"Just friends in a society... "We've known each other for a long time …" Chu Meina stammered as if there was something fishy.

"Oh, social friends." The Old Hu knew that it was definitely those young people who did not work properly. It was very possible that this was a trap, and the purpose was to let Chu Meina jump in.

"Great sir, what should I do? Please help me think of a way!" I'm afraid to go out now, I'm afraid they'll find me! "Sob, sob, sob …" Chu Meina began to cry again. She was crying sorrowfully, and that beautiful face moved Old Hu's heart.

"How about this, this matter isn't small, I can't interfere in it directly. I'll tell the school leaders and see how they arrange it. Don't worry, since this matter has appeared in the school, they will not ignore you." Old Hu gave his guarantee, and then Chu Meina nodded, as if all her hopes were placed on him.

After that, he made Chu Meina sit in the duty room as he went out to make a call to Jiang Xiaolin.

"Old Hu, what's wrong?" Jiang Xiaolin quickly picked up the call. His tone was very polite and intimate, as if he was very close to Old Hu.

"It's like this, our school has a school loan again. There's a student called Chu Meina, this time she …" Old Hu explained everything that had happened to Jiang Xiaolin in detail, waiting for his arrangements.

Although he really wanted to help Chu Meina, but he didn't have that much power, so he couldn't directly investigate.

Jiang Xiaolin quickly responded, "You have to take this matter seriously. Old Hu, I will leave this important task to you, go and investigate it without worry, if there is anything I need to do, just say it directly. I will immediately give it to you."

He was very supportive of Old Hu investigating the situation. This gave Old Hu confidence, otherwise, he would feel that it would not be so peaceful.

"Alright, then that's it for now. I'll report any news to you." Old Hu was also very polite, since he was being courteous to him, he also treated Jiang Xiaolin as the Director of Security Office.

After that, Old Hu walked into the duty room. Seeing that Chu Meina was still crying, she couldn't help but pat his back to comfort him.

"Don't cry, this matter will be investigated by the school. Don't be afraid. Of course, during this period, it's best if you don't go out to avoid any accidents." Old Hu reminded her as he reassured her.

The security of this school was not bad. As long as Chu Meina did not go out, those Little Punk s would not be able to do anything to her.

"Mhmm!" Thank you so much, Master! " Chu Meina held onto Old Hu's hand tightly, as if he was some kind of savior.

"Alright, hurry up and go to class. Don't let this matter affect you too much." Old Hu sent Chu Meina away, then thought about it, it was not convenient for him to investigate, so he decided to look for someone.

Thus, he called Chen Liyun and explained the whole situation. Chen Liyun was filled with righteous indignation and indicated that she would come over immediately after asking her superiors.

When he heard that he was going to help the Old Hu, he agreed without any hesitation.

An hour later, Chen Liyun arrived at school. It was already almost 11 o'clock, and it was almost noon when the students would begin school.

"Uncle, according to the information she provided, we are unable to find the specific suspect, so we have to ask this Chu Meina one more time." Chen Liyun was dressed in police uniform, looking very handsome and smart.

"Alright, let's call her over after class and ask her about it." The Old Hu nodded, he too felt that this information was lacking and it was difficult to find the actual person involved.

After the lesson, they called Chu Meina to the duty room and asked again.

"Meina, this is Officer Chen from our Police Station. She wants to ask you a few simple questions, don't be afraid, it's fine." Old Hu gently said to Chu Meina, afraid that she would be too cowardly to say anything.

"Alright." Seeing Chen Liyun's police uniform, Chu Meina immediately tensed up, but after hearing Old Hu's words, he could only try his best to calm himself down.

"How did you get in touch with the people outside the school?" Chen Liyun hit the nail on the head. She understood Chu Meina, and realised that although she liked to play, she didn't have any connections with any random society, so there must be some other people involved.

"I …" Chu Meina's two small hands were entangled, and she was hesitating to say.

"You have to tell the truth, or how can we help you? If the problem is not resolved by then, the school might even expel you. " Chen Liyun added. Her tone was very cold and her face was stern.

Chu Meina was really afraid, "I say, I said, I met Zhang Meng from the Physical Education Academy. He was the one who introduced me to him …"

She knew Zhang Meng from an event, and he seemed to be a good person. She even had a good impression of him, which was why Chu Meina trusted him so much.

Even though she had been plotted against time and time again, she felt that it had nothing to do with Zhang Meng.

"Take us to see him." Chen Liyun kept her notebook and stood up to say.

"Fine." Chu Meina was extremely unwilling, but since the police were in front of him, she could only follow her orders. Furthermore, looking at Old Hu's expression, he had the same intentions as well.

Very quickly, under Chu Meina's lead, they found the sports academy's Zhang Meng. He was a tall and big boy, and was very handsome.

"Zhang Meng …" Chu Meina shouted from the distance, and Zhang Meng immediately turned to look at her. She originally wanted to walk over, but when she saw Chen Liyun in police uniform behind her, she was startled, and immediately turned around and ran.

Chen Liyun's reaction was fast, she immediately caught up, and along with him was Old Hu, he was not slow either, and quickly grabbed hold of Zhang Meng in front of Chen Liyun.

"Why are you running!" Chen Liyun rushed over and immediately handcuffed him, which attracted a lot of students to watch.

"What are you looking at!?" "Do what you have to do!" Old Hu took off his jacket and covered Zhang Meng's hands, in order to avoid causing chaos in the school.

"As expected of you." Chen Liyun could not help but praise the Old Hu, then bringing Zhang Meng to the duty room, allowing Chu Meina to return to her dorm.

"Tell me what happened between you and Chu Meina, and how did she contact the school through you to borrow money from the school!" Chen Liyun took out the small notebook. She looked like a female police officer, which was a bit scary.

"Liyun, don't be so serious, they're all children. Be gentle, don't scare them." The Old Hu was kindhearted. Although this matter violated the law, he felt that they were the ones who were too young to understand the law.