Although there were wild beasts roaring inside his body, Old Hu was still very rational. He did not dare to move too quickly, and did not dare to use too much strength, afraid of harming Zhao Yali.

Old Hu was very satisfied. The girl that he had been thinking about for so long had finally become his.

At first, she felt that her body was in a bit of pain, but following Old Hu's teasing, she felt that her body was only left with comfort, and she couldn't even remember who she was anymore.

After more than an hour, Old Hu had changed positions with Zhao Yali, and they were all enjoying it.

With the final sprint, they all reached the peak and ended the battle.

Old Hu was still not willing to come out of Zhao Li's body. He had sweated a lot and felt very comfortable.

He lay down beside Zhao Yali and held her tightly. Zhao Yali was also very obedient as she nestled in the crook of her arm.

Actually, she was very clear about what had happened between the two of them and knew that they couldn't help it, but she wasn't angry at all that the Old Hu had possessed her for the first time.

Deep down, she was an unscrupulous person, and liked the more mature men. Moreover, she had always felt that the Old Hu was very manly, much better than those little boys.

After calming himself down, the Old Hu couldn't help but ask Zhao Yali, "Yali, I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself just now, I …"

"It's fine, sir. You don't need to apologize to me. I was willing to do that …" Zhao Yali said softly with a red face.

"Yali, I will definitely treat you well." The Old Hu was very smart and did not say any words of "I will be responsible for you" because he knew that he would not be able to bear the responsibility. At the same time, he believed that Zhao Yali would not expect him to be responsible either.

"Mm …" Zhao Yali nodded her head bashfully, she still could not quite accept this fact, because Old Hu had been tormenting herself just now, causing her lower half of her body to ache.

Seeing her exhaustion, Old Hu carried her to the bathroom on the second floor and gave her a warm bath.

But while helping Zhao Yali bathe, the Old Hu still could not resist taking her. Because everything happened so suddenly, they did not have any measures, and could only let Zhao Yali take the pill once.

After that, Zhao Yali did not return to her dorm, but stayed at Old Hu's place.

That night, Old Hu slept with her in his arms. Be it physically or psychologically, he was extremely satisfied.

Early morning of the second day, Old Hu got up and made breakfast for Zhao Yali. She was especially warm and gentle to him.

After a while, when Zhao Lei came to the clinic, Old Hu also went to work at school.

Not long after he was on duty, the Old Hu received complaints from someone else.

The one who complained was a first-year university girl called Chu Meina.

Once she entered the door, she started to wail non-stop, and couldn't even speak clearly. Although Old Hu really wanted to help her, but he couldn't even figure out how to do so.

"Miss, don't cry anymore. What happened? Tell me. Only after you explain it will I be able to help you."

Old Hu gave her a tissue and frowned. Although he felt sorry for this pretty lady, he was also worried about her at the same time.

"Uncle …" I, I met a loan shark in the school! " After Chu Meina finished speaking, she cried even harder. Presumably, it was really troublesome, otherwise she wouldn't cry in such despair.

"Miss, don't cry anymore. Those who don't know what I've done to you think that I've done. Tell me the details. I really know how to help you!"

The Old Hu was a little worried, but at the same time, he had a bit of an opinion of Chu Meina. Usually, the people who were surrounded by the school's loan sharks were all vain people who wanted to spend money but didn't have that much, which was why they gave those despicable people an opportunity.

"It's like this. I borrowed eight thousand yuan from the fruit bar and bought the latest Apple phone. But when the date arrived, I didn't have the ability to pay it back. That eight thousand yuan became usury, interest, interest, at first it became thirty thousand yuan, but then they directly raised the price to one hundred thousand yuan! But how could I afford it! But I don't dare to tell Mom and Dad that I really have nowhere else to go, so I can only seek help from the school! "

The fruit bars are actually naked loans. Lenders need to take nude photos with their ID cards and send them to a lender. Then they quickly release the money to the lender.

Chu Meina cried as she spoke, his face was filled with regret, but it was already too late, the matter was already set, she couldn't continue hiding it.

If she had known earlier, she would not have coveted to buy that phone. If the heavens had given her another chance, she would definitely have repented.

"Don't cry, crying won't solve the problem. Let's think of a way. How did you get in touch with this? " After Old Hu heard this, he thought about it and asked.

"I found out from my friends that this was a loan from the school. They said that they could borrow money for free and that the interest was very little. If they had to pay back the loan regularly, there was no need for any interest."

Chu Meina wiped away her tears. After hearing what Old Hu said, he calmed down a little.

"Friend? What friend? " The Old Hu raised his eyebrows and asked, if it was a proper student, who would come into contact with such things?

They knew how harmful school loans were right now, and it was not as if they didn't know that the school often did this sort of thing, requiring every student to reject school loans. This school hadn't had this kind of phenomenon for a few years, but they didn't think that they would be reborn in Chu Meina's hands.