"Another stomachache?" Old Hu frowned, feeling a little uneasy.

No matter what, it was him who prescribed the medicine last time. Now that it had a relapse, it would be difficult for him to pass it.

"Yes, yes." Zhao Yali nodded, her small hands pulling at her training uniform. Right now she was wearing a large school uniform, making her seem even more petite.

Her face was slightly red and her long white legs were revealed. Her black training clothes and collarbones accentuated her perfect figure.

Zhao Yali's development was indeed good, and her figure was even more mature than her peers.

"How long has it been?" Old Hu turned around and took out a notebook to flip through. He pretended to be serious and asked her.

"It's been almost half a month, and my aunt this month …" "He's not here yet." Zhao Yali lowered her head, speaking in an embarrassed tone.

"It's already been half a month? You only came to see me now? " The Old Hu opened his eyes wide, obviously very angry. In truth, he was also a little angry, thinking that Zhao Yali really did not care about her body.

"I didn't think much of it at first, because my body was much better after taking the medicine last time. Furthermore, I have been paying attention to this since then …" "However, to represent the school in participating in the city's competitions, the intensity of dancing has increased a bit recently. That's why …"

Zhao Yali felt wronged, she did not want to do this, there was nothing she could do.

Because she had displayed her skills at the freshmen party, she had appeared in many of the dance competitions behind them. Furthermore, Su Fei had encouraged her to participate.

In this city's jazz competition, she had signed up with a few classmates. Since it was close to the date of the competition, everyone had been training day and night, sometimes not caring about eating, and naturally not caring about the daily hot water to wash their feet.

After listening to her explanation, Old Hu let out a long sigh. "Sigh, you're still fighting at such a young age. What would happen if you were to ruin your body in the future?"

It was said that all the children nowadays were extremely delicate, they could not even lift their shoulders to resist, but he saw that Zhao Yali was very hardworking, and that the children here were different from the children in the city.

Zhao Yali lowered her head and did not say a word, allowing the Old Hu to reprimand her.

Old Hu stood up, walked to Zhao Yali's side and patted her shoulder.

"Alright, come and check with me to see if you're getting worse. If you're really serious, go to the hospital. If you're still the same as before, I'll give you a prescription."

Old Hu even intentionally wore a white coat, this would make the patient believe him even more. It doesn't matter if your medical skills are good or not, other people will treat you as a doctor.

Zhao Yali obediently followed Old Hu into the massage room and listened to his instructions while lying on the bed.

This bed was not an ordinary massage table. It was a hidden mystery.

Old Hu told her to put her feet on the two iron shelves, and then pressed a blue button, and the shelves rose up. It was similar to the instruments used during gynecological examinations, in which all women had their legs spread apart.

"Wa — —" Zhao Yali was shocked at first, but then she felt that it was very mystical. She couldn't help but sigh emotionally in her heart.

"It's very convenient. We can still use this western medicine as a reference. The combination of China and the West can cure the disease faster." The Old Hu was extremely pleased. Actually, this bed was a little bit like an interesting bed, he had purposely made this bed back then in order to one day be of use to him.

Zhao Yali laughed, then said to Old Hu, "Take off your jacket, you might have to take it off later, it will be more convenient to check this way, because I suspect that you might have complications."

The Old Hu said it seriously on purpose to scare Zhao Yali.

Zhao Yali quickly sat up and obediently took off her jacket, revealing her enchanting body.

This dress of hers was still exposed her back, so it proved that she was not wearing any undergarments. Old Hu swallowed his saliva, and he felt that the small flame that was extinguished with great difficulty just now burn up again.

Zhao Yali laid back down obediently, closed her eyes and waited for Old Hu to check.

Seeing her gentle and quiet look, Old Hu really wanted to do something, but felt that it would be better to first check it out.

Old Hu rolled up his sleeves and placed his hands on Zhao Yali's lower abdomen. He then frowned and said apologetically, "Yali, can you take off your skirt?

"Okay." Zhao Yali was initially immersed in her nervousness, but after hearing Old Hu's request, she became flustered. She quickly pulled down her skirt and revealed a pair of white panties.

"Uncle …" Must the legs be set apart? " Zhao Yali closed his legs, a little embarrassed to open his legs.

Her skirt was lined with a lining, making it impossible for most people to see her underwear, but now that her underwear was revealed, she did not feel safe, although this was not the first time she was being checked by Old Hu.

"Well, if you're not feeling well, that's fine too." Old Hu still decided to slowly walk forward. It wouldn't be too late when she had gotten used to it, so as to avoid scaring her once and for all.

Zhao Yali nodded, she closed her legs and laid on the massage bed, standing up straight.

"This isn't the first time, why are you so nervous? Just relax a bit." Seeing her so nervous, Old Hu couldn't help but want to laugh.

Zhao Yali laughed awkwardly, but she still could not relax her body.

Old Hu rubbed his hands together, placed them on her lower abdomen, and even slightly slid into her panties. He did not go any further, but only massaged at the edge.

Sometimes he would turn left, sometimes he would turn right. After a while, the Old Hu asked her, "How do you feel on your lower abdomen?"

"I don't feel anything …" It's just that my stomach feels a little hot. " Zhao Yali spoke the truth. Indeed, there was no feeling inside, it was just that her skin was a little hot.

This was different from what Old Hu expected, he tried to console himself, "This proves that you are still a little cold. Just now, I put some ointment in my hand, after going through a massage, your uterus will become hot, not just your skin, but now …"

He frowned, as if Zhao Yali's condition was severe.

"Then what should we do?" Zhao Yali was also afraid, she regretted not following Old Hu's method to recuperate her body, and now that it was getting more and more serious, what should she do.

"It's fine, let me help you open your meridians first. This has to do with your endocrine disorder. If you put too much mental pressure on you, it's easy for your blood vessels to become clogged up."

Old Hu started spouting nonsense. Although he had read the medical books these few days, he did not have a high education so he did not have much education. He only had a small understanding of them.