On the other side, Meng Luo stirred up a burst of screams outside, and when he turned around, Lu Yanhuan was already gone. He could only walk towards her office, not caring about whether or not she was doing proper business, and directly sat in front of her.

Lu Yanhuan could only stop what he was doing and look towards Meng Luo.

"All of you, continue." As Meng Luo sat upright, he looked even more like the boss of this place than Lu Yanhuan.

How could she continue right now? She had never worked in front of Meng Luo before, so she felt pressured.

"Chief Meng, we are talking about proper business right now, how about you step aside for a bit?"

Su Qian also raised his head, and looked towards Meng Luo, but did not expect Meng Luo to directly snatch the research report from him, so before Lu Yanhuan could even react, he had already started commenting.

"The audience is too narrow and the customers are almost young."

Lu Yanhuan thought, was there even a need for him to say these things? It wasn't like she couldn't see through it!

After going through Meng Luo's involvement, Lu Yanhuan felt that he was insignificant in front of these employees.

Meng Luo obviously did not have the intention to stop. He continued to analyze the situation, and it was no wonder that he was the president of the Meng Group.

Every word was reasonable and even Su Qian was enchanted by them. If Lu Yanhuan wanted to find an excuse to refute him, he didn't even have a chance, and in the end, could only faintly choke out a few words.

"Chief Meng, you are, after all, an outsider. It would be unreasonable for you to listen to our work plans and even make comments, right?"

"What's the problem? You and I aren't so clear about each other anyway. Moreover, you're just a small white rabbit in the workplace, so it's only right that I give you some pointers as a senior. Do you know how much I charge for a single class?" It's free for you. "

But she didn't care!

Lu Yanhuan rejected him inwardly. Her small heart was already strongly resisting, but after hearing his logical suggestions and comments, she could only suppress her anger.

She and Meng Luo were having difficulties with each other, but she couldn't possibly get along with the money, right?

However, Su Qian clapped his hands, and said with a face full of worship: "Chief Meng, you're truly amazing.

"Su Qian? Whose people are you? "

"Of course it's CEO Lu's."

Meng Luo saw Su Qian's smiling face looking at Lu Yanhuan, but he was still a little uncomfortable in his heart, so he started to feel jealous.

"Lu Yanhuan, you are just a single woman, it's not suitable for you to find fresh meat as an assistant."

Su Qian was originally happy, but after hearing what Meng Luo said, his face suddenly turned pale white. Although he was very young and his appearance was very fair, but no matter how you looked at it, he seemed to be belittling.

"I have something to talk to you guys, Master Lu. You can leave."

Lu Yanhuan thought that this person was quite self-aware. Coming to her company to order her people, and not giving her, the CEO, face?

The truth had proven that in Meng Luo's eyes, others' face and others' self-esteem could be casually trampled upon, because the following words he said made Lu Yanhuan clench his teeth.

He wished he could find a hole to hide in. No, he wished he could immediately tear him into ten thousand pieces.

Su Qian glanced at Lu Yanhuan. After all, he still had to listen to his boss's words, so he said softly, "My report hasn't finished reporting."

"There's no need for your report. It's just some useless data. I can tell with a glance. You're not staying here because you want to disturb our romance, are you?"

Lu Yanhuan had tried many times to put the two names together. Even a single scandal could make her excited for a long time, but now, she was feeling puzzled.

How did he fall in love with such a man?

Su Qian was even more surprised than Lu Yanhuan as he immediately got up and ran out.

Meng Luo acted like nothing happened and sat down on the chair once again.

"Finally, it's quiet."

Didn't he have the slightest thought to apologize for what he had just said?

When everyone saw Su Qian coming out, they immediately pulled him into the camp and started to inquire about the situation inside. They even tried to ask about the relationship between them and Meng Luo.

Su Qian sat down, and started gulping down water.

"My mother, you scared me to death."

"What? Hurry up and tell me."

"Our CEO Lu is in love."

"It can't be?" Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at Su Qian with a look of disbelief. In their hearts, Lu Yanhuan had always been a workaholic, other than working hours, there didn't seem to be anything else in the circle.

Love? Impossible, when they received the notice to visit a beautiful CEO, all sorts of gossips had popped up, but they did not manage to find out even the slightest bit about Lu Yanhuan's relationship.

They were even suspecting that Lu Yanhuan was someone who did not know how to love, and the Meng Luo that suddenly appeared, wait, was actually Meng Luo!

Of course everyone did not believe him, Su Qian was still vividly recreating the scene from before, including Meng Luo's expression and that young woman's appearance.

"It's definitely right. This is definitely a relationship, but the president of the Meng Group is someone we can't even imagine. He actually likes our CEO Lu?"

It was as if there was something wrong with those words. In short, they were suspecting that these were deliberately made by two people. They were both single, one was not allowed to touch them, and the other didn't care about the mortal world.

No matter how you looked at it, it was impossible for the two of them to be together. However, the scene where they were standing together was also quite beautiful. It was as though they were standing together!

Inside Lu Yanhuan's office, Meng Luo seemed to be very relaxed with regards to this matter, and even shamelessly said: "I'm guessing that everyone outside is definitely discussing about the two of us. Lu Yanhuan, what do you think? "

"Don't you have anything else to tell me?"

Meng Luo thought.

"I think you should develop more spices, at least for the old and young. Otherwise, your company will only be stuck in an inherent mode and will become popular. But after a long time, other people will also be tired."

He was speechless.

If Lu Yanhuan had the ability, she would really want to throw Meng Luo in front of her right now. However, she was very clear on her own strength.

Only the ones that were thrown away.

Sigh, just chase them away.

"Get out."

Meng Luo didn't have any intention to leave. His previously serious expression had now turned bad. He also realized that Lu Yanhuan must be a little angry or shy.

Lu Yanhuan's gaze did not dare to look at Meng Luo, and after saying that one sentence, she continued to lower her head and continue with her own matters. However, her heart was still in turmoil, because she could feel that Meng Luo's eyes were fixated on her.