"If you don't pay attention to your own safety, then don't blame me! Just surrender, and you'll suffer less! " Liu Gang said with "good intentions". The surrounding subordinates consciously formed a circle, no one dared to ignore their own boss's orders.

At least Liu Gang had a conscience and didn't call his other brothers over.

Zhao Lei cried out in fear, but she still held onto a sliver of hope and started to shout for help, "Help! Help! There are robbers! Help! "Wuwuwu ~ ~

Before he could finish yelling, Liu Gang had already covered his mouth.

"Look, I can make you suffer less if you listen to me. Do you really have to be so disobedient?" Don't blame me for hurting you later! You asked for it! "

Liu Gang revealed a ruthless look and continued to tear off her clothes, and added, "Even if you really scream your throat out, no one will come to save you! "If you don't believe me, then go ahead and try. People nowadays have nothing to do with you!"

This was not the first time he had done this. He had seen a couple before, but his boyfriend just stood to the side watching and didn't dare to make a move.

Men these days are afraid of taking responsibility, and less able to protect their loved ones.

Liu Gang could be considered to have understood everyone's thoughts, hence he was even more arrogant. He believed that as long as their fists were strong enough, anything could be solved.

As long as he didn't kill or get shot, there would be a day when he would be able to make a comeback.

Liu Gang hugged Zhao Lei into his arms, she opened her mouth wanting to kiss her, but Zhao Lei resisted and he did not succeed.

Because Zhao Lei was tall and slender, it was very inconvenient for him to get her hands on her.

Just as they were struggling, Old Hu rushed out of the clinic with a stick in his hand.

"What are you doing!?" Let her go! " He charged into the middle of the crowd and bellowed.

Very quickly, Liu Gang reacted and turned around to look. When he saw that it was the Old Hu, he frowned.

"Why is it you again, old thing! You're still haunting me! Hurry up and leave, don't meddle in other people's business! "

Seeing Old Hu coming down, he wanted to run over and find him, but he was stopped by the other Little Punk.

"Liu Gang, don't make a difficult situation for a girl." Old Hu looked at Liu Gang aggressively. He knew that this brat would not let it go, maybe he was just waiting here to stop Zhao Lei.

"Are you sick? Did I come looking for you? Your father has taken a fancy to her today and is taking her away. Liu Gang's tone was very arrogant. He especially looked down on Old Hu and felt that he was relying on Lin Song's support.

"She's from my shop! If you dare to even touch her, then don't even think about leaving today! " Old Hu was also getting anxious. Last time, he finally got Zhao Lei to escape from the devil's palms, but this time, he actually …

Sigh, he should have gone out to send Zhao Lei off!

"You old thing, I'm not looking for trouble with you. You came looking for me yourself, right?" Last time, he was not feeling well because of being humiliated. This time, Old Hu was going to stir up some trouble on his own, don't blame him for not giving Lin Song face.

Liu Gang rubbed his hands together and had his brothers tie Zhao Lei up. Then, he stood in front of Old Hu.

"Today I'll let you know what it means to submit when you need to!" After Liu Gang finished speaking, he made a gesture for his subordinates to rush over. Some of them grabbed onto Old Hu's arms, while others grabbed onto his shoulders, wanting to lock him down.

"Do you think that you can trap me with just a few people?" In fact, Old Hu was also muttering in his heart, he didn't know if he could defeat so many people, but he couldn't lose in momentum, and he couldn't lose either. Otherwise, Zhao Lei would definitely be in danger.

Wuu — Great sir, don't worry about me. Quickly leave!" Zhao Lei cried out, afraid that she would implicate Old Hu.

Her intestines were almost turning green from regret. Why did she have to come out? If he knew earlier, he would have stayed in the school obediently!

"Xiao Lei, don't be afraid!" Old Hu gave her a comforting look and then used his strength to grab onto the person beside her and flip them over in the air, pulling them all to the ground.

But they were not hurt, and quickly crawled back up, and once again pounced towards Old Hu.

"Sure, I didn't expect you to have some skills." Liu Gang looked at Old Hu, slightly surprised.

Judging from his posture just now, he might even be a practitioner.

"Brothers, attack!" Liu Gang roared, and rushed forward, while they attacked Old Hu from all directions.

Liu Gang went up to sweep Old Hu's leg with a sweeping motion, but he nimbly dodged it. Afterwards, he jumped up, and his two hands landed on Liu Gang's shoulders. He instantly fell onto the ground, and was in so much pain that he couldn't even get up.

This time, Old Hu used 100% of his strength.

Liu Gang was their boss, and even his own boss had fallen on the ground. The remaining lackeys were a little afraid, not daring to act rashly.

In the end, Liu Gang stood up with his teeth bared, commanding them. It was difficult for Old Hu to fight against all five of them, but in the end, they were all beaten down.



Some of their arms were dislocated, some of their stomachs were aching, in short, they were rolling on the ground, no one dared to make a move against Old Hu.

Liu Gang held onto his own shoulders, looking at these disappointing subordinates, his teeth itched with hatred.

"You bunch of trash! Get up! I've raised you all for nothing! " He was so angry that he jumped up and down, but he did not dare to step forward.

"Big Brother …" We really can't beat him! This old thing is really good at fighting! " Someone who could still barely stand up and plead with Liu Gang.

Seeing that, Liu Gang spat out fiercely and stared at Old Hu.

"You're lucky this time. You won't be so lucky next time!" Just you wait, I won't let you off so easily! "Let's go!" Liu Gang put down the harsh words, and fled together with the others.

Old Hu quickly untied Zhao Lei's rope and held her in his arms.

"Good girl, you're not afraid anymore, I'm here." Zhao Lei sobbed and hugged Old Hu tightly.

If not for Old Hu rushing down in time, she didn't even know what would have happened.

Zhao Lei was so scared that her legs became weak, she couldn't even stand up. Old Hu was afraid that Liu Gang would come back and directly carried her back to the clinic.

Once he entered the clinic, Old Hu immediately put Zhao Lei on the sofa. He himself had locked the big door tightly, no matter how powerful Liu Gang and the others were, they couldn't just break in.

After blocking the door, only then did Old Hu have the time to look at Zhao Lei, and realised that even her clothes were torn.

"Xiao Lei, it's been hard on you. Come up with me to change clothes." The Old Hu looked at her with a pained expression. Zhao Lei answered, but she didn't have the strength to walk, so she simply carried her to the second floor.

"Great sir, I am truly sorry. It is all because of me." When they were walking up the stairs, Zhao Lei couldn't help but ask.