"True." Su Fei nodded, she felt that the Old Hu's words made sense, but after another minute, not only was Su Fei starting to shake, she was also starting to tremble.

"Uncle, I can't hold on any longer!" Su Fei began to complain, she felt her whole body ache, every cell was trembling.

"Then return to your original position." The Old Hu waved his hand, and then, Su Fei was liberated. He used up all of his energy just to take a horse stance, "Do you still feel like it's easy to take a horse stance this time?"

"No, it's really too difficult." Su Fei was a little out of breath, then she heard Old Hu say, "Previously when we were in the army, this kind of posture lasted for a whole day, no one was able to move, let alone tremble. If we were to be discovered by the Company Leader, we would not even be able to sleep at night, at that time, when we stopped, we would not even be able to walk, our bodies would be extremely stiff."

"Ah?" So cruel! " Su Fei shouted.

"That's right, because this basic skill is not only to consolidate your foundation, but more importantly, to train your endurance. Although some martial arts may seem fast, they still need endurance as a foundation. " No one had heard his lecture when he was teaching Su Fei for a long time.

For a moment, the Old Hu really missed being in the army. Although it was tough, it was very fulfilling.

"So powerful …" Su Fei sighed from the bottom of her heart, the Old Hu had become much more respected in her eyes.

Then, Old Hu took the initiative to teach her a few moves.

"Hold your five fingers tightly and place your thumb on the second joint of your middle finger. Always remember this position." Old Hu gave Su Fei a demonstration. When she was correcting him, he even took the opportunity to touch her small hand.

Then, she taught her leg movements. It was unknown if it was because Su Fei was stupid or if she was distracted, but she was always in the wrong. Thus, Old Hu came behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist.

Right here, there was a little friction between their bodies. After all, it was a sunny day, so Hu Lao started to get excited and he gobbled down Su Fei's butt, causing her body to tremble, and she instinctively shook a little.

Seeing that, not only did Old Hu not feel awkward, he felt very satisfied.

When Su Fei felt that hot, hard thing, her heart started beating even faster and her affability level with the Old Hu also increased.

And from this point onwards, Su Fei fell in love with the Old Hu.

In any case, there were always different kinds of patterns. Sometimes he would use some basic warm-up, or push-ups, or even sit-ups, and sometimes he would even train with the sword, or fight at Tai Chi. In short, he had already taken out everything he knew.

With just one goal, he wanted Su Fei to see how strong his body was.

Su Fei also did not disappoint him. Every day, shshewould pretend to watch from the side, and with a single look, he took an hour. First, she expressed her admiration for the Old Hu, and then, he begged the Old Hu to teach him.

With such a studious disciple, Old Hu was definitely willing to give it to her. She would be very enthusiastic to teach it to her every time, but of course, physical contact could not be avoided.

Sometimes, when Su Fei wiped Old Hu's sweat, she would blush.

Old Hu would even tease her for a bit, for example, "Is it big or not?" Are they strong? " In short, it made Su Fei giggle with both love and hate towards the Old Hu.

Sometimes, Old Hu would teach Su Fei to either touch her breasts or touch her bottom.

No matter whether it was the Old Hu or Su Fei, they all enjoyed this wonderful process.

Especially the Old Hu, he especially enjoyed Su Fei taking the initiative to approach him, which made him feel proud.

Because in the past, he was the one who took the initiative to get close to Su Fei, the other party would not agree to his confession.

In the afternoon, as Zhang Jian was changing shifts with the Old Hu, he went straight back to the clinic. However, when he found out that Zhao Lei was looking for something at the front desk, he couldn't help but be a little curious.

On closer look, Zhao Lei's expression was a little furtive, as if she was afraid of being discovered.

"Xiao Lei, what are you doing?" The Old Hu approached them carefully before calling out to them.

Zhao Lei was originally squatting under the counter, but this sound startled her. She quickly stood up and bumped into the counter.


"Kid, why are you so careless!" Old Hu hurriedly went forward to look at her, her eyes revealing a look of pain.

"I'm fine, I'm fine …" Zhao Lei struggled free from the Old Hu, her hands behind her back as if she was hiding something.

When Old Hu saw this, he became even more suspicious.

"Little Lei, what's that in your hand?" His tone was not very serious, mainly because she was afraid that she would scare Zhao Lei, and so she couldn't get any answers out of him.

"Nothing, sir …" Since you're back, I'll take my leave first. " Zhao Lei didn't dare to look him in the eye the whole time, and was about to walk out after saying that.

This made Old Hu extremely curious, and he grabbed her wrist.

"Xiao Lei, I know you're definitely not stealing something, is there anything you're hiding from me?" Old Hu did not move. He waited for Zhao Lei to say it himself.

Because there was nothing at the front desk, just some cash and receipts.

If one were to say that Zhao Lei came to steal money, she would say that there was no need at all, because Old Hu would always give her pocket money, other than her salary.

Zhao Lei lowered her head and did not say anything. There was nothing she could do, she could only open her palm forcefully and realised that there was a name card inside.

He took it over and looked at it. On it was written: "Director Zhang, Vice President of the Mercy and Gynecology Hospital..."

"Xiao Lei, isn't this just a name card? Why are you avoiding me? " Old Hu did not understand, and he had never seen this name card before.

"It's nothing. I just saw him fall into a crack. It's useless. I just took it out and threw it away." Zhao Lei explained loudly.

Some people lie, and their voices will grow smaller. Others, in order to convince others that what they say is true, increase their volume.

And Zhao Lei should belong to the latter.

Old Hu didn't plan to continue asking because he clearly felt that Zhao Lei wouldn't tell him the truth.

"How about this, don't throw it away for now, I still have some use, just put it in my drawer." Old Hu put the name card into his pocket. Zhao Lei wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, she didn't return the name card.

"Then you can go back first, I'll be fine here." Old Hu sent Zhao Lei away then kept the photo at the back of the drawer. His intuition told him that this person must definitely have something to do with Zhao Lei, and since she could not ask, she could only find a time to follow him, they would definitely meet again.

In a flash, it was Friday and Zhao Lei came to work as usual. She didn't do anything abnormal as if Old Hu was overthinking things previously.