"Then Officer Chen …" Can I go to the hospital to see Grandpa Hu? "I'm really worried about him …" Chu Meina pouted, tears flowing down his face. Seeing that, Chen Liyun could only agree, "Then I'll bring you along."

Very quickly, they arrived at the hospital, but because the medicinal strength of the medicine had not passed, Old Hu still had not woken up. He was lying unconscious on the bed, frowning slightly, as if he was worried about something.

Chen Liyun looked at him as his heart filled with emotions. She never thought that the Old Hu would have such a sense of justice, to be able to do so much for Chu Meina. Unknowingly, her affability level with him increased once again, and she was filled with admiration in her heart.

Chu Meina looked at the unconscious Old Hu, and her eyes started to moisten. Seeing the doctor walk over, she quickly went to ask.

"Doctor, how is the old man? Is he alright?" Chu Meina held onto the doctor's hand, her teary eyes making people ache for him.

"It's fine, he's already out of danger. He can wake up tomorrow at the latest. Are you his relative? Don't worry, the patient's physical fitness is very good. It will be relatively easy to recover. Seeing how anxious Chu Meina was, the doctor thought that they were a family.

"Can I go in and see him now?" Chu Meina asked again. She felt that the Old Hu was lying there alone.

"You can, but you have to keep quiet and not disturb the patient. It's better if he wakes up on his own." The doctor said a few more words and left.

Chu Meina wiped off her tears and quickly entered the ward. Chen Liyun was not at ease and followed along, afraid that Chu Meina would not be able to control her emotions, she raised it up again, but unexpectedly she reacted calmly, sitting on the side of the bed and holding onto Old Hu's hand, she looked at him quietly.

Chen Liyun did not speak. She did not know what Chu Meina was thinking either.

Initially, Chen Liyun had wanted to stay and take care of them, but Police Station suddenly sent a message, saying that she had found a suspect in the vicinity, causing her to have no choice but to leave. However, she had sent two plainclothes policemen to stay and protect them, since Liu Guang had not been found yet, and Old Hu was still very dangerous.

At daybreak, Old Hu gradually woke up. The moment he raised his head, he saw Chu Meina sprawled out on the side of the bed, as if she had been guarding it for the entire night.

"Mena, wake up. Go sleep on the bed beside us." Old Hu lightly pushed her shoulders, saying that he was still weak. Chu Meina was not fast asleep either, hence she was shocked awake all of a sudden.

"Great sir, you're awake!" You're finally awake! " When Chu Meina saw that Old Hu had woken up, she immediately beamed with joy. A huge boulder in her heart had finally been lifted. Although the doctor said that he was fine, but it was a knife stabbed in the chest, how much pain she could not imagine!

"Silly girl, I'm fine. You don't have to guard me all the time. Hurry up and go to sleep. Even the dark circles under your eyes are out." When Old Hu saw Chu Meina's haggard appearance, she could not help but feel a little heartache. After all, she was still young.

"Sir, what would you like to eat? I'll go buy you breakfast!" Chu Meina rubbed her eyes, seeing that Old Hu's mental state was not bad, just that her expression was a little ugly, she felt that she should make up for it.

"No need …" You can call the doctor in first. " Old Hu pointed outside. He wanted to know how his injuries were, after all, he was worried about a little girl taking care of him.

"Oh, right, right. I'm going to get a doctor right away." Chu Meina realised and quickly invited the doctor in. After examining the Old Hu, the doctor revealed a look of disbelief, "Uncle, your body is not bad, in just one night you have recovered a lot, you are not an ordinary person, if it were anyone else, they would need 3 to 4 days to recover."

The doctor told Chu Meina what to eat and what not to eat. She immediately went out to prepare the food.

Although the doctor said that he didn't touch his heart, he was not far from it. He was truly lucky.

Just as he was sighing with emotion, several figures appeared at the door.

"Great lord …"

"Great lord …"

"Great lord …"

The few of them shouted out at the same time. Old Hu saw that Su Fei, Zhao Yali and Zhao Lei were all present, holding a lot of things in their hands.

"Why are all of you here?" Looking at so many beauties, Old Hu could only grin from ear to ear. He wanted to support himself up with his arms to sit up, but his chest was too painful and he had no strength to do so.

"Don't move, lie down." Zhao Yali immediately rushed over and tucked Old Hu in.

Soon after, Zhao Lei and Su Fei also walked over and arranged the things for Old Hu. They did not say anything, but seeing how injured Old Hu was, they felt extremely uncomfortable.

"Uncle, are you feeling better? We brought some tonic. The doctor said it's very good for your wounds. I'll feed it to you later." Zhao Yali was the most passionate one. After all, she and Old Hu were not exactly the same as the other two because of what happened between them.

After Zhao Yali finished speaking, Zhao Lei also followed along, but she did not say anything, she only turned around and secretly wiped away her tears.

She hadn't come to see Old Hu in a long time, she didn't expect to see something like this.

"Teacher Su, what happened to you? Why are you crying? " Zhao Yali realized that something was wrong with Su Fei and quickly went over to take a look. Su Fei avoided her and laughed softly, "It's okay, I got something in my eye, it'll be fine after a while."

Seeing that, Zhao Yali did not question further, but continued to pack up for Old Hu.

"Come, let me drink some water." Zhao Lei felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward. She adjusted the bed so that Old Hu could sit up and drink water.

Following that, Chu Meina's figure appeared at the door. "You're all here …" When she saw the three women surrounding Old Hu, she was a little timid and did not dare to enter.

"Mena, come in quickly. What are you standing there for?" When the Old Hu saw Chu Meina, he immediately waved at her.

Just like that, Chu Meina walked in under the three beautiful gazes, "Uncle, I bought some bone soup for you, it tastes pretty good, drink some."

She opened the thermal container and scooped a bowl for Old Hu. Because he couldn't drink by himself now, only she could feed him, so Chu Meina wanted to sit beside him. However, she realized that there was no place for him to sit.

"Let me do it, I don't need you." Zhao Yali took it over, "It's exactly because of you that I'm injured right?" Her tone was not very kind, as if she wanted to ask some questions.

Chu Meina nodded her head, "I know I let Grandpa Hu down, I will take good care of him." She was submissive and a bit pitiful.