"Child? I already know how to play school loan, how can I be gentle! Do you know how harmful this school loan is!? " As long as it was related to work, Chen Liyun would not be as gentle as she usually was. Her entire person was ice-cold, like an ice beauty, just like when Old Hu first met her.

Zhang Meng lowered his head and was not willing to speak, which made Chen Liyun even more angry.

"Don't think that just because you don't speak, we won't know anything about you! "You are the person in charge of this foothold, right?" Chen Liyun had handled cases of school loans before, so she was quite familiar with the structure of their organization.

They liked to place spies in the school and specifically find people who seemed harmless. There were both men and women, and then they would constantly get closer to the students who needed money, bringing more people in.

They made a good promise at the beginning, so everyone thought that nothing would happen.

If you return it on time, they will come up with many ideas. They will force you to pay the penalty if the contract has expired, and if you can't return it on time, they will play even more tricks. In short, they are even more terrifying than the usury outside.

The purpose is to make you pay, blackmail you to achieve a hidden purpose.

Some students were brought into distribution organizations, some were forced to sell themselves, and some were involved in drug trafficking. In short, they were on the path of illegal and criminal activities.

Therefore, every year, there were students who were forced into a corner by the school loan. Some chose to cut off their wrists, some chose to jump off a building, and some ran away from home, their whereabouts unknown.

In short, the school loan was truly harmful! Furthermore, the ones that were harmed were all the flowers of the motherland!

"Officer, I'm just a small employee! I am truly wronged! " Zhang Meng saw that Chen Liyun was serious and started to panic a little. Although he had interacted with the police before, she had never committed any major acts.

"Then tell me everything you know. I can help you out and reduce your punishment." Chen Liyun was extremely serious, not at all like she was joking.

This frightened Zhang Meng, "What? You still want to be sentenced? Officer, don't scare me! I really don't know anything! " Zhang Meng could no longer sit still. Don't look at the tall and big man who was now in a very sorry state.

"As long as you tell me what's going on, I can plead on your behalf, but only if you cooperate with our investigation. Otherwise, I can send you to the interrogation room right now!" Chen Liyun had always been pressuring him, because those who dared to do this sort of thing were usually unscrupulous people, and without pressure, they would not be able to do anything.

Now the state administration of campus credit management is relatively strong, the serious cases are to be sentenced.

"I'll say it, I'll say it!" I work part-time in a financial company, so I'm a laborer! If someone wants a loan, I'll introduce her to the company's superiors... " Zhang Meng said helplessly with a bitter face.

He just wanted to earn a commission, and the real money wouldn't go to him.

"What financial company?" Chen Liyun continued to ask.

"Ming Fa Finance." When Zhang Meng said the full name, Chen Liyun remembered it all, and then asked: "Aren't you a sports student? "Why would she work part-time at a financial company?"

Before this, the difference between the two was quite large. Even if this Zhang Meng had some talent …

"Once again, I went to the bar with my friends and met a bunch of older brothers in the society. They asked me if I wanted to earn money and if I wanted to be a manager, of course, I did, so they gave me a name card and told me to contact the people above, saying it would be a waste to engage in sports and see if I was talented … And that's how I got into Ming Fa Finance. "

Zhang Meng's detailed explanation made Chen Liyun extremely embarrassed. He had dealt with him so simply, and had really answered to the question, "The mind is simple, the limbs are well-developed"!

After asking all of them, Chen Liyun unlocked Zhang Meng's handcuffs, "Let me tell you, in the next few days, you are not allowed to go anywhere. Stay honestly at school, I will come and ask you questions anytime. Just pretend that you don't know anything and we'll handle the rest. "

"Alright!" Zhang Meng was naturally very happy that he had obtained his freedom. He immediately stood up and wanted to leave.

"Remember my words. If you escape, you will be wanted throughout the country. Don't even think about going anywhere!" Chen Liyun was purposely trying to scare him, although Zhang Meng was also responsible for it, but she was still a victim in comparison, so she shouldn't get her hands on Police Station.

But if something happened to him later, it couldn't be generalized.

"Liyun, what should we do next?" Old Hu asked.

"I'll get someone to check who owns this company first." Chen Liyun took out her mobile phone and called his subordinates. They quickly found out that the legal person who issued the call was Liu Gang! Liu Guang's brother!

"That means, Liu Gang is the mastermind? All of this has something to do with him? " Old Hu asked Chen Liyun. When he mentioned Liu Gang, he could not help but be furious.

"You can say that, but it's not absolute. Although he is a legal person, he may not even know what happened in the company. "

Chen Liyun explained to the Old Hu based on her own experience.

"Oh, but I feel like this matter has nothing to do with Liu Gang! It might even be related to that Liu Guang! " Old Hu muttered to himself. He had formed a feud with those two brothers and now he knew who they were.

"You know them?" Chen Liyun didn't know what had happened to them earlier, but she was a little curious.

"Yes, there was a conflict before, that Liu Gang tried to molest the university student who works in my clinic and was beaten back by me. After that, he found Liu Guang to take revenge, but fortunately, he got away with it in the end."

Old Hu recounted many details but did not mention them.

"So it's like that …" "Then it seems that this matter is related to the two of them!" Chen Liyun speculated that because those who dared to lend money to the Academy were not simple people, they had to have at least some influence. Otherwise, how would they be able to settle this matter by force?

The Old Hu nodded, following that Chen Liyun said that she would first go back to the police station to investigate, and if there was anything she could do then she would inform the Old Hu.

On the other side, Zhang Meng had already been chased by the police to Liu Gang's ears. He got someone to block Zhang Meng and asked him what exactly he had said to the police.

At first, Zhang Meng was unwilling to admit it, but he couldn't bear Liu Gang's beatings. In the end, he explained everything.

He even said that it was all Chu Meina's fault, otherwise the police wouldn't have found him.

Therefore, in the end, Liu Gang's outlet for his pent-up emotions became Chu Meina's.

He found Chu Meina's cell number and called her the same day.