Maybe it was because she had watched too many of the island's action films, and her voice was very painful, just like a Japanese woman.

In the end, she continued to meow like a cat while shouting, "Don't stop, don't stop …" He was almost there! He was almost there! It's almost here! "

Old Hu held onto the wall, feeling like he was about to reach his peak.


Following Su Fei's last soft chant, the Old Hu ended her battle. He gasped for breath instinctively, but was heard by Su Fei.

"Who is it!" Just as Su Fei came down from the mountain peak, she was startled awake by this sound, thinking that someone was peeping at him.

Old Hu still had not recovered from the shock, but upon hearing Su Fei's voice, he immediately stopped moving, and did not even dare to breathe.

He held her breath and hid behind the curtain, hoping that Su Fei would not be able to see him because it was dark.

Su Fei called a few times, but no one agreed. Thinking that they had misheard, she did not dare to stay any longer outside and quickly ran into the house.

Old Hu took the opportunity to run to the bathroom, opened the door, and yawned as if he had just come out.

When Su Fei entered the room, she saw that the Old Hu was no longer there. She became anxious immediately. Then her actions just now were all seen?

She immediately blushed all the way to her ears, and then saw Old Hu enter the house.

"Great sir, where did you go?" She pretended not to be nervous, but she stuttered a little.

"I just went to the toilet, Xiao Fei, why aren't you sleeping? Is it a stomachache again? " In terms of acting, Old Hu was better at it than Su Fei. He acted more like a fool.

"No, I just woke up suddenly. I was a bit worried when I saw you were not here." Su Fei added, and quickly crawled onto the bed, covering herself up.

Seeing Old Hu being so calm, she felt a lot more at ease. He probably didn't see what he had done just now either.

"Oh, so it's like that. It's okay. You just need to sleep. I'm still here, so don't be afraid." Old Hu yawned and comforted her. These words made Su Fei feel very warm, but when he saw Old Hu lying on the ground with his body curled up together, he couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him.

When it was midnight, the cold air in the room was much heavier. In the past, even Su Fei herself felt that it was very cold when she slept, not to mention the fact that he was sleeping on the floor near the window.

Su Fei mustered up her courage, "Old man, please come up and sleep with me. The ground is too cold in the last half of the night, don't catch a cold."

"It's okay, as a man, I'm not afraid of this." Old Hu laughed and refused, using the blanket to cover himself even more tightly, this completely aroused Su Fei's sympathy.

"Uncle, come on up. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep soundly either." Su Fei insisted that Old Hu go to sleep.

Seeing this, Old Hu felt that it was enough, he stood up and hugged the pillow, "Girl, why are you still acting like a child."

Although he said it out loud, he was extremely happy in his heart.

In order to show that he had no ulterior motives, Old Hu intentionally slept on the opposite side from Su Fei, with his head at Su Fei's feet.

"Great sir, are you so enthusiastic?" Su Fei asked carefully. Although this was to avoid suspicion, she was afraid that Old Hu wouldn't sleep well.

"It's nothing. I can hear you. Hurry up and sleep, I'm also sleepy." After Old Hu finished speaking, he urged Su Fei to sleep quickly.

Since the other party had already said so, Su Fei quickly closed her eyes and entered into her dream.

She had fallen asleep, but Old Hu had been unable to sleep.

Even though they said that this beauty's sweat was fragrant, Old Hu had seen it for himself. Because he could coincidentally see Su Fei's feet, which were also fragrant, and were no different from hands and neck.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, he could see very clearly that Su Fei's feet were extremely beautiful. Her feet were white and tender, and even had pink nail polish on them.

Old Hu secretly lifted up Su Fei's blanket a little, wanting to pry more.

Luckily his movements were light, Su Fei did not react. He looked through the seams of her legs and was surprised. Little Girl was not wearing underwear!

Furthermore, the skirt was already down to her waist and it was completely bare. This made Old Hu unable to hold back, and he really wanted to jump up and lie down on her body to rest.

However, seeing that Su Fei was sleeping soundly, he did not have the heart to disturb him. She could only take out her own phone, take a few pictures, and then hide under her blanket to enjoy the scene.

Initially, her movements were very light, but in the end, Su Fei was a little too excited. Her large hands kept moving upwards, and Su Fei felt that her lower body was very itchy.

She had her back facing Old Hu, but Old Hu could no longer see anything. In the end, she resentfully withdrew her hand, but she did not forget to tuck Su Fei in.

Looking at the photo on his phone, Old Hu was about to fall asleep, but he eventually fell asleep as well. When he woke up, the sky was already bright and Su Fei was no longer by his side.

Old Hu thought that she had gone to work, so he got up to help her tidy up the bed. When he was cleaning the bed, he saw a yellow mark on it.

Just as he took off the bed sheets, when Old Hu wanted to put it into the washing machine, Su Fei came back with a sumptuous breakfast in his hands.

Seeing the bed sheet in Old Hu's hands, which had a clear mark on it, Su Fei's little face flushed red. She quickly placed the breakfast on the table and snatched the bed sheet away.

"Uncle, I'll wash this myself. You can go eat!"

She hurried into the bathroom and tossed the "culprit" into the washing machine.

That's right, just as Old Hu had thought, when she went to sleep last night, he had a beautiful dream! Furthermore, the male protagonist was Old Hu!

They were both very excited in her dreams and Su Fei enjoyed it a lot but after waking up and seeing the soundly asleep Old Hu, she couldn't help but feel guilty.

What kind of person do you think he is?

So in order to wake up, she went out to buy breakfast. When she returned, she saw Old Hu holding the evidence from last night's Spring Dream in her hands.

How embarrassing! Hopefully, the Old Hu didn't know what was going on.

Su Fei hinted to herself in her heart as she washed the bed sheets. When she went out, the Old Hu had already prepared everything for her.

Seated at the table, Old Hu would either say a few words of news or gossip, but Su Fei had no interest whatsoever to talk. The two of them simply finished their meal in silence, and in the end, Old Hu took the initiative to help her pack up before leaving.

"Uncle, bring this with you. I'll help digest it after we finish eating." Su Fei gave Old Hu a bottle of yoghurt and went back in.

The whole morning, her small face was flushed red. Old Hu did not blame her for being silent because she knew she was shy.

After returning to the duty room for a while, Old Hu welcomed a "rare guest".