He did not want to be like last time, when Su Fei was obviously trying to please him, but in the end she shouted Huang Hailong's name.

"Yes, I know exactly what I'm doing." Su Fei's eyes became a little blurry as he wrapped his arms around Old Hu's neck.

"Who am I?" The Old Hu asked seriously.

"You're my Grandpa Hu!" Su Fei's eyes widened as she replied with a smile. She felt that Old Hu was very childish to ask such a crucial question at a time like this.

That night, the two played with fire and dry wood until dawn before returning to bed, hugging each other as they slept.

The next day, they slept until noon before they woke up. When Su Fei saw that she was naked on Old Hu's body, her face was completely red.

When she thought back to last night, she felt so inconceivable. She couldn't imagine what she had done.

However, the Old Hu used his own actions to experience it again.

This time they were better at it than they had been the night before, and the feeling was wonderful.

When it was four or five in the afternoon, they reluctantly parted ways. Su Fei went back to take her lesson, while Old Hu went to the duty room to stay.

Because he and Zhang Jian had changed shifts earlier, he still stayed at school at night. In the end, when it was almost night time and he was studying with Zhang Jian, it started to rain.

Fortunately, there was Old Hu's raincoat in the duty room. He wore it and went out for a stroll, and since school was always prone to get into trouble when it rained, he definitely could not relax.

Most of them did not bring umbrellas, so most of them dispersed when they arrived at the dormitory. The road was quiet, except for the Old Hu.

Old Hu was happy that he could no longer see those young lovers playing out in front of them.

As he passed the Arts Academy, he suddenly saw a girl sitting on the steps. She was looking outside with a perplexed expression. She was neither leaving nor had an umbrella.

Just when she thought about how pitiful this girl was, she walked in and realised that it was none other than Zhao Yali!

Old Hu hastened his steps, "Yali, why are you sitting here! "Hurry up and go in. I'll find a raincoat for you to wait for."

Old Hu ran back to the duty room to find Zhang Jian's raincoat and went out again.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and there was still the wind. The umbrella was useless; it had to be a raincoat.

When Old Hu returned, Zhao Yali was still sitting on the spot.

"Come, Yali, quickly put on this raincoat, I'll send you back to your dorm!" Old Hu walked inside and said to Zhao Yali.

Zhao Yali stood up, and did not say anything. She directly looked at Old Hu, and did not even take his raincoat, and directly hid under Old Hu's raincoat!

She patted Old Hu on the shoulder, and leaned over and whispered into his ear. Her tone was very intimate, "Carry me."

Old Hu's heart went numb after hearing it. He quickly squatted and let Zhao Yali climb up.

Because the two of them shared a raincoat, it was a little crowded. Zhao Yali and Old Hu's bodies were tightly pressed together and her large chest was also tightly pressed against Old Hu's back.

Especially since he was still touching Zhao Yali's soft butt. With the two of them being so close together and those two lumps of flesh trembling, it would be difficult to not think about it.

As the two walked along the road, they were no different from a couple. Along the way, no one spoke a word, only that Zhao Yali was constantly blowing beside the Old Hu's ear, whether it was intentional or not.