"Hello, who is this?" The moment Chu Meina finished class, she received an unfamiliar number. She thought that it was either the Old Hu or the police, so she picked it up.

"It's me, little sister …" Liu Gang's voice was very eerie, causing Chu Meina's hairs to stand on end after hearing it.

"You … "Who are you? I don't know you either, you found the wrong person!" Although Chu Meina did not know who it was, she was very afraid and wanted to hang up immediately. However, Liu Gang immediately said, "Chu Meina, listen carefully! Don't call the police, or I'll post your nude photos online! Let's see how you will continue to live when the time comes! "

His voice was low, but her tone was fierce, almost scaring Chu Meina to the point of crying.

"No!" "No way!" Chu Meina hurriedly shouted, she had already guessed who it was, it was definitely the person who lent her a loan, Liu Gang.

"On what basis? "It was you who borrowed the money and didn't return it. Now you still want to call the police? You really are a good person. Since you are so heartless, don't blame me for being unjust …" Liu Gang knew that she would definitely mind the nude photos, since this was the last thing he had left. He did not believe it, as long as he had the nude photos in his hands, this girl would be able to turn the sky upside down!

"Big brother, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, please don't send my photo, please don't! "Sob, sob, sob …" Chu Meina couldn't help but cry, which gave Liu Gang a headache.

"Don't cry, remember my words. I can give you a few more days of time, but if you don't listen to me and tell this to the police, we're done for!" You have to be careful when you go out in the future! Your family must also be careful! " Liu Gang even brought her family out to scare her, and he immediately stopped crying. He was so scared that he could only promise.

Then, Liu Gang hung up the phone, causing him to cry so hard that he was about to cry. He went to the duty room, and coincidentally saw that Old Hu had not finished his work, and his heart ached when he saw that Chu Meina's eyes were swollen like walnuts.

"Mena, why are you crying like this again? We will take care of it for you, don't worry!" Old Hu held her in his arms and even helped her wipe her tears.

"Sir, can you tell the police not to worry about this matter? I can solve it myself!" Chu Meina said while crying, and the words coming out were unclear, but she could roughly understand the gist of it. Although Old Hu understood everything, he could not understand it.

"Why? What happened? Why did you suddenly change your mind? " Old Hu had a bad feeling, maybe Chu Meina was threatened and did not dare to call the police.

"There's no reason, I can solve it now. I told my parents that they are willing to give me money to settle this matter, and they don't want to call the police for any unnecessary actions. So tell the police to not bother them anymore." Chu Meina was a little agitated as she pulled Old Hu's arm and ran out of the duty room while crying. She did not say goodbye to Old Hu nor give him a chance to continue asking questions.

Old Hu scratched the back of his head as he did not understand what was going on. However, he still called Chen Liyun and explained the situation to him.

Chen Liyun felt that there was a problem when she heard it, she felt that it must be Chu Meina who was being threatened by someone, because such a thing happened in the market, ordinary people would not dare to talk about it to their families, and she had also understood that Chu Meina's house was in the countryside, although the condition of her family was not bad, but she could not casually take out over a hundred thousand people.

The next day, Chen Liyun came to the school. Chu Meina was still in class, so he called her out immediately.

What was different from before was that Chen Liyun was wearing plainclothes today.

Chen Liyun who didn't wear a police uniform was no different from a big sister. She looked very young and attractive, making people like her, although she was still a little cold.

"Myrna, why did you suddenly change your mind when you told your sister?" Chen Liyun caressed her hair and tried her best to make his tone sound very gentle.

"There's no reason, it's just that my family is willing to help me settle this matter. I don't want to trouble the police anymore." Chu Meina's eyes were red, and there were heavy dark circles around her eyes. It was obvious that he had not had a good rest, and his words were unconfident. From a single glance, it was clear that he was lying.

"Mena, you definitely didn't tell your sister the truth." Chen Liyun did not panic, and maintained her previous attitude, "I'm guessing that you must have been threatened by someone."

After she finished speaking, a glint flashed across Chu Meina's eyes; it was obvious that what she said was true.

"Meina, no matter what happens, you have to believe in the police and believe that we can help you. I know you must regret your actions a lot, but I also know that you are in the wrong. If you don't let the police arrest those bad guys, they will definitely harm others! "

Chu Meina remained silent for a while, "But … I can't... because they have my picture in their hands... "

"Mena, those bad guys aren't as powerful as you think. You have to be brave and tell us everything you know. And you have to testify for us so that we can accuse the mastermind and bring him to justice!" Chen Liyun persisted in persuading her, but when Chu Meina thought about how her nude picture was still in someone else's hands, she could not hear anything.

"Go, go! It's really annoying. I won't be the witness. You don't need to care about my matters in the future! "Money is too nosy!" Chu Meina shouted and ran back to the classroom, unwilling to come out.

Seeing that, Chen Liyun could not do anything, the person involved was not willing to testify, who else could testify?

However, thinking about it, she felt that it was reasonable. She was still a young girl, but her vanity had made her lose her mind, which was why she did such a crazy thing. She was definitely afraid and worried, so she naturally refused to testify.

With regards to the other party's privacy issues, Chen Liyun did not dare to act rashly. She could only go back and plan things out, but she could not stop Liu Gang and the others from investigating.

Liu Gang thought that things were over, and that the police really did not care about this matter. Not only did they not restrain themselves, they even went to the school to force Chu Meina!

Chu Meina did not dare to leave the school, but since Liu Gang and the others were unable to enter, they could only use the naked eye to force her to come out. Therefore, Chu Meina could only force herself to go out, but before she left, she set the Old Hu's cell number to be of particular concern.