"Alright, I'll listen to you." Zhao Yali was like a docile little rabbit, causing people to be unable to resist him.

Old Hu took her arm and used it to "loosen up". Actually, it was just a simple massage, making Zhao Yali's body soften a lot. However, it was useless other than relaxing her muscles.

After circling Zhao Yali a few rounds, Old Hu could no longer hold back.

He had always been fantasizing about Zhao Yali's body, and now that this noble one was here, he was even more thirsty.

"Yali, the connection is almost complete now, but we need you to take off your jacket. Let's take a breather and see if we can force some of the cold out of your body just like before."

The Old Hu was serious, and Zhao Yali naturally obeyed her, she took off her shirt with a red face.

Old Hu didn't take it off for her, but said softly, "If you are embarrassed, just close your eyes and treat it as I giving you a massage."

Zhao Yali became silent, but due to the anxiety, her breathing became heavier, and her fists tightened.

Almost every time Old Hu wanted to do this, she would.

"Yali, have you talked about boyfriends lately?" Old Hu could not help but ask. He remembered that there was a senior who seemed to like Zhao Yali, and Zhao Yali seemed to be interested in him, and even asked him if she wanted to accept him.

Zhao Yali shook her head, "No."

"Where's the senior?" You guys didn't develop any further? " Old Hu still had not given up and wanted to get to the bottom of this.

"No, ever since I completely rejected him, he never spoke to me again. Right now, he seems to be with another girl." When Zhao Yali said it, Old Hu always felt that she was a little reluctant.

It must have been because he really did like that boy, but unfortunately, he was disrupted by the Old Hu just like that.

"Oh, if that's the case, then that means he doesn't like you that much. It's not worth being sad about." The Old Hu comforted Zhao Yali with his own way.

Zhao Yali laughed, and expressed that she was not sad at all.

If she didn't accept him, wouldn't she be able to get him to find a girlfriend? She wasn't Wu Wu, so she wasn't that arbitrary.

Very soon, the two of them fell into silence once more, and the atmosphere became a little more delicate.