On the other side, Old Hu had already entered the factory. It was already very dark and he could not see the interior clearly.

"Mena, Mena, where are you?" Old Hu shouted loudly, but there was no response.

Soon after, he walked in and found that there was a light inside. Just as he was about to speak, a cold dagger appeared around his neck.

"Don't move. If you don't want to die, then follow me." A low voice sounded and Old Hu was immediately awakened. He had been tricked!

His mind raced. According to his understanding of Chu Meina, she shouldn't be the one to harm him, but she was the one who lured him over. There must be someone behind this.

The Old Hu raised him with both hands and he was pushed into a factory. He almost fell to the ground and when he looked up, he realized it was Liu Guang!

Beneath his feet, Chu Meina was tied up with all kinds of things. Although her clothes were still undamaged, she was not in a good mental state. Her face was covered in tears.

"Woo woo …" Seeing that he was brought in, Chu Meina started to shake her head with all her might. Due to the tape on his mouth, she could only whimper.

"Mena, don't be afraid. It's okay." Seeing that, Old Hu knew what was going on. She was sure that they had kidnapped Chu Meina and brought her here.

"Old thing, we meet again. Actually, I called you over, but I don't have any other reason, I'm just here to take revenge for my brother …" He went in for five years because of you, five years! Do you know what that means!? " Liu Guang walked in front of Old Hu and glared at him.

Old Hu swallowed his saliva, he was not afraid, but felt that this Liu Guang was too unreasonable.

"Then tell me how do you want to take revenge." The Old Hu spoke straightforwardly, his heroic spirit angering Liu Guang even more.

"Old thing, are you looking down on him? Just because you defeated Ying Yan last time doesn't mean that you are the strongest … I still have many subordinates that you haven't seen before! " Ying Yan's failure was Liu Guang's greatest humiliation. After returning home, he found many strong people to be his subordinates, and did not believe that he could not defeat Old Hu.

"Then why don't you dare to duel with me?" Although his aura was still there, he was not confident either. A layer of cold sweat broke out behind him, afraid that Liu Guang would really have the heart to kill him today.

His phone had already been taken away. Even if he wanted to call the police, it would be too late. What happened today all depended on luck.

"You want to duel with me? Old thing, I'll help you fulfill your wish today! " Liu Guang laughed and let the Old Hu go, then moved his muscles and bones, looking at him provocatively, "Come, I'll let you move first!"

Liu Guang knew that he wouldn't be able to defeat Yue Yang, but Yue Yang was already prepared for it.

"Alright." was already prepared, he knew Old Hu was not someone to be trifled with, so he had always been hiding, it was fortunate that he was a fighter back then, and his movements were not so slow, he was not badly beaten up by Old Hu.

"Why do you bother?" Old Hu asked him, if he could tell that Yue Yang wasn't his match, why would he still fight him head on?

"Do you know what self-defense is?" Liu Guang laughed sinisterly, then took out a dagger from his pocket and stabbed it straight into Old Hu's heart.

"Puchi ~ ~" The blade stabbed into Old Hu's chest and he instantly froze where he was, feeling a kind of intense pain engulfing his entire body.

Although he had been injured in the army before, he had never been like this.

Chu Meina was stupefied by the scene before her eyes. She absolutely did not think that Liu Guang would actually dare to kill the Old Hu.

Woo woo!" "Woo woo!" However, it was too late. If there really was anything wrong with Old Hu, then it was all her fault. She was also a murderer!

Old Hu fell to the ground, his hands covering his chest as he panted heavily. He felt that it was hard for him to breath, as if his chest was leaking air.

"Old thing, because it was you who hit me first, it wouldn't be too much even if I killed you. This is self-defense, you should read more books in the future!" Liu Guang was overjoyed. He thought that he wouldn't need to take responsibility for his crimes this way. They didn't know that this wasn't some form of legitimate defense, but a deliberate attempt to kill someone …

Old Hu wanted to speak, but blood flowed into his mouth, he could not say anything, and could only stare at Liu Guang.

"Everyone inside, raise your hands!" At this moment, the sound of a siren rang out from outside. The police had rushed over!

Old Hu seemed to see hope and fainted.

When Liu Guang heard this, he did not care about it anymore. After he scampered out of the small door before the police entered, so when Chen Liyun rushed in, he only had one or two underlings left.

"Great Lord!" "Great Lord!" When Chen Liyun saw Old Hu on the ground, she immediately panicked. She quickly checked to see if Old Hu was still breathing, then sent her ambulance.

On the other hand, Chu Meina had been tied up and she was dumbfounded. She only knew how to cry, and there was nothing Chen Liyun could do, she could only bring her to the carriage.

Fortunately, the taxi driver still had a conscience and reported the police. Hearing his description, Chen Liyun quickly knew that something happened to Old Hu and rushed over, but unfortunately, Old Hu was already injured, so she was a step too late.

Old Hu was brought to the emergency room of the hospital overnight. After being rescued, he escaped danger, and when the doctors came out, they felt that it was mystical. The dagger was only less than a centimeter away from his heart.

Even though he was out of danger, he was still unconscious. Chen Liyun had sent someone to look after him in the hospital, and then brought Chu Meina to the Police Station to make a statement. She wanted to find out what happened.

Chu Meina told the whole thing in tears, making Chen Liyun extremely angry. However, she looked at Chu Meina regretfully, so she couldn't say anything more.

This little girl, she really is too insensible. How could she go out and meet a stranger at this time, and even drag Old Hu down to this extent.

"Officer Chen, it's all my fault, it's all my fault for harming Grandpa Hu, I'm just a jinx!" Chu Meina scolded herself, she felt that this life of her was not worth it at all.

"Alright, since things have come to this, don't cry anymore. This matter can't be blamed on you alone. You are also a victim. The police will definitely investigate this clearly. They won't let you be threatened for nothing. Trust us." Chen Liyun sighed softly. It was also because she pitied this Chu Meina.