Other than the Collapsing Fist, Old Hu was also an expert in a set of terrifying death fists. This kind of fist was not a simple fighting technique, it was a fatal move in a life or death situation.

Just like the Collapsing Fist, Old Hu would not attack unless it was at the critical moment.

The more he trained, the more alive his martial arts became. Although he did not need to use it normally, Old Hu did not want his moves to be rusted.

Old Hu was wholeheartedly training with his fists, yet Su Fei had witnessed all of this with his own eyes.

Originally, Su Fei came out to run around, thinking that it would help her metabolism a little. It might be good for her body, but here she saw the Old Hu.

Initially, Su Fei thought that Old Hu only wanted to move his body a little, but the moment she saw him breaking the stone, Su Fei's mood changed.

She felt that the Old Hu was just like a master.

But that was not all, Old Hu had just changed his style, he was different from before, he was more focused, his feet moved quickly, without any fixed point like before, he directly struck towards the sandbag in front of him.

At that time, there was no reaction from the sandbag, and it did not even move, but Old Hu's fist had also not come back, and was still stuck in place.

Su Fei clenched her fists, thinking that the Old Hu's techniques were not that good.

Just as she finished her thoughts, the sandbag exploded with a loud bang, scattering sand all over the ground.

That "hualala" sound was incomparably heroic in this quiet morning.

Su Fei covered her mouth, she was shocked, she knew that Old Hu was powerful, but she did not expect him to be this powerful, it was unbelievable.

Those people that practiced martial arts all said that they had some kind of ultimate skill or inherited skill. They were probably not as powerful as the Old Hu.

Su Fei could not help but clap. She took a small step forward and hugged Old Hu, "Uncle, you are really amazing! I admire you so much! "

Those glittering eyes were filled with worship and respect.

She looked at Old Hu with her curved eyebrows, not realizing that she was stuck with him at all.

"Xiao Fei, why are you here?" Old Hu was also surprised, he was very happy to see Su Fei being so passionate towards him.

He hadn't thought that she would see the process of his boxing.

"I was just passing by during my morning practice. When I saw you practicing, I couldn't help but stop and take a look. I didn't expect you to be so amazing!" He's simply the name of a master! " Su Fei got down from his body. Realizing that her actions were a little inappropriate, he smiled embarrassedly.

"Hey, how could it be as amazing as you say? It's just a casual game." Old Hu waved his hand and picked up the sandbag.

According to him, he wanted to protect the public environment and not destroy everyone's lawn because of him.

Seeing the Old Hu bent over while busy, Su Fei's heart moved even more. Not only did she have the skills, she had a very moral character and was very kind.

When he lowered his head, her forehead was dripping sweat onto the grass. When he was training in the morning, she was only wearing a singlet and a pair of shorts, the muscles on her body were clearly visible, and Su Fei couldn't help but be intoxicated by it.

Old Hu did not look like a fifty year old grandpa at all. He looked like a twenty year old boy who was a physical student.

Just as Old Hu was moving up and down, Su Fei couldn't help but look at his crotch.

If it really hardened, how big would it be …

In this period of time, Su Fei had always been addicted to that kind of thing, so when she saw the Old Hu's robust body, she couldn't help but think of a possibility.

As she thought of this, she began to blush. There was a strange feeling that spread throughout her body, making her tingle.

Su Fei shook her head, wanting to be more serious, then she passed the water to Old Hu and said, "Uncle, let's not be busy, let's drink some water first, I'll have it later."

Old Hu was indeed a little tired from training, he had already drunk all the water he brought with him, so he did not hold back.

"Thank you, Xiao Fei." He took it and raised her head to drink it.

Although the voice was loud, but in Su Fei's eyes, she was an extremely manly person.

He drank too fast, so there were drops of water running down his neck and into his back. The lines of his muscles became even more pronounced.

The muscles on his chest, arms, and legs were all very well-developed.

If not for Old Hu wearing less this time, she would probably never see it again.

Could this be the legendary scene of him wearing clothes to show off his skinny body and taking off his clothes?

Su Fei's heart started to race. Seeing that Old Hu had finished drinking the water and was wiping his mouth, smiling at her, Su Fei did not know what to say. She cleared her throat.

"Uncle, what was that fist technique just now? I'm very interested in it. Can you teach me a bit?" Su Fei said sweetly.

"This... It's a girl, what are you learning, it's too crude. " Old Hu waved his hands, not wanting Su Fei to learn from him.

He knew clearly in his heart that Su Fei was too weak, and was naturally protected by others. She was so weak, and couldn't learn any martial arts, because her strength was insufficient in the first place.

"But I want to learn it. What if I can learn it? I can still protect myself in the future, so that I don't have to worry about it." Su Fei actually started to act coquettishly with the Old Hu, this was truly a once in a hundred years experience.

Old Hu felt an itch in his heart, and nodded in agreement, "You're right, then I'll teach you a few moves."

"Great sir, you are such a good person!" Su Fei smiled brilliantly, then placed the thing in her hands to the side and imitated it with the Old Hu.

Old Hu would never teach her Collapsing Fist and Horrifying Death Fist, he just wanted to teach her a few simple moves.

If she could learn these few moves, she would be able to defend herself.

"Come, do the same horse stance as me." Old Hu gestured and stepped forward. He stretched out his hands and his movements were very clean and steady.

Su Fei thought to herself, what's so difficult about this? In the past, when they were in PE class, teachers would often make them ride their horses.

But right after she stabbed him for a moment, the Old Hu denied her words, "No no, your calves should be pushed forward, your thighs must be stretched out a little more."

Old Hu personally helped her adjust it, "Ah, yes, just like that, raise your hand to the same width as your shoulder. "Yes, that's the position we're in. Don't move."

After Old Hu finished correcting her, Su Fei felt extremely tired. She couldn't even hold on for a minute and started to sway.

"Hold on, don't linger." Old Hu instructed.

"Great sir, I am here to practice fist arts right? "Why did you start to take a horse stance?" Su Fei could not help but ask as if she was wronged.

"No matter what kind of martial arts you learn, the Stealing Horse Walk is a basic skill. If you can't even do basic martial arts, how can you still practice fist arts?" Old Hu laughed and said, but he did not let Su Fei stop.