiyu followed him from the delivery room to the ward, and stayed by Han Zhiyu's side.

nearly half an hour later, Han Zhiyu, who is sleeping in the hospital bed, moves. Lu, who has been paying attention to her, feels it for the first time. He quickly sits up, bends down and caresses her face with his big hand.

Lu is sure that she wakes up and her breath in her heart is finally relieved.

although he knows that Han Zhiyu is not in any serious condition and will fall asleep just because it takes too much effort, he doesn't see her wake up, Her heart is still hanging.


Han Zhiyu hears Lu's voice and slowly opens her eyes. She is very weak now. She has just given birth to two children and consumes too much energy.

"hard work!"

Han Zhiyu gently shakes her head, and she doesn't feel hard at all.

seeing that Han Zhiyu is still very weak, Lu also gently caresses her eyebrows and asks in a low voice, "do you want to sleep again?"

Han Zhiyu is really tired. She is still very weak and wants to continue to sleep, but she still doesn't see her baby? In the incubator? "

After the birth, she heard Doctor Wang mention that the baby should be observed in the incubator first, but there will be no big problem. After getting the answer, she felt relieved to sleep.

"well, mom has been there, let me take good care of you!"

Han Zhiyu nodded

Relieved, he was ready to continue to sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, he suddenly thought of something and opened them.

"husband, two daughters?"

Han Zhiyu reaches for Lu Yiwu's hand when he gets up.

seeing Lu Yiwu's appearance when he wakes up, Han Zhiyu probably knows the answer.

if he didn't have two daughters as he would like, he would not be so happy.


As soon as Lu Yiwu got up, Wen Yan turned around and looked at Han Zhiyu, stunned.

"don't you know?"

Han Zhiyu looked at Lu's face and asked in disbelief that she had been sleeping for a long time and her father didn't know her child's gender.


Lu also has a light cough. He has left this matter behind, and has not had time to consider whether it is a man or a woman.

he has been only concerned about Han Zhiyu's condition.

because of his mother and Wang ziyue's care, he is relieved that he has not turned his mind to the newborn child.

so far, only he has asked Dr. Wang if the child is healthy.

at that time, His only concern is to make sure that his child is healthy.

Mrs. Lu is bloodless and sleepy. He doesn't care whether it's a man or a woman.

as long as their baby is healthy, Mrs. Lu is the most important one.

"go and have a look, take more photos and show me how to satisfy my hunger!"

Lu left with great strides

Han Zhiyu is lying on the bed, watching him run out from three steps to two steps, but she can't help but feel happy.

she knows that the reason why he still doesn't know whether he is a man or a woman is not that he doesn't care, but that she is the most important. This kind of feeling is like competing for favor with children, but the feeling of being put in the first place really can't help laughing happily

A bolt from the blue!

These four words are very suitable for Lu Yiye.

Lu Yiye always thinks that God really favors him, and let him get married and meet the love of this life.

he stumbles all the way and finally wins the heart of the woman he loves most.

everything is perfect, from thinking that he is infertile to accidentally pregnant to having twins, Why is this

Gang Lu also met Feng Xueqing and Wang ziyue at the elevator entrance. When they said they were two sons, they thought they were just joking with themselves. Knowing that he wanted his daughter's heart, they told him they were two sons and wanted to tease him!

He knew in his heart that it could not be all daughters, but at least there should be a little princess!

But when Feng Xueqing said that she was really two sons, Lu also felt like a bolt from the blue.

the three steps turned into two steps. She immediately put on the sterile clothes and ran inside. She saw the two children in the incubator sleeping sweetly.

the little nurse came in and helped him adjust the baby's posture so that he could watch with his own eyesAt that moment

Lu also stepped back three steps, still with an expression of disbelief.

the little nurse looked at Lu, and had never seen such an expression when she gave birth to a son.

generally speaking, it's the happiest thing to have a son?

Lu also breathes deeply. This is the first time that he wants to hypnotize himself. He is wrong.

the two little princesses he is looking forward to suddenly become sons.

Feng Xueqing and Wang ziyue look at them all the way, and there is no problem of holding them wrong.

in front of them, Mrs. Lu was born not long ago.

but they should be little princesses, why

Mr. Lu said that he was not calm!



The n-th sigh came from my side. On such a happy day, I always listen to people around me sighing. This feeling is not good at all.

Han Zhiyu knows that Lu is also in a state of depression. He looks forward to his daughter too much, but his wish fails. As a result, he is in a state of depression all the time!

She has put up with him!

"Well, why are they all sons?"

Sour and spicy girl, Mrs. Lu loves spicy food when she was pregnant.

"so is Lu. Are you finished! And let people sleep! "

Han Zhiyu is angry. Since he lay down in bed, he has been groaning and mumbling from time to time. How could it be all sons? No matter how small the voice is, it's very noisy.

"don't care for your son, right? No, I'll take them away tomorrow! "

Give him three points of color and start a dyeing workshop. It's endless!

"My wife."

Lu Yiye heard Han Zhiyu's hair blowing, and he was more restrained.

holding Han Zhiyu in his arms, he immediately calmed down: "how can it not be rare? As long as it's your baby, I like it!"

"Then shut up and go to sleep!"

Han Zhiyu closed her eyes when she saw Lu Yiye's convergence. She was really sleepy.

but after a while, she felt that someone was rubbing against her neck.

she rubbed against her neck a few times, just when she was ready to pull him away.

Lu Yiye supported her arm and looked at her with a pair of sad eyes: "wife, all sons!"

Han Zhiyu is really too lazy to pay attention to him and pushes his face away.

seeing that Han Zhiyu ignores himself, Lu is also more determined after thinking about it for a long time.

now that his two sons are born, things on the chopping board can't be changed. The only way is to have another baby!

Have this unexpected surprise, perhaps, can also be favored?


I'll never give up until I reach my goal.

"I want my daughter!"


"Shall we have another daughter?"

"How do you know the next one must be your daughter?"

"It must be the daughter!"

"That sounds familiar."


Lu Zhiyu also shot an arrow at his bleeding heart and suffered an internal injury.

but after a while, Lu also came back to life with blood.

"wife, if you have another daughter, the next one must be your daughter."


Han Zhiyu patted off his big hand and saw the man's aggrieved face without exception.

but she knew that according to the man's character, She won't give up like this.

however, it doesn't matter.

for a long time, she will spend her whole life fighting with her Mr. Lu.